No philosopher or guru has probably led a more strange life than UG Krishnamurti, who repudiated every form or spiritual or religious journey. Steadfastly refusing to teach anyone anything in particular, Krishnamurti – who made several attempts to achieve enlightenment and finally declared the quest impossible – nevertheless broadcast the message that “mind is a myth” and that it was best to look at life in physical terms alone.

A traditional narrative in words might have been impossible when it comes to detailing the strange life of UG Krishnamurti, which saw several personal crises running parallel to his frustrating search for truth. Only a graphic novel could have captured the whorls and twists. Excerpts from a new book by Nicolas C Grey and James Farley – This Dog Barking: The Strange Story of UG Krishnamurti:

Excerpted with permission from This Dog Barking: The Strange Story of UG Krishnamurti, Nicolas C Grey and James Farley, HarperCollins India.