Weekend Reads

  1. Aarefa Johari went searching for the women’s voices missing from Gujarat’s political debate.
  2. In Madhya Pradesh, Mridula Chari chanced upon a granny who had run away with the family jewelry.
  3. Abhishek Dey was in Uttarakhand to cover elections when he saw a tiger crossing the road.
  4. Reporting on communal tensions in Uttara Kannada, T Ameerudheen found that he had to conceal his own name too.
  5. Supriya Sharma tells the tale of how she nearly got deported from Kurdistan and how Akshay Kumar saved her from hunger.
  6. While reporting in Uttar Pradesh, Shreya Roy Chowdhury found that she had become a local celebrity.
  7. Arunabh Saikia, on assignment covering terror-funding in Assam, discovered roads that go nowhere.
  8. Vinita Govindarajan learnt that she had to cross an invisible caste barrier to get to the story in Tamil Nadu.
  9. Reporting on gau rakshaks in Jammu, Rayan Naqash was told to leave town.