Key updates of India’s events on Day 3:

  • Weightlifting: Jeremy Lalrinnunga wins gold in men’s 67kg event, later in the night Achinta Sheuli made it two gold medals on the day winning the 73kg final.
  • Badminton: Defending champs India down RSA 3-0 to reach semifinals. To face Singapore.
  • Table tennis, men’s team event: India beat BAN 3-0 to reach semifinals. To face Nigeria.
  • Cricket T20: India chase down Pakistan’s 99 in 11.4 overs, 102/2 (18-over match). Smriti Mandhana put on a fantastic batting performance.
  • Hockey: Indian men start with 11-0 win vs GHA.
  • Boxing: Nikhat Zareen reaches QF with a breathtaking performance, Sagar does well in 92+kg but defeats for Shiva Thapa, Sumit. 
  • Swimming: Srihari Nataraj qualifies for men’s 50m backstroke final. His 2nd of the Games.
  • Lawn bowls: India through to the semifinals in the women’s fours event.
  • Squash: Joshna Chinappa, Saurav Ghosal reach QF in singles.

Another good update to close things out for the night. India are in top five in the medals tally, a place they’d hope to keep at the end of the Games.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: “There is a little bit of disappointment in not breaking my best, but happy with gold. I was fighting for my best performance and not the gold. But this medal is really important in life. I want more in life. Want to dedicate to my coach and brother. My brother backed me after my father’s death those years back by leaving his game,” Achinta’s interview to Sony.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Time for the National Anthem once again. Achinta was projected to be a gold medal contender but he didn’t let expectations hamper him. Solid performance.

A 19-year-old and 20-year-old win gold medals for India today. Good for the future.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: GOLD MEDAL! Achinta Sheuli wins India’s third gold medal of these Games. Muhammad Erry is unable to bridge the 10kg gap, tried bravely but wasn’t close and the 20-year-old from Dhulagarh in Howrah is now a Commonwealth Games gold medalist!

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Muhammad Hidayat Erry in 2nd misses his first attempt at 176kg. Didn’t close there really. But still has one more attempt. Gold is nearly Achinta’s.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Achinta Sheuli nails his 3rd C&J and puts up 170kg on the board for a total of 313kg, a Games Record per benchmarks. We will have to wait for a few more lifters to finish but he has a good cushion on top. The Malaysian has a 10kg deficit to make up and has two attempts left.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Achinta Sheuli misses his first attempt of the night, at 170kg. Comes back again for a third attempt after a pep talk.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Achinta Sheuli finally out for C&J and he nails it.

Dilip: Achinta Sheuli is out for his clean and jerk lift. Had listed 165kg in the startlist before raising it to 167kg midway. And now has brought it down by a kilo for his first attempt. Clean lift from the Indian and he is in the lead with a total lift of 309kg. Six kilos clear of 2nd placed Hidayat. Both lifters will attempt 170kgs next

Boxing, men’s 92+kg R16, Maxime Njieyo 0-5 Sagar: There hasn’t been much to cheer for the Indian male boxers but Sagar produces a fine, flair-filled performance to move into the quarterfinals. Put on a show from start to end.

Boxing, men’s 92+kg R16, Maxime Njieyo vs Sagar: The Indian continues to put on a show, has some flair. (Pro boxing material). Comfortably ahead in this one.

Boxing, men’s 92+kg R16, Maxime Njieyo vs Sagar: The bout started with a Pro-Bout-esque stare down from the boxers and it has lived up to the entertainment value. Heavy weights are usually never this drastic, big men usually loiter around and then try to land heavy punches. Sagar in complete control though ultimately. Gets three 10-8s and two 10-9s.

Samreen: Sagar would be hoping to give the second win in boxing today after the disappointment from Thapa and Sumit.

Boxing, men’s 92+kg R16, Maxime Njieyo vs Sagar: Can Sagar bring some cheer to the Indian camp?

Badminton, mixed team: Semifinals are set. Things are about to get interesting. Malaysia vs hosts England. India vs Singapore (Loh vs Lakshya or Srikanth). Wonder if India will try and pair Ashwini-Satwik together for XD to take an early advantage like they did in Gold Coast.

