Prepare for the IBPS Clerk exam by reviewing previous years’ question papers. Here are a few questions from previous years’ IBPS Clerk exam question papers, with the answers, so that you are ready to take the exam. Go through the list of questions (with answers) that we’ve selected from previous years’ IBPS Clerk exam papers, and then attempt our quiz at the bottom.


1. If it is possible to make only one meaningful English word with the second, the third, the seventh and the eighth letter of the word STEADFAST, which of the following will be the second letter of that word? If no such word can be formed, give ‘X’ as the answer and if more than one such word can be formed, give ‘Y’ as the answer.

(A) E

(B) A

(C) T

(D) X

(E) Y

Ans: E

2. In a certain code language, TERMINAL is written as NSFUMBOJ and TOWERS is written as XPUTSF. How is MATE written in that code?





(E) None of these

Ans: C

3. SHOE: NCJZ:: REWA : ?





(E) None of these

Ans: D


4. Which word is most nearly the same in meaning to the word given below?


(A) increase

(B) timid

(C) study

(D) control

(E) understand

Ans: B

5. Each of the following two sentences has a blank. One word fits both blanks. Choose that word.

I. Boats take more time going against the _______ of the river.

II. She keeps herself abreast of _______ events.

(A) low

(B) latest

(C) water

(D) all

(E) current

Ans: E

6. Which phrase should replace the phrase given in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct?

Studies in the past have shown that those who limit their activity span during the day in winters are more likely to suffer from depression.

(A) more likely for

(B) mostly likely to

(C) most likely for

(D) most likeliest for

(E) No correction required

Ans: E

Numerical ability

7. Faisal walks 325 metres every day. How many kilometres will he walk in four weeks?

(A) 6.2km

(B) 9.1km

(C) 8.6km

(D) 7.8km

(E) None of these

Ans: B

8. 2615 – 4361 + 2881 =? × 20

(A) 65.75

(B) 58.75

(C) 54.25

(D) 64.25

(E) None of these

Ans: E

General awareness

9. Banking sector falls under which of the following sectors?

(A) Agricultural Sector

(B) Service Sector

(C) Industrial Sector

(D) Manufacturing Sector

(E) Small Scale Sector

Ans: B

10. Which of the following is NOT a function of a commercial bank?

(A) Providing project finance

(B) Settlement of payments on behalf of customers

(C) Deciding policy rates like CRR, SLR and Repo Rate

(D) Issuing credit/debit/ATM cards

(E) Providing services such as lockers, remittances

Ans: C