1. In the Indian Express, Meghnad Desai writes that the European Union Parliamentarians’ visit to Kashmir suggests that the government does not believe its own propaganda that all is well in the Valley.
  2. To find out who is behind the WhatsApp breach, Pratik Sinha writes in the Hindu, follow the money trail.
  3. In LiveMint, Andy Mukherjee argues that putting the squeeze on the telecommunications industry will not help India’s credit turmoil and fiscal crisis.
  4. Democrats needs to expand the chargesheet for the impeachment of United States President Donald Trump, Simon Tisdall argues in the Guardian.
  5. Scientists in India and across the world are giving us eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, writes TV Jayan in Hindu BLInk.
  6. By taking away Kashmir’s autonomy, Anchal Vohra writes in the Atlantic, India is changing the balance between those who favour dialogue and those who support violence as a solution to the dispute.
  7. In the New York Review of Books, Michael McFaul writes on how the Trump administration is wreaking havoc on American diplomacy.
  8. Also in the Indian Express, Sampad Patnaik explores the story of Amrit Kujur, the fisherman lost at sea for 58 days.
  9. Toxic air recognises no class or privilege, warns Ruchir Joshi in the Hindu.
  10. What sets this Bharatiya Janata Party government apart from previous dispensations, argues Mukul Kesavan in the Telegraph, is its endorsement of exclusion on communal lines.