9.00 pm: That’s a wrap for the day. A day filled with silver medals – some close shaves, some disappointments, one surprise. But the headline belongs to Manjit Singh, who stunned the field (and The Field) with his gold medal in the 800m men’s final.

A quick day 10 summary for you:


  1. Athletics: Manjit Singh bags a surprise 800m gold medal


  1. Athletics: Jinson Johnson stunned by Manjit Singh, bags silver in 800m. Mixed relay team bags silver too.
  2. Kurash: Pincky bags a historic silver in women’s 53kg.
  3. Badminton: PV Sindhu won the silver after losing the badminton women’s singles final in straight games to world No 1 Tai Tzu Ying.
  4. Archery: The Indian compound archery women’s and men’s teams finished with silver medals after defeats to Korea.


  1. Kurash: Malaprabha Yallapa Jadhav finishes with bronze in the women’s 53kg.

8.55 pm: The Sailing events are still on and nearing closing stages. Here’s a round up of how the Indians are faring. Couple of them in medal contention here.

8.49 pm: Meet Pincky Balhara, India’s first Asian Games silver medal winner in kurash. Read here.

8.40 pm: Athletics

JUST IN: India have lodged a protest in the case of Hima Das’ handover. The appeal has been accepted and a jury will decide on the final standings of this race at 10 am on Wednesday morning. (No news yet of a counter protest from any other team against India)

8.39 pm: REPLUG

There is very little to write about Neeraj Chopra that hasn’t already been written previously. The javelin thrower arrived in Indonesia as the firm favourite and the flag-bearer of the Indian contingent, an honour bestowed on him at 20 years of age. He took his gold medal with aplomb, with no fuss of last-minute wins, in a competition won by a significant distance, a canter if you may.

Asia done and dusted, the world stage now awaits Neeraj Chopra with bated breath. Read here.

8.20 pm: Athletics

JUST IN: AFI confirm that an appeal has been lodged over the mixed relay result, reportedly for Hima Das being obstructed by Bahrain’s runner in the handover. More on this as we know.

8.08 pm: Athletics update

Looks like India are lodging a protest over the relay result. (On a personal note, hope this doesn’t backfire because Hima almost sat down on the track at the handover)


India have now hit a half century of medals at 2018 Asian Games.

At 2018 (as of day 10): Gold: 9 Silver: 19 Bronze: 22
At 2014 (Total 57): Gold: 11 Silver: 10

7.49 pm: Synchronised Diving

In the Men’s Synchronised 3m Springboard, India finish 6th. Kongbrailatpam/Pardeshi were the participants.

7.43 pm: Athletics


It’s a proud moment... a 1-2 in the Men’s 800m, their first gold in the event since 1982. Gold for Manjit, Silver for Jinson, Medals for India!

7.27 pm: Athletics - Mixed Relay 4x400 Final


A fascinating race indeed. Anas provided a fantastic start, building up a massive lead in the first leg. The second leg saw Bahrain take the lead however, with Poovamma unable to keep up. The third saw Hima go up against Naser yet again but this time the gulf was evident between the two - Naser was holding a bit back in the individual event by the looks of it. Arokia Rajiv then does enough at the end to ensure silver.

7.22 pm: Athletics - Mixed Relay 4x400 Final

SILVER MEDAL! India finish behind Bahrain in an entertaining race.

7.17 pm: Athletics - Mixed Relay 4x400 Final

An enthralling event, this is. So much strategy involved. India and Bahrain are the favourites here and they are going male-female-female-male.

7.14 pm: Athletics - Mixed Relay 4x400 Final

Alright, it’s time for the exciting mixed relay event that’s making it’s debut at the Asiad. The teams can use any order and that makes this race very interesting!

India are starting with Anas - followed by Poovama, then Hima, and finally Arokia.

7.11 pm: Athletics

200m event in the heptathlon is over: Swapna Barman finishes just outside 26.00s and drops to second place in overall standings.

7.05 pm: Squash

Indian women beat Indonesia in their 3rd group game and continue their winning run. That’s the end of squash events for the day. We’ll provide you the updates on what the scores were in due course.

7.02 pm: Archery

How heartbreaking was that archery final in the compound men’s event! The fine margins of sport...

Read: As Abhishek Verma and Co’s silver showed, winning gold isn’t about hitting the 10s anymore, writes Ashish Magotra

6.58 pm: Athletics

Women’s javelin throw final: Annu Rani will finish 6th, quite a distance off the medal positions ultimately.

6.44 pm: Athletics

Women’s javelin throw – Annu Rani is done with 5 attempts and has a best of 53.93m. One attempt to left to salvage a bronze which is around 56m right now.