Lawn Bowls update via SAI: Team India goes down against Team Northern Ireland (26-8) in the quarterfinals of Men’s Pairs event.

Samreen adds: Two entries in men’s boxing that were rather assuring – Thapa because of his experience and Sumit because of his recent feats... both end in disappointment. The Indian men’s boxing contingent at B2022 decreasing in number as we go. Not good at all.

Boxing, men’s 75kg R16, Sumit vs Callum Peters: The hearbreaks continue for Indian male boxers.

Samreen: Callum Peters puts on a stunning show in R2 and R3, wins by a 5-0 UD. Sumit will re-think the disadvantage that put him on the backfoot after R1. The campaign ends for the Indian National Champ. Third Indian male boxer to bow out.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Achinta brought his second attempt down to 140kg but given how he lifted it, maybe could have stuck with 141kg. The 20-year-old then matched his personal best of 143kg with his final lift and takes a five kilo lead into clean and jerk

Boxing, men’s 75kg R16, Sumit vs Callum Peters: Sumit has had 2 eight counts already and the commentators couldn’t quite understand that. But the judges have been overwhelmingly in favour of the Australian. This is close to being done now.

Boxing, men’s 75kg R16, Sumit vs Callum Peters: Sumit got the nod of all 5 judges. But he was given a warning and the deduction of point makes it 9-9 on the board.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Achinta Sheuli strides out for his first snatch lift. He raised the weights from 135kg to 137kg. And he nails the lift without breaking any sweat

Boxing, men’s 75kg R16, Sumit vs Callum Peters: Sumit is a boxer who has quite a few in the community. Two 19-year-old boxers in the fray here.

Boxing, men’s 75kg R16: India’s Sumit in action against Australia’s Callum Peters shortly.

What a fine few days it has been for Srihari Nataraj! Two finals now in the Games.

Swimming, Men’s 50m Backstroke semifinal; SRIHARI HAS MADE THE CUT!

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 3-0 RSA: INTO THE SEMIFINALS! India are on track to defend this gold. Aakarshi Kashyap gets the job done with a 21-11, 21-16 victory. India have swept three of their four matches so far. India likely to face Singapore next.

Aditya: India are through to the mixed team semifinal with victories for Ashwini Ponnappa and B Sumeeth Reddy in mixed doubles, Lakshya Sen in men’s singles, and Aakarshi Kashyap in women’s singles against South Africa. The defending champions inch closer to a medal.

Swimming, Men’s 50m Backstroke semifinal: Srihari Nataraj finishes 5th in this semifinal with a timing of 25.38. Let’s see where that puts him after the 2nd semis.

Cycling Men’s 15km Scratch Race Final: Vishavjeet Singh has a DNF next to his name, did not finish the race.

Wow, a quick look at the cricket and Barbados are 53/8 in 14.5 overs against Australia.

Aditya: Solid win for Saurav Ghosal. His match got quite physical towards the end but he remained focussed and clinical. Through to the quarterfinals.

Squash, men’s singles R16, Saurav Ghosal 3-0 David Baillargeon: Comprehensive from Ghosal, holds his nerve over some questionable decisions, but makes it through to the quarterfinal with a 11-6, 11-2, 11-6 win, updates Shahid. Joins Joshna in reaching the QF. Ghosal will face Greg Lobban of Scotland next, the world No 34. (Joshna faces world No 20 Hollie Naughton.)

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Achinta Sheuli won gold at the 2021 Commonwealth C’ships, followed by silver for Hidayat Muhammad from Malaysia, and Mudiyanselage Indika Chathur Dissanayake from Sri Lanka taking bronze. They are all in action here.

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 2-0 RSA: Johanita SCHOLTZ, the RSA No 1 (world No 147) is not having much joy against the Indian domestic No 1. Aakarshi in control.

Squash, men’s singles R16, Saurav Ghosal 2-0 David Baillargeon: Ghosal turning the screws now, using his tireless running and lunging abilities to tire out his opponent, winning the game 11-2. One away from the quarterfinal, updates Shahid.

