A clip from the fifth episode of a television show named Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega has been doing the rounds on social media, because of dialogue that features an offensive casteist slur, used as a derogatory reference to members of the Dalit community, and other so-called “lower castes”.

The use of this term when referring to a member of any scheduled caste is considered not only offensive, but is punishable according a ruling by the Supreme Court of India.

Directed by Soumendhra Padhi and produced by Tipping Point Films, the show was released recently.

Social media users have responded fiercely, with some saying they have cancelled their membership to Netflix (which streams the show), and others demanding that the director and producer be booked for the dialogue.

Many have asked Netflix to take down the series. There have also been discussions surrounding the validity of artistic licence, when dealing with historically oppressive terms.

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