Identified as Duaa Ahmed, a young girl from Wisconsin was seen putting her schoolmates before herself on grainy surveillance footage from her neighbourhood mosque (video above).

There was panic at her high school, Oshkosh West High School in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on December 4, when another student stabbed a school resource officer with an “edged weapon.” The officer then shot and wounded the student in the altercation.

Both the student and officer were being treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries, said Oshkosh police chief Dean Smith to CNN. This is the second high school shooting incident to take place in the state within the last two days.

Ahmed recounted that she was in AP literature class when they heard a gunshot, which at the time she thought was just a door slamming shut.

When a teacher asked someone to call 911 and get everyone out of the classroom, a classmate suggested “Go, go to the mosque!”

The mosque he was referring to was the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Oshkosh chapter mosque, across the street from their high school.

As seen in the video which surfaced the next day, Ahmed entered the security code at the door of the mosque, and let in as many students as possible, holding the door open for everyone before letting herself in.

Here are some of the responses to the clip on social media.

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