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 2-0 RSA: Lakshya Sen gives India a 2-0 lead in the tie with a 21-5, 21-6 win. Seemed to play within himself but breezed through nonetheless. Flashes a big smile towards the direction of his teammates. Aakarshi Kashyap next.

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final starting weight

CGA Name Snatch (kg) Clean & Jerk (kg) Total
IND Achinta SHEULI 135 165 300
SAM John Lautafi TAFI 130 170 300
MAS Erry Hidayat MUHAMMAD 133 165 298
SRI Mudiyanselage Indika Chathur DISSAN 127 157 284
ENG Jack Simon OLIVER 128 153 281
CAN Shad DARSIGNY 125 155 280
NRU Ezekiel MOSES 125 155 280
AUS Brandon Dean WAKELING 118 160 278
WAL Michael Anthony FARMER 120 150 270
NZL Vester Louie VILLALON 118 148 266
RSA Jon-Antohein PHILLIPS 115 150 265
KEN Anthony Libasia MASINDE 110 135 245

Weightlifting, Men’s 73kg final: Achinta Sheuli will be action shortly. 11:00 PM

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 1-0 RSA: Lakshya Sen’s control is immaculate at the moment. The slices and change of direction on the racket all far too good. 21-5 in the opening game.

Squash, men’s singles R16, Saurav Ghosal vs David Baillargeon: World No 15 Saurav Ghosal takes on Canadian national champion and World No 62 David Baillargeon.

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 1-0 RSA: Next up is World No 10 Lakshya Sen against World No 355 Caden Kakora in the men’s singles match

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 1-0 RSA: Ashwini/Sumeeth make it a breezy start for India. 21-9, 21-11.

Cycling, Women’s 500m Time Trial - Final: Mayuri Lute finishes 18th.

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 0-0 RSA: It takes just 11 minutes for India’s B Sumeeth Reddy and Ashwini Ponnappa to win the first game 21-9 against Jarred Elliott and Diedre Jordaan of South Africa

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 11-0 Ghana: Here’s a look at the full time stats.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 11-0 Ghana: FULL TIME – Well, that was as professional as it could get from Indian men. Solid conversions, decent defending when called up on. A good goal difference boost should it be needed. But only job well begun.

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND 0-0 RSA: The final two badminton quarterfinals are underway. Ashwini-Sumeeth have taken a 11-4 lead in the opening mixed doubles match.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 11-0 Ghana, in Q4: GOAL! A hat-trick for Harmanpreet Singh! He has put on a drag flicking masterclass today

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 10-0 Ghana, in Q4: GOAL! We’re into double digits! India score their 10th goal as Mandeep Singh finds the back of the net. That goal was all about Gurjant’s assist though, lovely receiving of the ball, made space, dribbled through and cut it back selflessly.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 9-0 Ghana, in Q4: Final quarter underway.

Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s all-around final: Ruthuja Nataraj finishes 17th in all-around final out of 17 finalists who registered a full score. She had a scary fall in her first routine.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 9-0 Ghana, in Q3: JUGRAJ SINGH! That’s his specialty. Fast, low. Tough to spot. Superb drag flick.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 8-0 Ghana, in Q3: We have been only providing goal updates but Hardik Singh just played a delightful aerial ball halfway length of the field to Abhishek in the D. Miscontrolled but what a pass.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 8-0 Ghana, in Q3: GOAL INDIA: Third goal in quick succession for India! This time Varun Kumar converts a penalty corner.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 7-0 Ghana, in Q3: GOAL INDIA. Nilankanta Sharma gets on the scoresheet too. India are putting on a show. Unfortunate for the Ghana goalie, whose save falls straight to the Indian midfielder.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 6-0 Ghana, in Q3: GOAL INDIA! Uff, what a hit by Harmanpreet Singh. A drag flick of sheer force, into the top left corner almost.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 5-0 Ghana, in Q3: Duisberg OFFEI in Ghana’s goal has been in fine form actually, as Siddharth Pandey had said he would be in the Sony Studio before the match. Superb body-on-the-line goalkeeping. India have a couple of PCs back to back though.

Cycling, Women’s 500m Time Trial - Final is underway: Mayuri Lute will be in action there

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 5-0 Ghana, in Q3: India review to overturn a PC for Ghana, but lose their referral apparently doing that. Not sure what happened there.

Triathlon, Mixed Team Relay - Final: Indian team finishes 8th out of 10 teams in this event.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 5-0 Ghana, Half time: A couple of chances for Ghana too towards the end of the second quarter but India manage to hold firm and take a good lead to the interval. England, mind you, have won 6-0 and 4-2 in their two matches (Ghana and Wales), so India will want to keep going.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 5-0 Ghana, in Q2: Great hustle from Ghana to win the ball back in midfield, keep it in play high up and soon win a PC. Pathak has to make a good save. India deal with the retake.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 5-0 Ghana, in Q2: GOAL! A penalty stroke for India as the ball hits a Ghana foot on the line. Jugraj converts. Soon after nearly a dribble into the goal by Amit but it is just wide.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 4-0 Ghana, in Q2: Another excellent goal by India. Another slick move and this time Akashdeep Singh fires a superb reverse shot into the back of the net.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 3-0 Ghana, in Q2: As India tend to, rotation of goalkeepers. Krishan Pathak gets Q2, some rest for Sreejesh.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 3-0 Ghana, end of Q1: As Viren Rasquinha reminds us on air, India will want to keep the foot on the pedal. England defeated Ghana 6-0 and in case of a draw between India & the hosts, GD will become a factor.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 3-0 Ghana, end of Q1: Score corrected. A super Q1 for the Indian men.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 3-0 Ghana in Q1: GOAL INDIA! Beautiful skill down the right byline by Abhishek and he feeds Shamsher at the far post. Easy finish but set up beautifully.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 2-0 Ghana in Q1: Great drag flick by Harmanpreet Singh. When he hits them, they stay hit. (Cliched as it is). He will be a big part of India’s campaign, the leading scorer from the Pro League has started off well.

Hockey India statement: The Indian Men’s Hockey Team’s opening match at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games against Ghana witnessed Captain Manpreet Singh achieving the milestone of completing 300 International Caps for India.  

“This is a very special moment for me and my family. This also reminds me that I’ve come a long way and there is still a long way to go. It is with great pride and honour that I wear the Indian jersey, and it really motivates me whenever I put on this jersey. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and I thank each and everyone who has been part of it. I hope to continue to give my best for the country,” Manpreet said.

“It’s a great feeling to achieve this milestone at a prestigious event. It will certainly motivate me to give my absolute best for the team to achieve our goal of winning the maiden Gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. But for that, we will focus on one match at a time, and give our 100% on the pitch,” he added.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 1-0 Ghana in Q1: Ghana have responded well to going down actually, Sreejesh made a superb save and then there was a PC too.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India 1-0 Ghana in Q1: An early PC and an early goal. Abhishek finishes from close range after a rebound.

Hockey, men’s Pool B, India vs Ghana in Q1: And we have pushback.

Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s all-around final: Ruthuja’s balance beam score is 10.250

Weightlifting, women’s 59kg final: Popy Hazarika’s Commonwealth Games comes to a disappointing end. She took a huge gamble in snatch which did not pay off and that put her under pressure for the clean and jerk. Ends 7th with a total of 183kgs, updates Dilip. First weightlifting event without Indian medal.

Weightlifting, women’s 59kg final: Popy nails the lift at the second time of asking! Looks upset with herself for not getting it right the first time. Will attempt 107kgs for her final lift

Weightlifting, women’s 59kg final: Popy is the fifth lifter in c&j and will try 102kgs. Oh but she is unable to execute the jerk lift. Medal hopes fading away now

Badminton, mixed team QF, IND vs RSA: Defending champions India will take on South Africa in the quarterfinal at 10 pm tonight. They have named their lineup for the tie, with Lakshya and Aakarshi on singles duties. In doubles, they have reverted to first choice options.

Cycling Men’s 15km Scratch Race - Qualifying Round - Heat 2 (Via SAI): Vishavjeet Singh finishes 5th; qualifying for the FINAL, to come at 11:12 PM. We missed this cycling update.

