As seen in the videos above and below, NDRF personnel were on site in Patna to rescue Bihar’s stranded Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi, and helicopters have airdropped supplies to the region. After an unprecedented 200mm of rainfall, the state capital Patna has been flooded and in dire straits, with 40 deaths reported.

However, social media users appear to be conflicted about the effectiveness and adequacy of the rescue operations. Here are some of the responses to these operations:

This user posted a video showing NDRF officers completely oblivious to the pleas of residents around them, and seemingly just roaming about on the boats.
This user, too, complains that rescue operations are insufficient and says that so far they are just "dikhaba" (for show). He also says that there isn't enough drinking water.
Some social media users, like this one, are hopeful about the help being afforded and supplies being sent via helicopters.
This video shows two people in Patna talking about their plight, and reiterating that there is no drinking water available to them. The post argues that visuals of NRDF personnel helping out are not accurate depictions of their ground reality.