A look back at the past six days.

Why Donald Trump + Ted Cruz = Narendra Modi

The Indian prime minister sounds like one US presidential aspirant and thinks like the other.Read more here.

The Uttarakhand forests weren't always burning – this is how we started the fires

A 1981 governmental ban on felling trees over 1,000m above sea level resulted in annual fires and an increased decimation of forests.Read more here.

As Rajdeep Sardesai quits Twitter, time to ask: is abuse killing the social network in India?

Targeted by trolls, the anchor is the second journalist to shut down his account.Read more here.

On his 90th birth anniversary, five classic Mario Miranda drawings

As Goa celebrates the illustrator's life, architect Gerard da Cunha picks his favourite works from the thousands Miranda created.Read more here.

Why these workers from Jharkhand are sending five-rupee notes to Narendra Modi

The government must be really in need of money, wrote more than 300 rural families employed under MNREGS in Latehar.Read more here.