Robert Mueller submits report on Russian meddling in Donald Trump’s 2016 election

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday submitted his long-awaited report into an explosive two-year investigation of Russian meddling in Donald Trump’s 2016 election
  • This probe the current President denounces as a “witch hunt” and opponents say could fuel impeachment.
  • Attorney General Bill Barr wrote in a letter to Congress that he might be able to summarize the reports “principal conclusions” for Congress as early as this weekend.

Death toll in China chemical plant explosion touches 44

  • The death toll in an explosion in an industrial park in eastern China went up to to 44 on Friday morning as a number of people died of their injuries.
  • The explosion occurred on Thursday following a fire in a fertilizer factory in a chemical industrial park in Yancheng, Jiangsu province.

European Union offers UK more time to leave the bloc

  • Brexit is to be delayed till April 12 at the earliest, after European leaders agreed to a modified version of Theresa May’s request for an extension.
  • If May’s deal is passed by MPs, exit will be delayed till May 22, if it fails, U.K. will be given time till April 12.

India postpones accounting rules, sparing banks bad-loan piles

  • India delayed the introduction of tough new accounting rules for the second year running. 
  • This move will spare the country’s banks from adding another layer to the $190 billion pile of bad loans on their books.