India 2-0 China: Efficient would be the apt way to describe today’s performance against China. Gurjit Kaur involved heavily in both goals that India scored and made a couple of brilliant defensive plays too. Janneke Schopman’s first completed tournament as head coach finishes with a bronze. They would have come aiming for gold, but the World Cup qualification and a podium finish is not a bad start after a Covid-disrupted period for the team.

Bronze medal for India Savita Punia and Co complete their task with impressive efficiency today, registering a 2-0 win against China. Sharmila Devi and Gurjit Kaur the goalscorers, solid work by defence.

FULL TIME: India 2-0 China. The bronze medal goes to Savita Punia and CO. Muted celebrations from the camp but a good result today nonetheless.

Q4, India 2-0 China: Relief for India as the trap goes wrong this time and the team in blue come forward now. They should see this out now.

Q4, India 2-0 China: Desperate defending, another PC for China. Rinse and repeat. Third in a row.

Q4, India 2-0 China: Just less than 2 mins to go, a PC for China. Well, well.

Q4, India 2-0 China: Plenty of good build-up play, dribbling into attacking areas by India but the final touch has just been a bit lacking... 4:40 left.

Q4, India 2-0 China: PC for China... either a foul by Ishika or Gurjit. All the same wonderful defensive work and India go to the other end on a counter, great work by Sharmil but the final touch is once again missing.

Q4, India 2-0 China: India keeping up attacking pressure at the start of Q4 too. The approach and intent have been solid today... but 2-0 is still a tricky position to be in. Neha not happy with refereeing there, as she tried to earn a PC. Less than 10 mins to go now.

Q4, India 2-0 China: Oh, exciting counter by India but Salima Tete’s run is broken down by the goalkeeper and the rebound doesn’t come to much after that. But India continuing to attack when they get the chance.

Here we go. 15 more mins to decide the bronze medallists for the Women’s Asia Cup.

End of Q3: Free hit, India. And correction, it was China who had a review left and India had lost theirs. And now both teams are without their referrals as the Q4 beckons.

Q3, India 2-0 China: Still a good even quarter of hockey this. Both sides looking for the next goal... India came the closest after some great work by Lalremsiami. And with not much time left, there is a video referral... by China? Unclear, thought they had lost their referral earlier. Just one second left on the clock for this quarter. Another longish wait here, without too much information on what’s going on.

Q3, India 2-0 China: Chance India! Terrific play down the byline by Lalremsiami but her cutback doesn’t find a final touch.

Q3, India 2-0 China: Oh chance, China! Gurjit is back on the pitch and she needs to be alert there as China nearly fashion a chance through Feiping Chen.

Q3, India 2-0 China: Five mins to go in this quarter, a foray forward led by Navneet but doesn’t come to much. China are back to XI now but India were also briefly down to 10 due to Gurjit’s green card.

Q3, India 2-0 China: Xueyi Peng gets a green card. Can India make the brief advantage count?

Q3, India 2-0 China: Understandably now, more attacking pressure from China but Indian defenders staying resolute. And some smart stick-work to avoid conceding PCs.

Q3, India 2-0 China: Will be interesting to see India’s approach here... they have started with an intent to push forward in the opening minutes of this half.

Second half underway.


Team Minute Player Action Score
India 13 Devi Sharmila Penalty Corner 1 - 0
India 19 Kaur Gurjit Penalty Corner 2 - 0
via FIH

Half time: India 2-0 China Good first half for India. China had good spells in Q1 but they withstood that and made the most of PCs that came their way. Savita Punia has had to make a couple of sharp saves too, so it hasn’t been all that easy. Efficient, would be the way to describe that half for the team in blue.

Q2, India 2-0 China: CHANCE INDIA! Superb work down the right flank by Navneet and she dribbles all the way into the attacking area and unleashes a shot across goal, beats the GK but also past the far post. Lalremsiami was waiting to tap in at the far post if it was closer to her or there was a rebound.

Q2, India 2-0 China: More attacking pressure from China at the moment but India can afford to sit back and counter now... they are however guilty of losing possession a bit too easily and now there is a green card for Vandana. Shaky period for the team in blue.

Q2, India 2-0 China: Save-ita to the rescue! The captain gets down to her right and is ready to save a deflected attempt at goal. Smart keeping.

Q2, India 2-0 China: A PC for China now as they look to hit right back.

GOAL INDIA! Q2, India 2-0 China: GURJIT KAUR! Superb drag flick this time, no chance for the China goalkeeper. Seemed like a good tactical switch from India to start Q2. All the attacks coming down the right flank and China are shaken defensively. Sharmila does well to earn a PC and Gurjit makes no mistake from the drag flick, 2-0.

Q2, India 1-0 China: All the pressure coming from right for India now. Sharmila earns a PC.

Q2, India 1-0 China: All India to start off the second quarter... whatever the coaching staff said has worked so far. Good high pressure.

Q2, India 1-0 China: Oh chance for India at the start of Q2, a good move down the right flank but the superb cross from Neha into the box evades the strikers.

End of Q1, India 1-0 China: After a couple of shaky PCs to start off, India eventually convert this one. Good drag flick to start off by Gurjit, but needed Sharmila Devi to be sharp to finish off at the end

Goal, India! Gurjit Kaur with a good drag flick that is saved temporarily by the Chinese defence but Sharmila is there ready to pounce and finish off the rebound.

Q1, India 0-0 China: A lengthy break in play... not quite sure why. Probably a referral but that took a long time. Eventually the PC is given the green light.

Q1, India 0-0 China: The trap gets as far as the drag flicker this time but the trapping is not good... India do manage to work out a good chance though, eventually earning another PC>

Q1, India 0-0 China: India’s best moment in the match. Nice build-up play, all the way from defence to attack down the left flank. A PC is won.

Q1, India 0-0 China: It’s all China at the moment... India barely able to create any offensive pressure.

Q1, India 0-0 China: Some lax defending by India and they are lucky to get away with it. The cutback from left flank doesn’t find the deflection. India yet to get going here, truth be told.

Q1, India 0-0 China: A PC For China too at the other end and a powerful drag flick but not the right direction. Goes high and wide.

Q1, India 0-0 China: An early PC for India and it is not something you see often. The injection from the byline is completely mishit and it doesn’t even get as far as the drag flicker.

Pushback! We are underway

05.55 pm: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Women’s Asia Cup hockey tournament.

Seeking a podium finish India take on China in the third-fourth place play-off match of the women’s Asia Cup hockey tournament in Muscat on Friday.

After defeating Malaysia 9-0 in their opener, India suffered a 0-2 defeat against Asian Games champions Japan before thrashing Singapore 9-1 to qualify for the semifinals. But in the semifinals, some sloppy defending and less than ideal penalty corner conversion put paid to India’s hopes as they were beaten 2-3 Korea, who set up a clash against Japan in the summit clash later on Friday.