On October 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted onvideo of himself plogging at a beach in Tamil Nadu’s Mamallapuram.

With Modi picking up litter on the beach, the video drew much attention online, but what was more popular than the video itself was the mention of the word “plogging”.

What is plogging?

The term originated from coupling the Swedish word “plocka” (to pick) with the English word “jogging”. Plogging started as a recreational activity in Sweden, which involved picking up litter while jogging, and soon became popular worldwide.

The plogging movement was started by Erik Ahlström in 2016. Ahlström couldn’t bear the sight of litter on the streets of Stockholm while cycling to work every day, and he started cleaning up trash during his runs. By 2016, plogging events became official in Sweden, according to the United Nations Environment.

Plogging as a global phenomenon

Plogging is popular around the world, with many runners making it a part of their daily routines and encouraging community groups to do the same.