My Cousin Vinny (1992).

Lockdown or no lockdown, My Cousin Vinny (1992) will endure. It’s one of the funniest courtroom dramas out there, charming both for its accuracy in portraying American legal practices as well as razor-sharp dialogue and brilliant performances.

Joe Pesci plays a bumbling lawyer from New York City who travels to a small town in Alabama to save his nephew and friend from being sentenced for a murder they did not commit. The judge despises Vinny’s accent and sartorial sense; the prosecutor seems to have the upper hand; Vinny struggles to gather evidence about the innocence of his clients. But Vinny proves to be a clever interrogator, taking apart witness testimonies with sheer common sense and observation. The piece de resistance is Vinny’s girlfriend Mona Lisa, hilarious played by Marisa Tomei. Put on the witness stand to refute the automotive expert’s testimony, Mona Lisa proves the importance of hailing from a family of mechanics.