Google had introduced its Dark mode for applications like YouTube and Chrome a few days ago. However, this is much more than just about appearance. Google has confirmed dark mode for Android phones, which uses less power and saves battery life. While preference in terms of appeal might differ, if you want to save power, using the new dark mode is the way to go.

“Google revealed a bit of information on how your smartphone spends its battery life. They did this at this week’s Android Dev Summit, speaking to developers about what they can do in their apps to avoid consuming massive amounts of battery life”, NDTV Gadgets reported.

The biggest factor in battery consumption: screen brightness, and not only that, but screen colour, too, the report citing Slash Gear added. Dark mode is quite self explanatory and essentially changes the overall colour theme of an operating system (OS) or applications to the colour black.

Apparently dark mode can use 43 percent less power at full brightness than “normal mode” in the YouTube app which traditionally uses a lot of white. The tech giant reportedly acknowledged its mistake of encouraging app developers to use the colour white for their applications, including its own apps.

Since the inception of Google’s “Material Design” initiative, the company had been pushing for the use of colour white, thus, encouraging designers to use white as their primary colour for all apps and interfaces.