‘Smart’ gadgets are turning into the next big thing and several major tech companies are setting their sights on the category. And Xiaomi, it seems, is determined to grab its share of the pie. The company has confirmed the launch of more than four ‘Smart’ products at their event set for September 27th in Bengaluru.

Using the hashtag ‘Smarter Living’ on its Twitter posts, Xiaomi has hinted that it is expanding its smart product portfolio in India. The company is largely expected to launch the Mi Band 3 fitness band, and at least four more smart products in the country.

The media invite details, published by NDTV Gadgets, hint at the possibility that the four devices will be the Mi Band 3, Xiaomi’s Mi Home smart camera, the Mi Air Purifier, and a new smart TV. These details are further corroborated by a teaser shared by Xiaomi on social media ahead of the event. The latest GIF shared on Twitter suggests five devices will be launched.

The icons in the GIF, it is believed, represent the devices that are going to be launched at the event. The heart icon likely refers to the heart rate monitoring capabilities on the Mi Band 3; the eye icon possibly hints at the 360-degree capture of the Mi Home smart camera; the popcorn icon seems to suggests a smart TV launch; and there is also a what looks like an air icon, which could mean the launch of the Mi Air Purifier. Additionally, there is a location icon, but what might represent is more difficult to predict.

Expect official confirmation by next week from Xiaomi, which should clear things up.