A pro-establishment rap song (only in China!) titled Hong Kong’s Fall, produced by a Chinese rap-band called CD Rev – also known as the Chengdu Revolution – is the latest weapon in Beijing’s propaganda war against Hong Kong. The song, which is, predictably, trending on Chinese social media, discredits pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and claims to represent what the young Chinese feel about the matter.

Overlaid with visuals of protesters struggling against authorities and breaking into Hong Kong’s legislative buildings, the English language rap begins by mocking their demand for democracy, describing it as an excuse for violence:

“Hey, democracy!
Why you always hiding somewhere so hard to see? 
Once I heard you be found in the Middle East, 
people were throwing bombs across the city streets. 
If that’s what you want, sorry I can’t agree,
get those foreign arms outta town then we can talk about it.”  

The rap next attacks American statements on Hong Kong, saying, “They know nothing about love, just war and casualty”, before cutting to a bite of Donald Trump saying Hong Kong protests were China’s internal matter and would be dealt with by them – a statement much appreciated by Beijing.

“They wanted to split Hong Kong from us
They started a riot, bring chaos and violence
But this time we stick together.”  

Chinese state media shared the rap song with praise. The People’s Daily China tweeted: “A #rap flow produced by CD Rev, a Chinese rap crew, busted open how Chinese millennials look at the so-called democracy behind riots in #HongKong.” China Plus, meanwhile reported: “Netizens sang high praise for the song. ‘We didn’t see love and peace, but only violence and injuries,’ said a netizen about the protests in Hong Kong. Another netizen commented that ‘We Chinese, including Hong Kong residents, say no to violence!’”

China has responded to demonstrations not only by urging the Hong Kong administration to use more force but also by spreading propaganda.

This song, thus, isn’t the first of such videos. Another one, which was posted by CCTV and China Daily, warned against the financial hub becoming a “paradise for violence”, with musician Gang Qilian rapping, “Girls screaming, shops smashed, are you still bragging about justice?” reported AFP.

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