Wrapping up

Phew. We are still catching our breath. It was one of the great T20 finishes of all time and one that Indian fans and Dinesh Karthik will remember for a long, long time.

Hope you enjoyed our coverage... this was a fun tournament, all said and done.

ROHIT SHARMA’S A HAPPY CAPTAIN: “Great tournament for us. Young lads. Lot of learning. We always knew they had the talent, but it was about executing and this tournament will give them a lot of confidence. Everybody who played, they showed lots of character. These games are not easy and these guys have not played a lot for the national team. And this performance will give them a lot of confidence. It was quite easy to lead them.”

His team, despite lacking in experience of international games, pulled up their socks after a defeat against Sri Lanka in the tournament opener. The thrilling win should give most of the newcomers a morale-boost and will be etched in their memories for a long time... or will it? (with a plethora of IPL games ending up in last-ball finishes)

MAN OF THE SERIES: Once again, an easy guess. Washington Sundar. The 18-year-old has bowled beautifully in this tournament. Rohit entrusted him to curb the opposition during the Powerplay and he did it match after match without fail. He seems a bright prospect for India not only in this format. He wasn’t able to showcase his batting talent in this tournament, but as a bowler alone, Washington can be a prominent member of this team.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Who else than Dinesh Karthik? “The Indian team is a tough place to get an opportunity, but once you get it, you have to take it,” he says while receiving the award. He wasn’t given enough opportunities ahead of this series. With Dhoni rested from the squad, this tournament was the perfect chance to prove his mettle. With the gloves he did a good job. But batting lower down the order meant he didn’t get a chance to make big score. Tonight, he was supposed go big from ball one. And that’s what he did! 6,4,6,0,2,4,1,6. “It was not that easy to bat there. The way Musftazur bowled. So, I just had to go out there and hit the ball hard. I have been practicing keeping a good base and hitting through the line and luckily it came out well.”

INDIA GO 8-0 AGAINST BANGLADESH IN T20Is: Bangladesh’s jinx against India in the game’s shortest format continues. They are also yet to beat their neighbours in a knockout match.

ALL HAIL DK! Shardul Thakur says he was holding his hands in prayer during the last ball, hoping for Dinesh Karthik to finish it off. Chahal says he bit all his nails. Manish Pandey can’t stop saying ‘Oh my God!’But all their prayers were answered by Karthik, who perhaps played his best T20I innings of all time, considering there was pressure on him to score right from the start.

INDIA WIN A LAST-BALL THRILLER : Soumya Sarkar, for a part-timer, made an excellent job of bowling the final over... until the last ball of the tournament. He’d given away seven runs in his first four balls and picked up a wicket – of Vijay Shankar – in the fifth. But Karthik coolly dispatched Sarkar over the covers to nail one of India’s famous T20I wins! What an end to this tournament.

After 19 overs, India 155/5 - 12 needed off 6: DK came. DK saw. DK is yet to conquer though. He’s compensated for Mustafizur’s wicket maiden by plundering 22 runs off Rubel Hossain. But India need 12 off the last over.

After 15 overs India 115/4 - 52 from 30 balls: Couple of boundaries for Manish Pandey to ease the pressure just a little bit on him and India. Shakib turns to Soumya Sarkar for his dibbly-dobblys and Pandey gets a four towards third man and straight down. Crucial over.

After 18 overs, India 133/5 : MAIDEN WICKET FOR MUSTAFIZUR! And Bangladesh are right on top

17.1: VIjay Shankar, beaten.
17.2: VIjay Shankar, beaten.
17.3: VIjay Shankar, beaten.
17.4: VIjay Shankar, beaten.
17.5: Vijay Shankar takes a legbye.
17.6: Pandey, OUT caught at long on!


India 132/4 after 17, need 35 from 18 balls: Considering the circumstances, 9 from Sarkar’s over is not bad. One boundary by Vijay Shankar but that’s all the damage India can cause.

A big, big over by Mustafizur coming up...

After 16 overs, India 123/4: Shakib goes to Soumya Sarkar and the dibbly-dobblys from the part-time end up costing his team 11 runs. Mehedi’s expensive first over has affected Shakib’s bowling plans. Manish Pandey gets going with two boundaries in that over - one to third man, one past the bowler. Fizz starts the next over very well with four runs off four balls but Pandey hits a brilliant boundary off the fifth - squeezes a wide ball over point for four.

After 14 overs, India 104/4 - ROHIT SHARMA GONE! Nazmul is delighted. The Tigers are delighted. And all of a sudden, this match could have decisively swung in Bangladesh’s favour. Pandey was facing too many dot balls and that pressure tells on Rohit who sweeps but mistimes it and finds the fielder at long on.

