Maharashtra School Education Department has cancelled the last pending examination for the SSC board examination. The subject of Geography and Work Experience was scheduled to be conducted on March 23rd but was postponed until April 14th due to the nationwide lockdown to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 12th, the state decided to extend the lockdown period until April 30th which meant either the exam had to be cancelled or further delayed. School Education Department Minister Varsha Gaikwad informed about the cancellation of the exam.

The minister also announced that the exams for class 9th and 11th will also be cancelled and students will be promoted based on the marks received in the first term, reports Indian Express.

It is not clear how the evaluation process will be done for the cancelled subjects. The minister said in the video conference a “prescribed procedure” will be followed. Officials from the department said a notification in this matter will be released on Monday.

It was informed earlier on Sunday that the state will announce the future course of action regarding the school and university exams on Monday, April 14th. The report from Indian Express said that many written papers have not reached the examiners and thus the evaluation process cannot be initiated.