The video of a yellowed, slightly torn Thums-Up flicker book from the 1980s, featuring the legendary fast-bowler Kapil Dev is bringing back fond memories on Twitter. The palm-sized book features one of India’s best all-rounders bowling on one side and drinking from a Thums-Up bottle on the other.

Launched in 1977 – in the pre-liberalisation era, without competition from Pepsi or Coca-Cola – Thums-Up had a near-monopoly in the ’80s. It was also a major advertiser throughout the decade. The cola brand circulated flipbooks and cricket cards, which continue to be prized collections even now.

A television ad campaign launched by Thums-Up was one of the first to feature Indian cricketers.


The advertisement, writes Gaurav Bhatt in the Hindustan Times: “opens with a Mexican standoff straight out of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Only in place of Blondie, Angel Eyes and Tuco, we have Sunil Gavaskar, Sandeep Patil and Ravi Shastri. And instead of Colt Navies and the Remington, they are brandishing a cricket ball, a bottle of cola and a bottle opener...The idea is simple – the need to get a sip of that cold soda in the sultry afternoon. The execution isn’t...The trio breaks into an impromptu game of hot potato for a few surreal seconds instead of handing the bottle with the opener to one person in a gentlemanly fashion. Gavaskar finally manages to procure both and quickly lets it flow to restore all order.”

Apart from Kapil Dev Thums-Up flipbooks also featured Sunil Gavaskar.


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