In Karnataka, Congress leader UT Khader had said on December 17, “Country is in flames but Karnataka is an island of peace. I am warning Karnataka CM that if you implement Citizenship Act here then I swear Karnataka will be blown up into cinders.”

In response, CT Ravi, the Minister for Tourism in Karnataka’s BJP government, has warned of a repetition of Godhra (video above). “Khader is an expert in burning the society,” he said. “People with such a mindset set fire to a train in Godhra and killed karyasevaks. But if we look at the reaction to those events – perhaps he knows this. When they lit the train, and the people unleashed their rage, there were consequences that I hope Khader knows. If he doesn’t know, let him remember it now.”

Ravi added, “You are burning all places because the majority here is patient. But if they rise up, if the walls of their patience and tolerance break, you’ll have to look back and see what such times have led to! Our tolerance is not our weakness.”