The video of a woman named Elizabeth Hoad “marrying” her dog on live television in Britain has not had the kind of impact the producers of ITV’s daytime show This Morning may have expected.

A ceremony between Hoad and her golden retriever Logan played out to a live rendition of Paul Anka’s Puppy Love from a former X-Factor contestant. The “wedding” was officiated by a Big Brother contestant and the dog’s best man was a Love Island winner.

While Alison Hammond, who was playing priest, couldn’t hold back her laughter while conducting the ceremony, the “bride” seemed rather serious throughout. “If any persons here present has a bone of contention as to why they might not be joined together, I will now paws to let them speak, or bark, or forever hold their peace,” Hammond read mock-solemnly, bursting into spurts of laughter.

With doggy puns continuing, parts of the ceremony were tweaked to adjust the role of the dog from life- and sexual-partner to couch and walk companion. However, the entire ceremony left a bad, rather unfunny taste in the mouth and was slammed on social media.

Before the ceremony the bride spoke about a lack of faith in men and being depressed because of four failed engagements – mental health issues that, Twitter users pointed out, were exploited in a contentious production of what could be construed as an endorsement of bestiality.