Several Bharatiya Janta Party, Bajrang Dal and pro-Hindutva workers in Bengaluru used saffron paint to cover anti-CAA, anti-Modi and Free Kashmir slogans painted on Church Street, Bengaluru.

The graffiti was first seen on Tuesday morning, January 14. According to reports, CCTV footage from a nearby building shows that at least two people were involved in spray painting the slogans around 3 am on Tuesday.

Some of the anti-CAA graffiti before it was painted over.

The graffiti was on the wall of abandoned building in Shrungar Complex, a popular shopping mall in the early 1990s that now awaits demolition. By noon on Tuesday, the graffiti was painted over by a crowd of workers chanting “Bharat mata ki jai.” Those covering up the slogans also scrawled “We support CAA, NCR” on the walls (below).

'We support NRC, CAA' painted after the original graffiti was covered.

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