Prepare for the SBI Clerk exam by reviewing previous years’ question papers. Here are a few questions from previous years’ SBI Clerk exam question papers, with the answers, so that you are ready to take the exam. Go through the list of questions (with answers) that we’ve selected from previous years’ SBI Clerk exam papers, and then attempt our quiz at the bottom.


1. Find out whether there is a grammatical or idiomatic error in this sentence.

Social funds are private equity-like funds (1) that pool money from investors (2) and put it to work in a portfolio of ventures (3) that meet the funds objective (4).

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

(E) No Error

Ans: A

2. Find out the word wrongly spelt or inappropriate to the context?

Poor posture (1) can lead (2) to muscular (3) problems (4) in later life.

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

(E) No Error

Ans: E

Quantitative aptitude

3. The side of a square is equal to height of a triangle. If the area of the triangle is 294 metre square and the respective ratio of its height and base is 3:4, what is the perimeter of the square?

(A) 108 metres

(B) 96 metres

(C) 84 metres

(D) 72 metres

(E) 60 metres

Ans: C

4. (29.55 + 95.45) x ? = 150

(A) 0.18

(B) 1.2

(C) 1.4

(D) 1.6

(E) 2

Ans: B

5. What will come in the place of the question mark (?)?

8 ; ? ; 16 ; 48 ; 192 ; 960

(A) 16

(B) 10

(C) 12

(D) 14

(E) 8

Ans: E

Logical reasoning

6. K is the wife if V. V is the brother of J. L is the only daughter of J. D is the father of M and L. S is the only daughter of M. How is D related to V?

(A) Nephew

(B) Brother

(C) Brother-in-law

(D) Son

(E) Father-in-law

Ans: C

7. In a certain code, if ‘they shouted loud’ is written as ‘4 1 5’ and loud music heard is coded as ‘7 6 1’, then what is the code for ‘music’ in the given code language?

(A) Either 4 or 6

(B) 5

(C) 1

(D) Either 6 or 7

(E) 4

Ans: D

8. Which one does not belong to the group?

(A) R8Z

(B) Y@&

(C) 57U

(D) 3+#

(E) GS2

Ans: E

General awareness

9. Who amongst the following is the author of the book “The Namesake”?

(A) Vikram Seth

(B) Anur Bhagat

(C) V S Naipaul

(D) Anita Desai

(E) Jhumpa Lahiri

Ans: E

10. The Merdeka Cup is associated with the game of…

(A) Badminton

(B) Football

(C) Hockey

(D) Golf

(E) Tennis

Ans: B