As the coronavirus pandemic severed around March 2020, most countries went into strict lockdowns. Citizens were only allowed to step outside for essential activities. In such a case, taking out trash became the highlight of many people’s days and provided them with an excuse to dress up – something that had been missing from their lives ever since they were ordered to stay indoors and protect themselves from Covid-19.

Many viral accounts documenting people dressing up to take out trash sprang up on social media in 2020. Among them was Jaime, a resident of Spain who would wear matching superhero costumes with his daughter every day when they stepped out of their house to dump the garbage.

Another crowdsourced Instagram account “Bin Isolation Outing” encouraged users to share their photographs and videos from when they dress up to take out the trash, and the users did not disappoint.

Here are a few other instances of people wearing fancy clothes and costumes for an otherwise mundane task.