A Rajasthan police sub-inspector’s pre-wedding video which features him accepting a bribe from his fiancé, hasn’t gone down well with supervisors. Unsurprisingly.

In the clip, sub-inspector Dhanpal Singh stops a woman – his fiancé, who appears to be masquerading as a pickpocket – on a two-wheeler for not wearing a helmet but lets her go after she tucks some money into his shirt pocket. Shortly afterwards, the star-struck inspector realises that on the pretext of handing him a bribe, the woman made off with his wallet. The next shot, however, features her meeting him to return the wallet and the two – law-enforcer and law-breaker – incredibly, falling in love.

Unsurprisingly, Singh’s superiors are not amused. After the video went viral, Singh received an official reprimand for filming a video in uniform, especially as it shows him accepting a “bribe”.

Udaipur Superintendent of Police Kailash Chandra Bishnoi told The Telegraph that the officer will be asked for an explanation before any disciplinary action is taken against him.