Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was brutally trolled by Indian Twitter users after the United States President Donald Trump made sarcastic comments about a journalist from Pakistan at a press conference.

Only, Indian social media users decided to ignore the fact that Trump had said something very similar about an Indian journalist during his joint press conference with Modi a day earlier.

Khan and Trump were addressing a joint press conference after their bilateral meeting on September 24 when a journalist from Pakistan in a question to Trump referred to India as an “aggressor and violator of the UN resolution” on the Kashmir issue.

“This is the kind of reporter I like,” said Trump. “I like this reporter. Are you a member of his [Imran Khan’s] team?” In his follow-up question, the reporter identified himself as an independent journalist.

Trump’s response was widely celebrated on Indian Twitter, describing it an “insult to Imran Khan”. The fact that the US president was, however, virtually repeating himself from his media conference with Modi went unnoticed by many Indian social media users.

Gaurav Sawant, a journalist with television news channel India Today, asked Trump about his roadmap on Pakistan-sponsored terror. Trump’s answer to the question was almost exactly what he said to Imran Khan about the Pakistani journalist: “You have great reporters. I wish I had reporters like these. Where do you find these reporters?” Modi’s response to Trump’s comments was a formal laugh.

Trump’s sarcasm was completely missed by India Today, which ran a promo claiming that the US president had praised its reporter. It later deleted the video.

Here is how Indians on Twitter attempted to troll Pakistan’s prime minister: