This article has been edited and the videos have been removed to exclude personal details related to the shooter since, according to news reports, he is a minor. was not able to confirm this independently.

A man brandishing a gun fired at a Jamia Milia Islamia student outside the university, during a protest march opposing the Citizenship Act.

The shooter’s Facebook page revealed him to be opposed to Shaheen Bagh (an indefinite sit-in in Delhi opposing the Citizenship Act) and other anti-CAA protests. During his attempts to live-stream the Jamia incident, he also wrote “Shaheen Bagh, game over.”

However, television channel Republic TV claimed that the Delhi shooter was an “anti-CAA protestor”. A studio announcer also alleged that “Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal are supporting it [the violence]”. The channel also repeatedly ran text that read “Jamia protester uses gun,” and “Vacate Shaheen Bagh now.”

Although the channel modified this narrative some time later, it did not issue a retraction.

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