Weightlifting, women’s 59kg final: A look at the standings after Snatch. Tough test for Popy.

Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s all-around final: Ruthuja’s order of events is Uneven bars , Balance Beams, Floor Exercise, Vault.

Weightlifting, women’s 59kg final: Not the result Popy wanted. Opted to level up to 86kgs despite failing with 84kgs and she is unable to lift it. Ends snatch with 81kgs and is sixth in the standings, updates Dilip.

Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s all-around final: Rutuja Nataraj is in action here. We will keep an eye on her progress.

Couple of Lawn Bowls quarterfinals coming up as well

Weightlifting, women’s 59kg final: Popy tries to match her PB of 84kgs but is unsuccessful. However, she has raised the weights to 86kgs for her third and final attempt

READ: On a day when four medals were won by Indian contingent, there was one lost and it was an upset defeat for Indian women’s table tennis team against Malaysia. Shahid Judge speaks to Olympian Neha Aggarwal Sharma about that heartbreak.

Weightlifting, women’s 59kg final: Popy strides out for her first snatch attempt and effortlessly lifts 81kgs. Will attempt 84kgs next

Squash, women’s singles R16, Joshna Chinappa 2-1 Kaitlyn Watts: Pretty straight-forward in the end, as Chinappa wraps up the match 11-8, 9-11, 11-4, 11-6 to move through to the quarterfinals.

Cricket, India defeat Pakistan in Group A:

Samreen Razzaqui chips in: After missing out narrowly against Australia in the opening game, India will take massive confidence from this massive 8-wicket win against Pakistan. An opponent they continue to dominate but the big takeaway is the way Smriti Mandhana’s been batting at CWG. Missed out in Australia but looked supreme then too. And made it count today. Looked to be in a superb zone, showing her full range of strokes. (Read more about her repertoire shots in our interview here)

Squash, women’s singles R16, Joshna Chinappa 2-1 Kaitlyn Watts:Wheels come off a bit for Watts as the error-count rises. Chinappa wins it 11-4. The Indian leads 2-1 in this match.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: INDIA WIN BY 8 WICKETS! A sensational hit over the long-on for four from Mandhana to bring an end to Pakistan’s misery. Story of the match. The Indian opener looks to be in sublime touch!

Dilip on the weightlifting event: It’s going to be a much closer battle for the medal positions than we have seen so far in weightlifting. Popy is a medal contender with Nigeria’s Commonwealth Championships winner Rafiatu Lawal the favourite to win gold. It’ll likely be a three-way battle for silver and bronze between Popy, British champion Jess Gordon Brown and Canada’s Tali Darsinghy.

Squash, women’s singles R16, Joshna Chinappa 1-1 Kaitlyn Watts: The NZ athlete refuses to go away, over comes a deficit in the second game to win it 11-9 and level this match 1-1, says Shahid Judge.

Squash, women’s singles round of 16: Chinappa using her experience and movement to take the first game 11-8 against Watts.

Weightlifting: The action continues the National Exhibition Hall 1 with Popy Hazarika aiming to make it six in six for Indian weightlifters. Here’s what the start list looks like:

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Half-century for Smriti Mandhan! And she brings it up in style with a six straight over. Such class in this knock by the left-hander. India are cruising towards a win. India: 88/1 (9); Target: 100 (18 overs).

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Pakistan manage to break the 61-run partnership. Soft dismissal for Shafali but India will look to wrap things quickly. Sabbhineni Meghana walks in. India: 61/1 (6); Target: 100 (18 overs).

Lawn Bowls: India are through to the men’s pairs quarterfinals win that win.

Squash, women’s singles round of 16: World No 17 Joshna Chinappa takes to the show court shortly. She will play New Zealand youngster Kaitlyn Watts, the World No 95, for a spot in the quarterfinal.

Lawn Bowls: After Tania Choudhury in women’s singles, India get their second lawn bowls victory of the day. This time it’s in the men’s pairs fifth round.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Smriti struck Diana for three fours in the over and Shafali also adds to the misery against Anam. India in a hurry here. India: 41/0 (4); Target: 100 (18 overs).

