Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party is famous for being digitally savvy when it comes to campaigning. But on Tuesday, the Delhi chief minister might have gone a bit too far by appearing in front of cameras with what looked like a real-life Snapchat filter. Kejriwal was pictured at an event in Goa saying AAP is sure of winning 35 out of 40 seats, but he also did so while wearing flowers in his hair – a fashion choice that was not going to unremarked on by twitter.

Visiting parts of the country and putting unusual things on your head is part and parcel of being an Indian politician. You will find many, many pictures of everyone from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi wearing all manner of headgear at a rally somewhere in India, since every community has their own special hat.

Why should Goa be any different? The state has elections next year, and the Aam Aadmi Party thinks it has a real chance to expand into what was previously Congress-Bharatiya Janata Party terrain.

Every year, during the feast of São João, the feast of St John, Goans put on crowns of wildflowers called kopels, drink feni and jump into wells to celebrate the arrival of the monsoon. It's a time-honoured tradition and it seems like Kejriwal was more than willing to take part, even it meant pictures of him with flowers in his hair. Which is exactly what we got.

Some even celebrated the fact that Kejriwal was making São João mainstream.

Others, however chose to focus on slightly less obvious takeaways.

And of course, there were plenty of jokesters – many of whom made the same Snapchat joke.

(For those unsure of why that's funny, Snapchat is a very popular messaging app among young people, that allows you to add 'filters' to pictures of yourself. One popular filter happens to put flowers in your hair. You could also watch Indian news channels hilariously try to explain Snapchat to viewers.

If you don't know what an app is, well, you might have to go elsewhere, to have that answered).

A few took their humour skills even further.