The biggest culinary and restaurant trend that I experienced in India is the focus on returning to our roots, Indian food, flavour and ingredients. For a long time, Indian food was not considered to be cool. Our diners are now embracing and enjoying this vast plethora of foods that they grew up with.

Embracing and looking at Indian ingredients is another trend that I believe will become mainstream. With other Indian chefs returning to India to open restaurants that are connected to India rather than the world, it gives our cuisine a bigger stage in India.

Here's my wishlist for 2016 and beyond:

  • More chefs and Indian eateries embracing Indian ingredients and altogether minimising the use of imported produce, fish and meat.
  • People should understand the benefits, both environmentally as well as healthwise, about what they put into their bodies.
  • More diners should take advantage of the reservations system at restaurants so as not to face the disappointment of not being able to get a table at their favourite restaurant at the last minute.
  • Growth of sustainable food sources in India.