While numerous slogans during Delhi’s widespread protests on December 19 opposed police crackdowns on student protests in the city, some chose to engage with the police personally.

Crowds of protesters were seen kneeling in front of Delhi Police personnel, offering roses and their unity. “Dilli police baat karo, aao humare saath chalo” (Delhi Police, talk to us. Come along and walk with us) chanted the protesters.

While the police force stood at attention, the slogans reassured them that they were looking non-violent engagement, “Hum yuvaa hai baat karenga, naki ghusaa laat karenga” (We are the youth, who just want to talk, we aren’t here to punch or kick).

Throughout the anti-Citizenship Act protests, many protesters were seen attempting to engage with the police, some even asking that they sing the national anthem with them.

Here is the photograph from the protest that has since gone viral on social media, showing a young woman smilingly offering a rose to a police offer.

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