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Not much to write home about for Pakistan from their batting innings.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Pakistan bowled out for 99 off the last ball of the innings (remember, this is an 18 overs per side match due to the rain-delayed start). A fine bowling performance by India in this crunch game. Sneh Rana and Radha Yadav return with two wickets apiece. Pakistan will be disappointed having three run-outs in the innings.

Image credit: Twitter @BCCIWomen

Table tennis men’s team QF, India 3-0 Bangladesh: Sathiyan wins 11-2, 11-3, 11-5 and defending champions India are through to the semifinals! India are yet to drop a match in this event and will face Nigeria in the semis. England and Singapore will compete in the other semifinal.

Samreen Razzaqui: Thapa couldn’t carry the momentum from R1 as Lynch continued to pounce on Thapa’s defence. It was intense till the end but the Scottish emerges victorious by a 4-1 decision. End of Shiv Thapa’s campaign.

Boxing, men’s 63.5kg round of 16: It’s Reese Lynch who is declared the winner and the Scottish boxer is absolutely thrilled. India’s Shiva Thapa was clearly stronger in the first half of the bout but couldn’t sustain his level. A disappointing result for him indeed.

Boxing, men’s 63.5kg round of 16: Shiva Thapa has the lead at the end of the second round, but only just.

Table tennis men’s team QF, India 2-0 Bangladesh: A solid performance by Sharath Kamal too. He wins 11-4, 11-7, 11-2. G Sathiyan will be up next in singles action.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Ayesha Naseem is out too, Jemimah Rodrigues taking a fine catch. Renuka Singh’s first of the day comes in her 4th over. She finishes with 1/20. PAK: 66/4 (12)

Samreen Razzaqui: Lynch has the height advantage and Thapa seems to be far more defensive because of that but has successfully landed crisper punches in. R1 in favour of the Indian.

Boxing, men’s 63.5kg round of 16: First round goes to Shiva Thapa, but only just. Both boxers have been aggressive but the Indian has perhaps landed cleaner punches.

Boxing, men’s 63.5kg round of 16: Action underway! A quality contest between Thapa and Lynch – two World Championship bronze medallists.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Ayesha Naseem is out too, Jemimah Rodrigues taking a fine catch. Renuka Singh’s first of the day comes in her 4th over. She finishes with 1/20. PAK: 66/4 (12)

Boxing: Next up in action is Shiva Thapa who will take on Scotland’s Reece Lynch in the men’s 63.5kg round of 16.

Table tennis men’s team QF, India 1-0 Bangladesh: Solid performance by Sathiyan and Harmeet in the first match of the tie. They win 11-8, 11-6, 11-2. Sharath Kamal will be in singles action next.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: What an over by Sneh Rana! Superb from the Indian spinner as she gets two wickets in over, the set batters out. First Maroof, then Muneeba. The round-the-wicket angle to LHBs working a treat. 51/3 (9).

Image credit: Twitter @BCCIWomen

Samreen Razzaqui: The bout had to be stopped, the Indian was unrelenting against the opponent. Nikhat defeats Helena Ismael Bagao by RSC in the women’s 50kg R16 event.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Muneeba is starting to find some boundaries for Pakistan, who move on to 49/1 in 8 overs.

Boxing, women’s 50kg round of 16: The bout is stopped in the third round and world champion Nikhat Zareen storms into the 50kg quarterfinals. Just the sort of dominant start everyone expected from her.

Boxing, women’s 50kg round of 16: Another dominant round for Nikhat Zareen. She’s seems to be playing within herself but is still bossing this. Round two goes to her as well.

Samreen Razzaqui: The commentators are dubbing Nikhat’s performance here as a skill-sharpening exercise and target practice. Hard to argue with that! R1 dominantly in favour of the Indian.

Boxing, women’s 50kg round of 16: Good start for Nikhat Zareen. Took her time to get going but landed a number of clean punches to her opponent’s head as the first round progressed. She wins the first round comfortably.

Table tennis men’s team QF, India vs Bangladesh: After India’s women’s team bowed out at this stage yesterday, can Sharath Kamal and Co advance? This tie begins shortly.

Boxing, women’s 50kg round of 16: One of India’s strong medal contenders begins her campaign shortly. Strandja Memorial and World Championships gold medallist Nikhat Zareen will face Mozambique’s Helena Ismael Bagao.

Artistic Gymnastics, men’s all-round final: India’s Yogeshwar Singh finishes 15th.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: WICKET! Meghna Singh had been testing with the outside off-stump line and Iram succumbed to that. Just the start for India, and the crowds gets behind them. PAK: 0/1 (1.3).

Cycling, men’s sprint: India’s Ronaldo bows out in the pre-quarterfinals.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: The players are walking into the field and the match has been reduced to 18 overs per side. Iram Javed and Muneeba Ali to open the innings for Pakistan.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan Group A: Here’s a look at the playing XIs:

India: Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Yastika Bhatia (w), Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Jemimah Rodrigues, Sabbhineni Meghana, Deepti Sharma, Radha Yadav, Sneh Rana, Meghna Singh, Renuka Singh.

Pakistan: Iram Javed, Muneeba Ali (w), Omaima Sohail, Bismah Maroof (c), Aliya Riaz, Ayesha Naseem, Kainat Imtiaz, Fatima Sana, Tuba Hassan, Diana Baig, Anam Amin.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan: After a rain delay, Pakistan have won the toss and opted to bat first.

GOLD MEDAL CONFIRMED! India’s Jeremy Lalrinnunga wins the men’s 67kg title in weightlifting.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Vaipava Nevo Ioane takes silver with a 166kgs second lift and will try for gold with a huge 174kgs attempt.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Oh no Jeremy has injured himself there! Goes for 165kgs and nails the clean section. However, he looks to have jammed his left elbow on the jerk and falls back clutching it. Ends his lifts with a total of 300kgs.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Has Jeremy injured himself there? Nails his 154kg lift but then goes down on all fours after setting the bar down. The commentators reckon he has cramped up.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: We are now at the business end of the event. Jeremy had listed 160kgs for his first C&J attempt but has now brought it down to 154kgs.

Swimming, Men’s 50m Backstroke: Impressive performance by Srihari Nataraj, he finishes second in his heat and is through to the semifinals.

Swimming, Men’s 50m Backstroke: Srihari Nataraj is back in action, he is in Heat 6.

Swimming: Sajan Prakash finished 10th overall in Men’s 200m Butterfly heats. Reserve for final.

Artistic Gymnastics, men’s all-round final: This is how Yogeshwar’s scores looks like after four rotations.

Swimming: Sajan Prakash finished 4th in the Men’s 200m Butterfly - Heat 3, let’s see the timings at the end. 1:58.99 is his timing.

Cycling, Men’s sprint qualification: India’s Ronaldo is through to the prequarterfinnls, finishing 13th overall in men’s sprint qualifying with 10.012. Esow and Beckham miss out.

Swimming: Sajan Prakash in action soon in Men’s 200m Butterfly - Heat 3.

Cricket, India vs Pakistan: Not the best news for India as it’s raining in Edgbaston and the toss has been delayed.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Dilip Unnikrishnan – Not to be today for Jeremy. Isn’t able to lift 143kgs but still comes away from the snatch event with a huge 10kgs lead. With Umoafia, the Commonwealth Championships silver medallist and Jeremy’s nearest competitor making a mess in snatch, the Indian has one hand on the medal now.

Vinayakk: “Accha tha?” “Bahut accha tha!”Indeed, a quick chat with Jeremy and coach... can’t disagree there.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Jeremy comes out and effortlessly raises the 136kg bar over his head for a Games record. In the driver’s seat now and will attempt 140kgs. And he absolutely nails the lift! A massive 10kgs lead for young Jeremy! He will now go for a PB attempt of 143kgs

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Massive pressure on Edidiong there. Needed to lift 130kgs to stay in the competition and he does it at the third time of asking. Jeremy will start with 136kgs and will likely try to raise over 140kgs with his subsequent lifts. He lifted 141kgs when he won the Commonwealth Championships last year.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Jeremy has raised his first attempt from 130kgs to 136kgs. The best lift so far is 127kgs and his nearest competitor Edidiong Umoafia has just lifted 130kgs after failing in his first two attempts.

