Sadaf Jafar records herself being picked up by the police from a protest site.

Among roughly three dozen people arrested in Lucknow on Friday, December 20 was activist Sadaf Jafar, who was actually running a live stream on Facebook and ended up recording her own arrest. In the footage, she appears to be an observer to the aftermath of a protest, weaving her way through crowds of police officers, when she is suddenly hauled away. Upon asking why she is being arrested, she receives no response from the policewomen holding her.

According to the First Information Report filed, accessed by, Jafar and 34 other protestors have been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 147 (charges of rioting), 148 (charges of rioting with a deadly weapon), 152 (assaulting a public servant), 307 (attempt to murder), 323 (violently causing harm), 506 (criminal intimidation), 435 (mischief by fire or explosive substance), 436 (mischief by fire or explosive substance with the intention to destroy a house) and 120B (being party to a criminal conspiracy), among others.

Below are other Facebook live videos posted by Jafar from the protest site before her arrest.

Sadaf Jafar approaches rioters who set fire to a bus, captures the inaction of the police, and asserts her disapproval of the violence.
Sadaf Jafar questions the police from behind a gate, asking why the authorities are watching the chaos rather than arresting obvious perpetrators.

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