Pool B - Table

Here’s how things stand at the moment in Pool B.

FT - India 2-1 Malaysia

India have won thanks largely to SV Sunil’s brilliance and Harmanpreet’s PC prowess. They are now through to the semi-finals. Good second half for India – certainly much more dominant than they were in the first half.

India still have a match in hand against England, which will decide whether they finish top of Pool B or not. That may also decide Malaysia’s future.

4th quarter (1.23 to go) - India 2-1 Malaysia:

SV Sunil gets a green card. Will sit out the rest of the game.

4th quarter (2.46 to go) - India 2-1 Malaysia:

Stick check on SV Sunil. Yes, that man again. They went for a video referral as they thought it could be a penalty stroke. But PC it is and well saved by the goalkeeper.

4th quarter (6.50 to go) - India 2-1 Malaysia:

India have the lead and have kept things steady. But that is about it. No major attacks of their own.

Start of 4th quarter - India 2-1 Malaysia:

India need to keep their focus here. Malaysia are still in this. The game of Hockey, as we have seen, can change very quickly indeed.

End of 3rd quarter - India 2-1 Malaysia:

Malaysia were good to start the 3rd quarter but India dominated the last 5 minutes. 11 shots on Goal for India and 8 PCs too in that quarter.

3rd quarter (1.42) - India 2-1 Malaysia:

GOAL! PC for India. First attempt hit the runners foot. Another PC. Again run down by the defense. Again the foot. Two runners closing down. Another PC. Ball played deliberately out the backline. 6th PC for India. Another PC. Again off the foot. Rupinder was at it this time. Another PC and India finally score through Harmanpreet finally scores. What a powerful flick. Too fast for the Malaysian goalkeeper.

3rd quarter (2.37) - India 1-1 Malaysia:

Great opportunity. Solid deflection towards the goal but the Malaysian goalkeeper was alert.

3rd quarter (3.45) - India 1-1 Malaysia:

Still nothing. There really seems to be no plan here. Malaysia’s players have a great work rate. They are on the ball carrier in an instant but still India should be able to do better.

3rd quarter (6.45) - India 1-1 Malaysia:

India missing some leadership in the midfield. Would Sardar or Ramandeep given better structure to this team? A lot of running but no clear purpose.

3rd quarter (10.13) - India 1-1 Malaysia:

Another PC for Malaysia but Sreejesh comes up with a solid save. Good goalkeeping.

3rd quarter (11.15) - India 1-1 Malaysia:

Malaysia have their first PC now. They can’t do much with it. Scores remain level. India have had 3 PCs.

3rd quarter (12.34) - India 1-1 Malaysia:

SV Sunil run gets the ball to Mandeep who was tackled roughly. A PC was awarded. Harmanpreet couldn’t convert but it was so close. It came off the post.

3rd quarter (13.52) - India 1-1 Malaysia:

And we are a go. Sunil has been India’s star so far – in the tournament and in this match too. Can he set up some more stuff for India? Early green card for Manpreet.

3rd quarter about to begin - India 1-1 Malaysia:

The teams are on their way out. India will want to get out of the blocks quickly. They haven’t had one easy match in the tournament so far.

2nd quarter ends - India 1-1 Malaysia:

Hooter goes for half-time. It was entertaining for the neutral fan but if you were an Indian supporter, you would have been left shaking your head at times. Lots of opportunities have gone abegging. India had four shots on goal and Malaysia had two.

2nd quarter (1.00 left)- India 1-1 Malaysia:

Still 1-1. Still a very scrappy encounter. Marijne will not be pleased but what he has seen.

2nd quarter (3.00 left)- India 1-1 Malaysia:

No fluency in India’s attacks. They are busy no doubt but not very effective at the moment. In the final quarter of the field, India just don’t have the final ball or the finish.

2nd quarter (7.00 left)- India 1-1 Malaysia:

Azuan Hasan gets a green card. Can India take advantage of his absence?

2nd quarter (8.12 left)- India 1-1 Malaysia:

Great opportunity for Mandeep – made some space for himself and did it well – but then hit it over the bar. India have had opportunities but nothing much coming out of it.

2nd quarter (11.45 left)- India 1-1 Malaysia:

India went off to sleep for a moment and Malaysia struck back. To be honest, India have been far from convincing in this tournament. Almost every aspect of the game needs work – including the tactics. Akashdeep hasn’t been his usually effective self up front. It is all usually down to SV Sunil.

2nd quarter begins - India 1-1 Malaysia:

GOAL! Sunil lost the ball high up in the midfield and Malaysia strike right back through Faizal. He sold a wonderfully dummy to Sreejesh and then converted with ease.

1st quarter ends - India 1-0 Malaysia:

India have done well in the first quarters. Malaysia have been looking for opening but haven’t found too many. They need to do better with their PC conversion but Harmanpreet has already helped with that.

1st quarter (1.32 mins left) - India 1-0 Malaysia:

Rupinder is on the chair, a green card will see him miss the rest of the quarter.

1st quarter (3 mins left) - India lead 1-0: Game being played in the middle of the park for the most part.

Meanwhile, good start for Mandeep on a special occasion.

1st quarter (6 mins left) - India lead 1-0: After that early goal, it’s been steady going for India. Trying to keep their structure, not playing at too high an tempo. A nice move in the 9th minute (orchestrated by SV Sunil of course) comes to nothing ultimately, as a foul is called.

1st quarter (9 mins left) - India lead 1-0: India now concede a PC but the Malaysian effort is off target. Harmanpreet looks for a quick long pass to release pressure, hits it to no one in particular though.

1st quarter (12.47 left): GOAL! Mandeep earned the PC. Harmanpreet stepping up and he converts! That is his third goal of the tournament.

05:00 am: Time for pushback! Mandeep Singh gets India underway...

04:55 am: This is how the table looks like right now in India’s group.

04:50 am: Hello all and welcome to the live blog of India’s next hockey clash at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. The men’s team remain unbeaten in the Commonwealth Games but will be eager to ensure that they find some footing when it takes on lower-ranked Malaysia on Tuesday.