India need 63 off 6 overs... and two new batsmen at the crease. One of them Vijay Shankar, who starts off with a four. Pandey batting on 8 off 15.

After 12 overs, India 91/3 - need 76 from 48 balls - FIFTY FOR ROHIT: How crucial is that start he gave India going to be? Boy-oh-boy this is getting tight now. Just five runs from Nazmul’s over, the RRR creeps up.

After 11 overs, India 86/3: Rohit batting on 49 but this is getting just a little tight for India. A 2-run over from Shakib to finish his spell and the run rate creeps up. Pandey finding it tough to rotate in that over.

After 10 overs, India 84/3 (target 167) - RAHUL GONE: “Great shot” shouts an excited Gavaskar on air but that’s before he realises KL Rahul has found the fielder at long leg with great precision. Instinctively pulls Rubel’s short ball and the trap works. Rohit losing partners, but there is no need to panic for India just yet.

After 8 overs, India 72/2: KL Rahul joins in the six-hitting with a flat pull over midwicket, first over after powerplay off Shakib. A run-out chance in the next over as Rohit gives up on completing a single with Mehedi making a diving stop at point but the throw is wide.

After 6 overs India *56/2 - end of powerplay: Rohit is STILL in a rush to finish this. The captain has come out with a gameplan too tee off in the first six and he sticks to his guns. Nazmul leaks 11 in his over, thanks to a four and a six by the Hitman - a cut shot followed by a lofted off drive. The Fizz comes on to close out the powerplay and concedes a boundary - a classy late cut to third man for four.

Rohit Sharma 39 off 21 balls! Some hitting so far...

After 4 overs, India 37/2 - Raina OUT! Raina’s gone for a duck! He’s caught behind, trying to pull a short one from Rubel. The umpire signalled wide but Rahim (oh, the animated Rahim!) runs to Shakib and convinces to go for a review. And he’s right! There’s a faint nick. Bangladesh have pulled things back after an electrifying start by Rohit.

After 3 overs, India 32/1 - Dhawan gone: Six and out for Shikhar. Starts the third over with a six off Shakib - a rank short ball pulled handsomely over midwicket, but then lobs one to mid-off and has to walk back.

After 2 overs, India 24/0: Whoa! Rohit Sharma has a flight to catch tonight itself? Mehedi Hasan’s off-spin was perhaps introduced to counter Dhawan but Rohit takes the strike and goes 6-4-6 - two massive hits on the leg side over midwicket either side of a pull to square leg for a four.

After 1 over, India 7/0: Shakib al Hasan starts proceedings, and Rohit finds the boundary with a slightly mishit on drive, lofted wide of mid-on.

Spin from both ends... interesting. Mehedi Hasan into the attack....

INNINGS BREAK: Some numbers for you... join us shortly for the run-chase.

END OF BANGLADESH INNINGS - 166/8 after 20 overs: Shardul Thakur will want to forget that over. He’s had a mixed bag of a tournament, some forgettable bowling sandwiched by a man-of-the-match performance. 4-6-0-4-2-2 in the final over as Mehdi Hasan plunders 18 off 6 balls including a big six off a full toss over midwicket.

The Tigers can actually be happy with this score... the seamers have leaked runs for India, the spinners star with four wickets between them.

After 19 overs, Bangladesh 148/8 - Unadkat strikes twice: It’s not been a great day for Indian pacers, but Unadkat does well to first remove Sabbir with a quick one fired at the stumps and then sends Rubel back with a slower one - bowled as well. Great innings from Sabbir though.

After 18 overs, Bangladesh 145/6: Sabbir is playing perhaps his best T20 knock (he’s 75 off 48), anchoring the innings. Two more boundaries off Thakur’s over - both behind the wicket. A terrific late cut and another shot over the short fine leg fielder. Bangladesh would need a lot more from him in the last two overs.

After 17 overs, Bangladesh 134/6: While Sabbir has crossed fifty and raced ahead with two sixes in Vijay Shankar’s over, Bangladesh lose another wicket to a run out. This is good work by Shankar (who has not had much going for him today) as he collects a throw low to his ankles and effects a good runout. Sabbir is playing a gem here.

After 15 overs, India 110/5 - COMEDY OF ERRORS! Oh dear, Bangladesh. Oh dear, Mahmudullah. We don’t think there was a single there, but Sabbir sure did. Then sells Mahmudullah down the river. He thinks there is still a chance to make it back as Vijay Shankar fumbles DK’s throw but the damage has been done. The dangerous Mahmudullah is gone.

After 14 overs, Bangladesh 100/4: 100 comes up for Bangladesh, with Sabbir Rahman moving to 42, with two boundaries - a scoop shot followed by a majestic straight hit over the bowler’s head. Another good phase for Bangladesh. Can they tee off towards the end?

