In a scene that would seem straight out of the movies, commuters on a New York subway broke into the Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way, filling the car with happy vibes. And even if they weren’t all exactly in tune, they lightened the day a little – both for themselves for people around the world who watched the clip on social media.

A video of the singalong was posted on Twitter by Joel Wertheimer, whose bio says he is a civil rights attorney. He said that he witnessed the scene (and perhaps participated in it) after a “really tough week”.

His video shows a man playing the song on a loudspeaker, and other commuters joining in. “Sometimes, people and life surprise you and a little magic happens,” Wertheimer wrote in his tweet.

The feeling was echoed by many others on social media.

The clip even reached the creators of the song, the Backstreet Boys. “We live for moments like this,” the band wrote on Twitter.

You can watch the original song here: