Wrapping it up

Sunrisers had lost all three matched to Mumbai at the Wankhede before. And, when they were bundled out for 118, it seemed like they were heading towards a fourth defeat in a row. But Sunrisers removed three of their top four batsmen, including Rohit Sharma, before the Powerplay. Suryakumar Yadav and Krunal Pandya tried to revive the innings. But after Rashid Khan’s dismissal of Pandya, Mumbai struggled to put together a good partnership and lost wickets regularly. Without its spearhead, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the Sunrisers bowlers delivered on a match, in which they had very little runs to defend. Kane Williamson would be happy to get a win after two consecutive losses but Mumbai have lost for the fifth time in six games. They need a quick redemption, else, their play-off chances will be in peril.

Rashid Khan is the man of the match! After 1/55, 1/49, he’s bowled a superb spell 2/11 when his team didn’t put a lot of runs on the board. His wicket of Krunal Pandya turned the game around for Sunrisers after Suryakumar Yadav and him were taking the game away.

Williamson: Without a doubt we were expecting a lot more from ourselves with the bat. If we had 140, we’d have enough runs. Turns out 120 was enough. It is good fun. In T20 so much is happening so quickly. All together it was a fantastic second half for us. Once again, we haven’t been able to put a collective performance together. There is depth in our squad which is important. A number of injuries, a change in balance. But the best part of it was how the guys were engaged in the second half.

Rohit: We have ourselvesto blame for the defeat. We were not there with the bat. We didn’t show character. Very happy with bowlers. They did a brilliant job. Batters let us down again. So many things I can talk about. Few things to pinpoint. But we want to keep our heads high. We needed to show some intent which we failed to show. With this pitch, shot making was always going to be difficult. But Sunrisers bowlers pitched in the right areas and made life difficult. Three or four of us played bad shots, including myself.

Unbelievable scenes at the Wankhede! You might rub your eyes and check the score again if you didn’t follow the game after the first innings. Sunrisers have defended their second-lowest total on a day when bowlers called the shots. Mumbai, meanwhile, have sunk to their fifth loss in six games. They need a lot of thinking to do ahead of their next game. Their play-off chances are in jeopardy.

Also, after two bad outings, what a spell for Rashid.

WICKET! It’s definitely all over for Mumbai now? Hardik Pandya after struggling to get bat on to the ball, finally connects one, albeit poorly. He skies it to Thampi at third man off Kaul. Mumbai: 81/9.

After 17 overs Mumbai Indians 80/8 (Hardik 4, Bumrah 0) Target: 119 Hardik Pandya plays out a maiden over off Rashid. Plans to take a single off the last ball to protect Jasprit Bumrah from Rashid but SRH deny the single. Pressure mounting now. 39 required off 18. All down to Pandya.

WICKET! Another one. Wow, a double wicket over for Kaul. Another LBW. Markande’s highest T20 score is an unbeaten 6, his List A score is 2. As Sanjay Manjrekar says on air, “Markande is the purple cap holder, not the orange cap.” Mumbai Indians: 80/8 (Target: 119)

WICKET! Gone, plumb, bye bye, Mitch McClenaghan. He wouldn’t have thought of coming in to bat after restricting Sunrisers under 120. Now, he has to depart. Wicket for Sid Kaul. McClenaghan goes for a review to see if there was any inside edge at all. No, there isn’t. Mumbai: 78/7 in 15.2 overs (Target: 119)

After 15 overs Mumbai Indians 77/6 (Hardik 2, McClenaghan 0) Target: 119 WICKET! Suryakumar Yadav holes out to Rashid Khan at deep square leg off Basil Thampi. Is it all over for Mumbai Indians now? Pandya’s still there. But the equation is now 42 off 30 and just four more wickets left. How this match has turned. Pandya’s innings crucial now in this match

After 14 overs Mumbai Indians 75/5 (Yadav 33, Hardik 1) Target: 119 Wow, this has been a dramatic turnaround. Mumbai wouldn’t have expected this. After two off days, Rashid’s back to form again. And, he has put Sunrisers in the driver’s seat. Another wicket and Mumbai will feel the heat.

WICKET! Rashid Khan, as he often does, picks up his second wicket quickly after the first one. Kieron Pollard’s poor IPL continues. He hasn’t made a big contribution with the bat or ball. He attempts a late cut but edges it to second slip. Good catch by Dhawan too. Mumbai Indians 73/5 in 13.1 overs.

After 13 overs Mumbai Indians 74/4 (Yadav 32, Pollard 9) Target: 119 Shakib bowls a tossed-up delivery (second ball of the over) to Pollard, hoping he’d make a mistake. He doesn’t. He takes a big swing, connects it perfectly. And, the ball goes some ten rows past the boundary ropes.

WICKET! Rashid Khan’s put pressure back on the Mumbai Indians with the wicket of Krunal Pandya. The batsman was struck on the pad, the Sunrisers appealed and was turned down by the on-field umpire. The ball looked like it would go above the stumps. Sunrisers however reviewed it. And DRS confirmed that it’d go on to hit the stumps. After 11.5 overs, Mumbai Indians 61/4 in 11.5 overs.

After 11 overs Mumbai Indians 55/3 (Yadav 28, Krunal 19) Target: 119 Shakib Al Hasan bowls another tight over for Sunrisers. Last over, MI scored only two. This over, they scored three. Williamson will look to strangle them with spin.

By the way, here’s Shakib’s 300th T20 wicket.

After 10 overs Mumbai Indians 52/3 (Yadav 27, Krunal 17) Target: 119 Quiet over that by Rashid Khan. Just two runs given away. Mumbai wouldn’t mind that. They still have 60 more balls to score 67. Just need to keep the wickets intact.

After 9 overs Mumbai Indians 50/3 (Yadav 26, Krunal 16) Target: 119 Superb contest in that over bowled by Sid Kaul. It started with an exquisite boundary past the mid off fielder by Krunal Pandya. Then dot, dot, dot (this one kept climbing and Krunal lost his balance trying to evade it). Then he pulled another short one by Kaul past mid on. Next one was a full toss that Krunal gladly dispatched straight down the ground. Good batting by Mumbai.

After 8 overs Mumbai Indians 38/3 (Yadav 26, Krunal 4) Target: 119 Two superb fours off Nabi by Suryakumar Yadav. The first one, he late-cut him off the fourth ball; the next delivery, he shifts back and sends a quicker one through the covers. Great batting. The Wankhede crowd applauds.

After 7 overs Mumbai Indians 26/3 (Yadav 15, Krunal 3) Target: 119 Suryakumar Yadav’s been middling the ball well so far. He doesn’t look hurried. They need him to take them home. There’s no need for Mumbai to take any risks. Just need to keep the wickets intact for another four-five overs. The target is still well within their reach. It’s MI’s game to lose from here.

Here’s a fairly accurate representation of how Mumbai’s chase has been so far:-

WICKET! Rohit Sharma has departed for 2 and Wankhede is fully silent. Shakib Al Hasan tosses one up outside off. He wanted Rohit to go for the drive and Rohit falls for the trap. He gets the edge and Dhawan at the slips is delighted after taking the catch of his opening partner for India. After 5.2 overs, Mumbai Indians 21/3.

WICKET! Oh dear. Ishan Kishan falls. He hits Nabi straight to Hooda at long off in the fourth over. Mumbai Indians can’t do this easy. Sunrisers, even without Bhuvneshwar, has had a good start with the ball. And they need this to defend 118. After 5 overs, Mumbai Indians 20/2 (Rohit 2, Yadav 12)

WICKET! Sandeep troubled Lewis right from the beginning. The ball was fuller, on leg stumpt line. But uncertainty drives Lewis to get down the pitch to negate the swing. He gets a leading edge that goes to Manish Pandey at point. After 2.5 overs, Mumbai Indians 12/1

After 2 overs Mumbai Indians 8/0 (Lewis 1, Yadav 6) Target: 119 Yadav begins the over with a cracking cover drive off Mohammad Nabi. Nabi keeps it tight in the next five deliveries. Sunrisers constantly need to keep the pressure on Mumbai.

After 1 over Mumbai Indians 2/0 (Lewis 0, Yadav 1) Target: 119 And, the chase is on. Good start by Sunrisers’ Sandeep Sharma. Troubled Evin Lewis in the last three balls.

09:50 pm A tough wicket it has been to bat on, but Sunrisers would be kicking themselves to get off to a poor start and slide to a sub-120 total. Credit to the Mumbai bowlers for constantly hitting the right areas. After Williamson’s departure, it became all too easy for Mumbai to clean up the rest. Looks like the batting’s heavily dependent on Williamson and Dhawan. Pandey and Pathan disappoint yet again. Without Bhuvneshwar, Sunrisers will need a miracle to defend this total.

The orange cap goes to Kane Williamson. Mayank Markande gets the purple cap.

WICKET! It’s all over for the Sunrisers. A six by Yusuf Pathan took them past their lowest total of 113. But he slashes the next to Hardik at deep midwicket. Now, Sunrisers have made their second lowest total and the lowest total by any team this season. Sunrisers all out for 118 in 18.4 overs.

After 18 overs, Sunrisers 112/9 (Pathan 23, Sandeep 0) Bumrah just gives three away in that over. Looks like Sunrisers are trying to bat out the 20 overs. They aren’t going for rash strokes yet. But Yusuf’s 23 off 29. He’s looked a little scratchy but is trying to hang on till the end.

WICKET! Confusion, chaos, another mix up, another wicket. Sid Kaul calls for the run, Yusuf says yes, then no, he runs back to the non-strikers end, Kaul doesn’t know where to run, he tries to return to the crease and falls well short. Sunrisers 109/9 in 16.5 overs.

WICKET! Markande gets another one for Mumbai Indians. Basil Thampi falls after trying to cut a flattish delivery. Sunrisers 106/8 in 15.1 overs.

After 15 overs, Sunrisers 106/7 (Pathan 19, Thampi 3) Just four runs off that Mustafizur over. Sunrisers are losing the plot here. Thampi and Pathan attempt a big shot each but fail to connect. At least 140 needed to put up a fight against this strong MI line up.

WICKET! Bumrah gets his first. Shortish delivery, slightly outside off, Rashid was forced to play it. He edges it to Ishan Kishan. Sunrisers are seven down and are in trouble! Sunrisers 101/7 in 13.3 overs.

After 13 overs, Sunrisers 98/6 (Pathan 15, Rashid 4) Yusuf slashes at a short and wide Krunal Pandya deliver to score the only boundary of the over. But 11 runs scored off the over. Onus is on Pathan to produce something special to get SRH out of trouble.

After 12 overs, Sunrisers 87/6 (Pathan 9, Rashid 1) WICKET! Another one bites the dust! Mohammad Nabi, who was starting to look good, falls to a wrong ‘un from Markandey. Nabi cleared his front leg and looked to hit the ball over the midwicket ropes. But is bowled. This has been a one-sided match so far.

After 10 overs, Sunrisers 82/5 (Pathan 7, Nabi 12) Two boundaries – one each by Nabi and Pathan – and a review off the last ball (an LBW for Pathan) are the highlights of over number 10. That ball clearly seemed to pitch outside the stumps and go away from Pathan. Lookslike Rohit was taking a chance.

After 9 overs, Sunrisers 71/5 (Pathan 1, Nabi 6): Nabi gets a superb boundary after Kane Williamson’s fall in that over. Pathan and him have a hard task of repairing the SRH innings here.

WICKET! Right after the strategic timeout. Williamson’s walking! He’s gone after failing to defend an inswining delivery from Pandya that takes the inside edge and goes straight to Ishan Kishan. Sunrisers 63/5 in 8.1 overs

Strategic time out...

After 8 overs, Sunrisers 63/4 (Williamson 29, Pathan 1): Another delightful Williamson boundary to start the over bowled by Mustafizur. Williamson reads the short ball, shuffles his feet, rotates his upper body and sends the ball careening to the deep square leg. Fizz keeps it tight in the next five.

As Sunrisers crumble, this is what SRT’s upto:-

After 7 overs, Sunrisers 56/4 (Williamson 23, Pathan 0): Just seven runs off the over. Williamson was beaten by an away swinging Hardik delivery – the first ball of the over. The New Zealand skipper then punished him when he bowled a touch short. Imperative for Williamson to hang in there.

After 6 overs, Sunrisers 51/4 (Williamson 18, Pathan 0): WICKET! Sachin eats a piece of cake on air. He’s been having a great night so far. Watching the Sunrisers collapse. “Don’t mind cutting a cake everytime a wicket falls,” he says. The one to fall this time is Shakib. Seems like a mix up. Williamson pushed the ball to short midwicket. Shakib called for a run. Williamson appeared to say yes first and then declined it. Shakib was half way down the pitch by then. McClenghan gets him with a direct hit. Sunrisers in toruble.

Oh, Sachin’s been interviewed by Simon Doull: The master talks about how his birthday started with his mother’s blessings, a lunch with his family and spending time with cancer patients from an NGO. The crowd goes wild. They chant that familiar chat.


After 5 overs, Sunrisers 45/3 (Williamson 17, Shakib 1) WICKET! Manish Pandey falls. Soft dismissal. He hit Hardik straight to Rohit at extra cover. The Mumbai skipper is ecstatic and pumps his fists. It was a length ball outside off, Pandey will be livid with himself for getting out like this.

Interesting bowling change. Hardik Pandya into the attack as early as the fifth over.

After 4 overs, Sunrisers 38/2 (Williamson 12, Pandey 16) Manish Pandey beautifully straight-drives McClenaghan’s second delivery – a length ball that was just outside off. Not the best of deliveries. But he played it pretty. Great opportunity for him to get a big score here. His scores in this IPL: DNB, 11, 4, 57*, 0.

After 2 overs, Sunrisers 20/2: Dhawan hit a four off McClenaghan (a back-foot slash), got hit on his left knee (was in great pain), then got out after playing onto an inside edge. McClenaghan struck again a ball later after Saha nicked an away going ball.

After first over, Sunrisers: 10/0 Two exquisite boundaries by Williamson to start the proceedings for Sunrisers – one off the back foot, one off the front foot. Pure class, this man. He’s in fine touch, too.

After first ball, Sunrisers: 0/0 Short ball, Dhawan lets it go. Almost wide. The umpire says it’s fine though.

Alright, here we go. Jasprit Bumrah with the new ball. Dhawan’s facing it...

Playing XI:-

Mumbai Indians: Suryakumar, Lewis, Ishan (W), Rohit (C), Pollard, Krunal, Hardik, McClenaghan, Mayank, Bumrah, Mustafizur.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Wriddhiman(W), Dhawan, Williamson(C), Manish, Shakib, Yusuf, Nabi, Rashid, Thampi, Sandeep, Kaul.

07:40 pm Oh dear! Another player ruled out of IPL due to injury:-

07:40 pm Can Pollard return to form: DNB, 28,0, 5, 21* Kieron Pollard’s not been in the best of touches this season so far. But against the Sunrisers, he averages a brilliant 55 against SRH at the Wankhede. And, to top it, he strikes at 177.41! Will the big man come to the party tonight?

07:34 pm Mumbai Indians have won the toss and they have elected to bowl first. So, the Sunrisers will have to defend a total without Bhuvneshwar in their line-up. But, do not worry if you’re a fan of the Sunrisers: Shikhar Dhawan’s back! The batting line-up looks a lot better with him in the XI.

07:20 pm Head to head:-

Overall: Matches - 11, Mumbai Indians won - 5, Sunrisers Hyderabad won – 6.

At the Wankhede Stadium: Matches - 3, Mumbai Indians won - 3, Sunrisers Hyderabad - 0.

07:15 pm Now, moving on to the IPL, Mumbai Indians have got off to one of their worst starts in IPL, losing four out of their first five games. But they’d be annoyed over the fact that all their defeats came in last-over finishes. They could’ve won five out of five. But have won only one game and are seventh in the table. They take on Sunrisers, who are coming off two straight defeats. Both teams are desperate for a win. Mumbai would also want to win this home game on Sachin’s birthday night. Should be a cracker.

7:00 pm Hello and welcome to this live coverage of Mumbai Indians versus Sunrisers Hyderabad. Before we get on with the usual proceedings, hope you guys know today’s Sachin’s birthday. Yes, yes, it’s the 24th of April and we curated a few quotes by the Master Blaster on his famous Desert Storm (it’s been 20 years since he produced those two gems against Australia in Sharjah), taking on the Australians and what he’d gift Virat Kohli if he breaks his record for the most centuries in ODIs. Read here.