Eng 120/0 after 42 overs: Day 1 comes to an end. England lead by 42 runs but it has been a crazy day. Anyone who saw the Indian batsmen struggled would have reckoned that England’s batsmen would do the same but they didn’t. The big reason for that being that while the England bowlers swung the ball, India seemed to be bowling on a flat deck.

Eng 114/0 after 41 overs: Burns flicks that to the boundary line and gets to his 10th Test fifty. 52 off 123 balls. He has looked especially good off the pads.

Eng 110/0 after 40 overs: England continuing along their merry way. They will want Big Daddy hundreds from the openers now and will hope to bat just once in this match.

Eng 105/0 after 37 overs: Hameed, opening the batting, gets to 51 off 110 with an edge through the slips cordon. It carried. But Rohit couldn’t hold on to the tough chance which was to his left. But this was exactly the kind of moment that could inspire the team. They stick but this one didn’t.

Eng 101/0 after 36 overs: England lead by 23 runs. Such a crazy day... imagine India surviving the first two sessions and batting on this.

Eng 95/0 after 35 overs: This has been a very fine opening stand for England. India’s bowlers have not been able to swing the ball and batting has looked easy. What a change... what a day.

Eng 78/0 after 29 overs: Short from Siraj and Burns smashed it for six. He then took a single to take the hosts to 78/0. Seems remarkable that India were bowled out for 78 on this same wicket. The weather gods did England a huge favour it seems.

The ball is getting changed. England trail by 7 runs.

Eng 71/0 after 27 overs: Jadeja got one to land in the footmarks and it turned sharply. He would have enjoyed bowling in the fourth innings here.

Eng 62/0 after 25 overs: The ease with which England are batting makes one wonder whether this is the same match or even the same day. The conditions have changed dramatically here. Burns and Hameed are doing just what Root would have wanted.

Eng 58/0 after 23 overs: Jadeja into the attack and Burns greeted him with a slog sweep for four. England trail by just 20 runs now and India’s bowlers have looked rather helpless to be honest.

Eng 52/0 after 21 overs: Siraj not getting any movement either. Something has changed and we don’t quite know what. Meanwhile, England have brought up the fifty of their innings without losing a wicket. Just the start they wanted. Just the start that India didn’t want.

Siraj finally comes into the attack.

Eng 45/0 after 16 overs: Two fours in the Ishant over. Short and wide and they deserved the treatment. He has looked off-colour today (4-0-22-0).

Eng 37/0 after 15 overs: Steady stuff but India should have turned to Siraj by now. He is one of the form bowlers and he has been kept out of the attack for far too long.

Eng 36/0 after 13 overs: No swing on offer for India. They are pitching it up but the ball is doing nothing. The England openers have given their side a good start now. England trail by just 42 runs.

Eng 25/0 after 10 overs: Steady stuff from England but India will be desperate for a wicket. They need to be careful and not show it though.

Eng 24/0 after 9 overs: Shami producing a beauty that opened up Hameed completely. It took the back leg on the way to the keeper. Still overcast. England trail by 54 runs.

Eng 21/0 after 8 overs: England’s bowlers got consistent swing throughout the Indian innings but India’s pacers haven’t got the same amount of movement yet.

England trail by 57 runs as the final session on Day 1 begins. India need wickets… lots of them.

Eng 21/0 after 7 overs: And that is tea. After bowling India for 78, England have come out and made things look pretty easy. India’s bowlers have been a bit all over the place too.

Eng 21/0 after 6 overs: No clear chances created yet. India need something to happen just to get into the game a little more.

Eng 18/0 after 4 overs: England bowlers bowled a little fuller than India are at the moment. Bumrah needs to make the batsmen play at the ball more.

Eng 16/0 after 3 overs: Another solid over from Ishant but slightly surprising to see India go to the veteran rather than Shami or Siraj.

Eng 14/0 after 2 overs: Bumrah from the other end but England look ready to pile on the pressure.

Eng 9/0 after 1 over: India start off with Ishant and England get 9 easy runs in the first over. So much pressure on the bowlers again.

England are out in the middle. India will be hoping their bowlers can work a miracle again.

India 78 all out after 40.4 overs: What a collapse! What an innings. Rohit the top-scorer with just 19 runs. Rahane made 18 and the next highest contributor is Extras with 16. Everyone took wickets for England but the star was Anderson. He got the top three early and from there, it just flowed.

India 78/9 after 40 overs: Siraj and Ishant throwing their bats around a bit and some runs have come India’s way. Not many but at this point, anything will do.

India 69/9 after 38 overs: Superb over for Curran and England. This is almost over. But if there is anything England have learnt from Lord’s then it should be that it ain’t over till it’s over.

India 67/9 after 37.3 overs: Wicket! Bumrah gone for a duck too. Once again, India took the review. Once again, it didn’t help. It was red all the way. Curran the bowler.

