Actor and singer Himesh Reshammiya had an emotional moment at the launch of the breakout Bengal singer Ranu Mondal’s debut song. At the press conference for the launch of Teri Meri Kahani from his forthcoming feature film Happy, Hardy and Heer, Reshammiya found himself at a loss for words when Mondal thanked him for his help and support in making her dreams come true.

Responding to her, Reshammiya said, “When a child is born, we bless the child, we do everything possible to take the child’s talents ahead. But sometimes in the hustle-bustle of life, we forget about these things. When in the middle of it all, a precious talent emerges and if we help this talent grow, we feel like we are great and we’ve done it all.”

“But the truth is,” said the singer, as his wife wiped away his tears. “We haven’t done anything at all. We’re but mere players, and it’s all in the hands of god. Now it’s your [the audience’s] duty to take Ranu ahead.”

A very happy Mondal responded, “I thank god, yes. But I also thank you. Had you not given me the opportunity, I would not have been able to sing.”

Ranu Mondal became an overnight sensation after a video of her crooning a Lata Mangeshkar song at Ranaghat station went viral. As praise for her grew on the internet, Mondal was invited to concerts and award shows, and found herself on the sets of reality singing show Superstar Singer where she met Reshammiya.

Floored by her voice, he immediately offered her songs from his upcoming film Happy, Hardy and Heer, which is how Mondal made her singing debut. Glimpses from Mondal’s first-ever recording – of the song Teri Meri Kahani – went viral as well.

Here are some more clips from the music launch.