Lawn Bowls: India’s Tania Choudhury earns a victory in the women’s singles fifth round – her first win of the tournament.

Cycling, Men’s sprint: India’s Ronaldo, Esow, Beckham, Rojit in Qualification action soon. Top 16 riders qualify for 1/8 Finals.

The event is underway. We will have to wait for Jeremy Lalrinnunga as his listed first Snatch attempt is a solid 130kg.

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Here’s how Jeremy’s event looks in terms of listed first attempts on start list:

Vinayakk: Going by the weather in the NZ vs PAK hockey match, it doesn’t look like good news for the IND vs PAK cricket match coming soon.

Artistic Gymnastics, men’s all-round final: Vault next and he is unable to get the landing as well as he would have expected. 13.200 in that routine.

Artistic Gymnastics, men’s all-round final: Yogeshwar Singh starts with a score of 12.350 in the rings routine. Chose a difficulty of 4.200.

Indian weightlifter Jeremy Lalrinnunga in 2018: “My father was a boxer. He used to take us to his training sometimes and I picked up boxing slowly. It’s was great until I saw weightlifting.”

Read more: India’s first Youth Olympics gold medallist Lalrinnunga on why he chose weightlifting

Weightlifting, men’s 67kg final: Jeremy Lalrinnunga, Youth Olympics Champion in 2018, will be in action here, looking to make his mark at the senior level. Based on the first attempts listed, the Indian’s total is second overall. That gives you an indication. He will be in the mix.

Artistic Gymnastics, men’s all-round final: Yogeshwar Singh will be in action here. His rotation order is Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar, Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse.

Lawn Bowls: As has been the case all these days, some lawn bowls action to begin the day with India’s Tania Choudhury in action.

1.15 pm: Hello and welcome to live updates of Indian athletes from day three of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

The medal tally was opened on Saturday as was expected by the weightlifters. And there will be a good deal of expectations once again from that contingent. Cricket action continues, and after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against Australia, India will want to bounce back.

Boxing will feature World Champion Nikhat Zareen. Plenty of events lined up! Strap in, get ready for the ride.

India at CWG 2022, Day 3 schedule: Harmanpreet & Co vs PAK; Nikhat, men’s hockey team in action

Key updates from Day 2 as India bagged four medals:

  • Weightlifting: Mirabai Chanu wins gold medal with a stunning games record performance in women’s 49kg. Bindyarani joins the superstar in reaching the podium, winning the silver in women’s 55kg.
  • Weightlifting: Sanket Mahadev Sargar opens India’s account with a silver medal in men’s 55kg. Gururaja followed up with a bronze medal in men’s 61kg
  • Reactions to Mirabai Chanu’s gold at CWG 2022: ‘Pushing her own boundaries’
  • Table tennis: Women’s team stunned by Malaysia in a thrilling quarterfinal, their title defence is over. On a day of 4 medals won, this was one lost. Men’s team won 3 out of 3 to reach QFs.
  • Hockey: Savita Punia & Co make it 2 wins out of 2, as they defeated Wales 3-1. Tougher tests await against England, Canada in what is going to be a closer group.
  • Boxing: Lovlina, Hussamuddin progress to their respective next rounds. But Sanjeet stunned in a split decision.
  • Squash: Joshna Chinappa, Sourav Ghosal reach singles round of 32. Anahat Singh puts up a superb fight but bows out against world No 19.
  • Badminton: Lakshya & Co defeat Sri Lanka 5-0; Srikanth, Sindhu & Co then defeat Australia.
  • Swimming: Srihari Nataraj finishes 7th in men’s backstroke 100m final.
  • Gymnastics: Pranati Nayak is through to the Vault apparatus final, Ruthuja Natraj is through to the all-around final.

Screenshots in the blog via CWG 2022 Games results website & Sony LIV