Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, co-captains of the United States women’s football team, made an appearance on the late show Jimmy Kimmel Live after winning the FIFA World Cup. On the show, the duo threw light on what it is like to win the title, why is this the best time for a conversation and demand for equal pay, and how they deal with wishes after the win.

“Is it more exhausting to play in the tournament or to celebrate winning the tournament after winning the tournament?” Jimmy Kimmel asked the football stars, and both chose to go with the latter option.

Kimmel also questioned the women’s team’s demand for a pay equal to the men’s, saying that they should in fact be paid more because the US men’s football team has never won a World Cup title. “We are taking you to mediation with us,” Rapinoe said, in response to Kimmel’s suggestion.

During the World Cup Rapinoe had said that she would not go to the White House if they won and got an invitation from President Donald Trump. To provide the footballers an experience of visiting the White House, Kimmel presented 5,000 chicken nuggets to them.

The nuggets were a play on an incident from January 2019 when Trump had invited college football national champions to the White House and served them fast food.