India 67/8 after 37.2 overs: Wicket! Curran strikes to send back Jadeja (4 off 29). India took the review but it didn’t help. It was full and it was straight. Will India make it to 100?

India 67/7 after 36.5 overs: WICKET! Overton strikes again. Shami is out first ball. Edged to the slips. Hero at Lord’s and now gone first ball.

India 67/6 after 36.4 overs: WICKET! Rohit Sharma is walking back. He tried to play the pull shot but mistimed it to mid-on. Overton strikes. He had left the ball so well all morning but the earlier ball before the one that got him might have disturbed him. Rohit was so set in the defensive mode that he did nothing with a full toss.

India 67/5 after 36 overs: Curran comes into the attack. Robinson gets a break. Jadeja leaving the ball outside the off-stump well alone for now.

India 64/5 after 35 overs: Slow and steady from India. Have England held back Anderson for too long? Robinson has done a good job but it has been a longish spell for him.

India 61/5 after 34 overs: The tight overs are piling up but that should be the least of India’s worries at the moment. As long as Jadeja is in the middle, Rohit won’t look to do anything silly but may look to change things after that.

India 60/5 after 33 overs: Overton settling into a nice line. Another maiden over but it could have been even better. Rohit edged one into the slip region and it fell just short of Bairstow at second slip.

India 60/5 after 32 overs: Steady stuff. One short ball to Rohit, with two men back, but the batsman just rolled his wrists and kept it on the ground for a single.

India 59/5 after 31 overs: England’s bowlers keeping things really tight today. No loose balls for the batsmen to lay into. But this is a vital stand for India... they need Jadeja to get stuck in today.

India 58/5 after 29.1 overs: WICKET! But Pant didn’t survive for long. Another outside edge and another catch for Buttler — his fifth of the innings. Pant walking back. Robinson the bowler. India in big, big trouble.

India 58/4 after 29 overs: Another maiden over. But Pant almost got himself run out. Madness. He set off for a nonexistent single. Luckily, he survived.

India 58/4 after 28 overs: Robinson continues with a maiden over. Pant playing out six balls without going for any of them. It won’t be long before he does.

India 58/4 after 27 overs: England continuing with Overton. Robinson finished his over from the other end. With they go to Anderson right away? Should they?

Time for the post lunch session. Time for another spell from Anderson. Time for Rohit to resume his vigil. Time for Rishabh Pant too.

And that is lunch too. India ran into an inspired genius in Anderson and they floundered badly. The England pacer started off bowling a lot of inswingers today but he got his wickets with his outswingers and that tells us just how well he set up the batsmen. Robinson added another wicket late in the session to make it the perfect session for the hosts after they lost the toss in the morning. For India, the lone bright spot is Rohit Sharma, who has played close to the body and exercised as much caution as possible.

India 56/4 after 25.5 overs: WICKET! Right at the stroke of lunch, Robinson strikes to send back Rahane. The batsman played for the line but it moved away a little, took the edge through to the keeper. Just what England needed. Just what India didn’t need.

India 53/3 after 25 overs: Another four to fine leg. Overton straying onto the pads and Rahane helping it along. He, on 16, moves ahead of Rohit, who has 14 off 74.

India 49/3 after 24 overs: India just hanging in there. The first session of the third Test is almost over. It will be time for lunch soon.

Robinson replaces Curran from the other end.

India 47/3 after 23 overs: Another maiden over for Overton, who has started with two maidens. A nice line but a bit of a worry for England as Root was forced to go off after being hit on the hand in the slips. An edge from Rahane dropped well short but hit the England skipper in an uncomfortable spot.

India 47/3 after 22 overs: Curran has bowled seven overs on the trot and he seems to be tiring. A couple of no balls in the over and a four for Rahane too.

Stat attack: Rohit’s numbers since he started to open for India have been simply amazing.

Screenshot / SonyLiv

India 40/3 after 21 overs: Overton starts off with a maiden. Rohit continuing to play very close to the body.

Moeen going out of the attack and in comes the pacy Overton.

India 40/3 after 20 overs: Another decent over by Curran in which he beat the bat again. But he hasn’t got the edge yet.

A look at Kohli’s dismissals this year as compared to 2014 and 2018.

India 39/3 after 19 overs: Three runs from the Moeen over. The sun is out and India won’t mind this. Three-run overs have been a luxury today.

India 36/3 after 18 overs: A four from Rahane in the over – the first for India in a long time too. Just helped it along. India looking to just survive at the moment.

India 32/3 after 17 overs: Just one run from the Moeen over. It seems like a bad idea to get spin into the attack this early. Rohit and Rahane will both feel more comfortable but it might also get the batsmen playing shots and that might work out for England from the other end.

Moeen into the attack. That is the end of Anderson’s first spell - 8-5-6-3.

India 31/3 after 16 overs: Rohit has been solid at one end but he will desperately hoping that Rahane can stay with him in the middle.