After 13 overs, Bangladesh 90/4: All eyes on Mahmudullah - the hero of the previous match. A late cut played with great precision as Unadkat comes back into the attack and concedes 8 runs. Not been his day. There was a runout chance in that over - direct hit and the vice captain was gone. Sabbir has meanwhile reached 33 off 30 balls.

Meanwhile the broadcasters replay scenes of the drama after the previous match - we still can’t believe the ICC just charged Shakib and Nurul with 25% match fee and one demerit point. Such ugly scenes.

After 11 overs, Bangladesh 72/4: How big is that for India? Chahal gets one of the Bangladeshi mainstays, Rahim, with a well-flighted delivery. Chahal does this often, luring the batsman with width and loop, Rahim mishits and Vijay Shankar takes a very smart catch.

Pardon us for a moment but HAHAHAHA.

After 10 overs, Bangladesh 68/3: Chahal and Washington bowl two tight overs - 9 runs from it combined and no boundaries. Clear indication that pace off the ball will be crucial for bowlers tonight. Halfway stage and the Tigers have stabilised a bit - Rahim and Sabbir are crucial to their cause here.

After 8 overs, Bangladesh 59/3: Good little phase for Bangladesh this. After a 5-run over from Chahal, a massive over for the Tigers as Vijay Shankar comes on to bowl - and concedes 14. A six and four off consecutive balls - a heave to the right of long leg that carries all the way followed by a paddle for four.

End of powerplay - Bangladesh 40/3: Decent over for the Tigers to end the powerplay - thanks to a streaky boundary for Sabbir Rehman - top edged pull goes over the keeper. Shardul wanted a review for caught behind off the last ball DK says don’t bother.

After 5 overs, Bangladesh 33/3 - CHAHAL DOUBLE STRIKE! Wow. Bangladesh, what have you done? For all the talk about dominating India because momentum was on their side, Bangladesh have crumbled in the powerplay. First, gets the big wicket of Iqbal for 15. Brilliant catch by Shardul Thakur at the long-on boundary - a great one-handed grab, perfectly timed jump, superb balancing act to not touch the rope. Could’ve gone for a six this one! And then off the last ball, Sarkar sweeps it straight to the fielder at the square leg.

After 4 overs, Bangladesh 27/1: Give Washington Sundar the player of the tournament already. What a phenomenal over this was once again - a wicket and one run! Liton Das is gone off the second ball, tries to sweep - top-edges to Suresh Raina at square leg.

After 3 overs, Bangladesh 26/0: OK then, it’s not been a good start for Unadkat - India’s pacers have struggled throughout the powerplays in this tournament. 13 from Unadkat’s second over - including the first six of the match by Liton Das - comes down the track and slices an angled delivery over cover, goes all the way. Great intent.

After 2 overs, Bangladesh 13/0: Washington in to the attack and it’s another fantastic powerplay over from the youngster. A loud appeal for LBW against Tamim but the umpire says no as the batsman fails to read the one ball that goes with the arm from around the wicket.

After 1 over, Bangladesh 9/0: A decent over from Unadkat is spoiled by a boundary off the last ball as Tamim hits a stylish pull shot for the first boundary of the innings.

06:58 pm: Alright, minutes away from the start...

India-Bangladesh head-to-head in T20Is: 7-0.
India-Bangladesh head-to-head in knocouts: 3-0.
Can the Tigers break the jinx and do the ‘snake dance’ tonight?

06:45 pm: There was plenty of drama in the previous match as Bangladesh dramatically dumped the hosts out of the tournament, amid fisticuffs. Here’s hoping for a clean game of cricket.

Playing XI

One change for India. Not surprisingly, Unadkat comes back and Siraj makes way.


Rohit Sharma wins the toss and India will be bowling first . “Better to have a target in front of us and pitch gets better as the match progresses,” explains Rohit. “Not a bad thing to bat first in a final, we can put runs on the board and apply the pressure,” says Shakib.

06:30 pm: This Bangladesh team does not boast a good record in tournament finals - but as Shakib Al Hasan has said since, there is momentum with the Bangladesh team and momentum can be a big factor in tournament finals... time for toss.

06:25 pm: Brett Lee with the pitch report and he says this is a very hard wicket - a new wicket that will be used for the final and it has a lovely covering of grass that will make the new ball skid through. You could sense the excitement in Brett Lee’s voice as a fast bowler. Thinks there are plenty of runs as well.

06:15 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of the final of the Nidahas Trophy where India take on Bangladesh at the R Premadasa in Colombo. It has been a drama-filled series so far and tonight we have the finale. Will it be Rohit Sharma’s men in blue with their hands on the trophy? Or will Bangladesh pull off a massive upset - defeating India for the first time in this format?