In a video posted by the well-known Indian rights activist Harish Iyer, people can be seen voicing their frustration on camera at the cutting of trees in the forested areas of Mumbai’s Aarey colony. The video shows a montage of people screaming, some hugging trees while they do so, and also invites others who want to protest to get outside, scream, record and share.

The cutting of trees in Aarey has been opposed by Mumbaikars in large numbers, and over 2,000 trees had already been cut, with many protesters detained, after the Bombay High Court rejected a petition to stop the cutting.

The morning of Monday, 7 October saw a Supreme Court order declaring that no more trees should be cut for now. The Supreme Court requested the Maharashtra government for a report on compulsory afforestation: “Tell us how many saplings you planted. How have they grown? What’s the status of your forests?” The matter will be taken up next by the Forest Bench of the Supreme Court on October 21.