The latest episode of Netflix show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj features footage of an Indian-origin heckler who accused the host of “not respecting India, Modi, and Hindus”.

Minhaj was interviewing Indians outside the venue of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Howdy Modi” rally in Houston, Texas on September 22. During one of those interviews, the heckler interrupted Minhaj and said, “You are anti-Indian!”

It is worth mentioning that Minhaj was denied entry to the venue of the “Howdy Modi” event. The satirist was told that his comments on Modi were “not appreciated” and that he had been blacklisted.

“You should respect Modi, India, and Hindus,” the heckler, dressed in a colourful kurta and a turban featuring the colours of India’s flag, said. Then, in a bizarre turn of events, the man proceeded to pose with Minhaj for a photograph, switching his views to: “Even though we have a difference of opinion, he is a good guy.”

During the show, Minhaj also revealed that the person who heckled him is friends with his parents. “That’s how tight-knit our community is,” Minhaj said. The episode explored the importance of the Asian votes in the US presidential election 2020.