Fans can’t stop gushing over a video of Bollywood actor Salman Khan cycling through Mumbai roads to get to a shoot on time. The video, which Khan himself posted on Twitter, shows him on a silver bicycle, a cap on his head, riding through a rain-drenched, crowded Mumbai.

Reportedly, the actor was trying to make it on time to the sets of Dabangg-3, and chose to cycle to avoid traffic jams. The video, of course, is professionally shot and edited.

This is not the first time that Mumbaikars have seen Khan sailing by on his bike. In June, he was criticised for not wearing a helmet and “driving zig-zag” after he posted a time-lapse video.

The videos are of course also a means of promotion for the actor’s Being Human cycle. Available at a starting price of Rs 47,000, the bikes were launched by Khan in 2017.