India 30/3 after 15 overs: Another maiden over but it makes sense. Just play out Anderson’s spell. He has bowled 8 overs already.

India 30/3 after 14 overs: Another maiden over for Curran. He has beaten the batsmen with a few deliveries that have gone straight on with the arm but he hasn’t managed to get the ball to come back into the right-hander.

India 30/3 after 13 overs: Four leg byes in the over as Anderson strayed onto Rohit’s pads but otherwise, another solid over.

India 26/3 after 12 overs: Time for a drink at Headlingley. England have dominated the first hour all thanks to Anderson’s genius. The pacer has bowling figures of 6-3-6-3. He has given nothing away and used swing and angles brilliantly.

India 21/3 after 10.5 overs: WICKET! Kohli vs Anderson… Anderson wins this round. Lovely set-up... few shorter balls earlier in the over, then one pushed up and it took the thin edge through to the keeper. Third wicket for Anderson who has been simply sublime today.

India 19/2 after 10 overs: Curran into the attack and he starts off with a maiden. A change in angle and that forces the batsmen to look at things a little differently.

India 19/2 after 9 overs: Another brilliant over from Anderson, who has just been totally on the money for England today morning.

India 18/2 after 8 overs: Robinson has been a bit too wide and he hasn’t made the batsmen play enough. Not that the Indian batsmen will mind that.

India 12/2 after 7 overs: The first of the over, to Kohli, was a bit too full and Kohli pushed it down the ground to pick up three and then Rohit picked up a single off the last ball.

India 8/2 after 6 overs: Four leg byes for India in the Robinson over but Rohit playing the rest of the deliveries well.

India 4/2 after 4.1 overs: WICKET! The last over from Anderson to Pujara was mostly inswingers but now he gets the wicket with a superb outswinger. Edged it through to the keeper. India in trouble here. Pujara c Buttler b Anderson 1(9)

India 4/1 after 4 overs: A huge shout by Robinson for LBW against Rohit on the last ball of the over but Root wasn’t too excited. Anderson bowling more inswingers and slipping in the odd outswinger. Robinson doing the opposite.

Stat attack: Average first innings total at Headingley in the last five Test has been 252.

India 2/1 after 3 overs: Pujara played out a maiden over from Anderson as the sun peaks out.

India 2/1 after 2 overs: Robinson into the attack from the other end and he is getting some nice shape on his outswingers. Steady over.

India 1/1 after 0.5 overs: WICKET! Three inswingers from Anderson the first over itself and then the outswinger. KL Rahul played at it, got the edge through to the keeper.Perfect start for England. Rahul c Buttler b Anderson 0(4)

Quote card: As Kohli said yesterday...

“You’re never set as a batsman in England. You have to leave your ego in your pocket and come to the crease. You need discipline and patience. Your mindset on each day matters. You need precision because, in my opinion, England is the toughest country to bat in.”

India 0/0 after 0 overs: The Indian openers are out in the middle on a cloudy day. Here we go.

Opening up: Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul have been superb for India so far. At the top of the order, they have given the Indian team solid starts – 97, 34, 126, 18 – and Kohli will be hoping for more of the same today too.

1971 and all that: While we wait for play to begin... some highlights of the final day’s play of the historic 1971 Test.


Playing XIs: Kohli expects Jadeja to bowl a lot more in this match. Root isn’t too fussed about bowling first – there is some cloud cover.

England playing XI: Rory Burns, Haseeb Hameed, Dawid Malan, Joe Root(c), Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Craig Overton, Ollie Robinson, James Anderson

India playing XI: Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Rishabh Pant(w), Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj

Two changes for England: England bring in Dawid Malan for Dom Sibley and Craig Overton for Mark Wood. 22 different pairs for England since Andrew Strauss retired. But their openers had looked little more than walking wickets... they needed a change.

India win the toss: Root with a really high coin toss but it falls in favour of India. Kohli elects to bat first.

“Runs on the board will be crucial to set up this Test match.”

Same XI for India.

Toss coming up soon: Just a little over five minutes left for the toss.

India’s win at Headingley, 2002: “Before the Test, Ganguly who had struck up a friendship with Boycott, invited him to a curry buffet to pick his brains about a ground he knew so well. Fortified by this, the Indians decided that for all the talk of Headingley being a seamer’s paradise, they would play to their strength and picked two spinners, Kumble and Harbhajan.”

Read the full book excerpt HERE

India captain Virat Kohli has promised his side won’t back down in the remainder of their series against England after saying verbal abuse from the hosts inspired a memorable win at Lord’s last week.

India are 1-0 up in the five-match contest heading into the third Test at Headingley today following a 151-run victory at the ‘home of cricket’.

What had been a hard-fought encounter saw India pull away on the last day after tailenders Mohammed Shami and Jasprit Bumrah shared an unbroken stand of 89 for the ninth wicket.

India’s quicks then combined to dismiss England, set 272 to win in 60 overs, for just 120.