6.40 pm: Athletics

Suriya Loganathan finishes fifth in the women’s 5000 metres. Sanjivani Jadhav finishes 7th.

6.39 pm: Athletics

In case you missed the men’s 800m final that gave India a surprise 1-2 finish, here’s a quick report.

6.30 pm: ATHLETICS

STAT ALERT: Some incredible numbers from Manjit’s 800m gold.

6.26 pm: Athletics

Currently underway: Women’s 5000m final (Suriya and Sanjivani in action) and women’s javelin final (Annu Rani - a last minute clearance)


India’s Pincky Balhara wins silver in women’s 52 kg as Uzbekistan’s Gulnor Sulaymanova seals an easy 10-0 win in the final. Historic first medal, nonetheless in a sport that was making its debut at this Asian Games.

Reminder: India already had a bronze to their name, in Malaprabha Yallapa Jadhav.

6.20 pm: Athletics - Men’s 800m final

Arka Bhattacharya adds: Manjit Singh came to Jakarta as the number two runner behind Jinson Johnson but he has run a stunning race here to pick up India’s third athletics gold!


Wow. We are still recovering from that 800m final. What did we just see! Manjit Singh had the 8th best time of 1:48.64 in the qualification. And he’s gone 1:46.35 in the final with a late surge. Both Jinson and Manjit were making a late surge but Manjit just stunned the field.

6.10 pm: Athletics - Men’s 800m final

It’s a India 1-2!!! Manjit Singh - YES REALLY - with the gold!

6.09 pm: Athletics - Men’s 800m final

Jinson Johnson, the 800 metres national record holder is up next in the final.

Arka Bhattacharya adds: Manjit Singh will also be among the starters. Johnson broke Sriram Singh’s 42-year-old record of 1:45.77 set at the 1976 Montreal Olympics at the 2018 Inter-State Championships. He had earlier broken the 23-year-old 1500 NR at the CWG. Quite a year for him!

Here we go...

6.03 pm: Athletics

Swapna Barman improves her personal best in the Shot Put to 12.69 and retains her overall lead. Fantastic effort by the 21-year-old despite her tooth-ache. Hembram manages 12.24 metres.

6.02 pm: KURASH

BRONZE MEDAL ALERT: Malaprabha Yallapa Jadhav wins India’s first medal in Kurash after her defeat in the semifinal.

So India will have a bronze and silver / gold from Kurash. A Replug, for those wondering what this event is, here’s an explainer.

5.59 pm: KURASH

Well, well, well! Pincky Balhara is through the final in women’s 52kg category, defeating Uzbekitan’s Oysuluv! Reminder that Kurash is a traditional martial art form from Uzbekistan, so this is a big win.

5.38 pm: Athletics

Here’s the final set of qualifiers for the 200m final... Dutee with the best time overall, but Odiong should be favourite here.

The final is at 5.20 pm IST on Wednesday.

5.32 pm: Athletics

There was two DQ’s in that heat, and the overall pace was quite off compared to the first one.

A reminder that Hima Das will be back in action later for the 4x400 mixed relay.

5.28 pm: Athletics

Hima Das disqualified! Oh dear.

That’s a false start from Hima and she will be shown the red card. That wasn’t even a close call. In lane 1, she was up and running much before the shot went up.

5.25 pm: Athletics

Back to the heptathlon, where Swapna Barman has her first attempt at the Shot Put. She throws 12.69 metres, and currently leads the field with 707 points. She has a bandage of sorts around her chin – reportedly suffering from tooth ache.

5.24 pm: Athletics

Dutee Chand through to the final! That’s another solid race for the India’s 100m silver medallist. She had some catching up to do at the turn and into the final 100 but she does it and tops the heat. Bahrain’s Odiong took it easy at the end and finished 0.01 seconds behind Dutee.

Next up, Hima Das in the second semi-final. Remember, she qualified as one of the fastest losers.

5.19 pm: Athletics

Right, Dutee Chand time. In the 200m semi-final...

5.17 pm: Athletics

Heptathlon action continues from the morning session. Purnima Hembram with a 11.25 metres attempt in the shot put first up. The Odisha athlete gets 612 Heptathlon points for her performance. Two attempts remaining for her.

5.15 pm: Athletics

Here we go then. The evening session that has brought India plenty of cheer over past three days, is upon us and that it means we turn our eyes to the track and field.

Arka Bhattacharya is on hand to provide us updates.

All eyes will be on the 4X400 metres mixed relay where Muhammed Anas, Hima Das, Arokia Rajiv and MR Poovamma will pose a considerable challenge to the rest of the competition.

Here’s a schedule...

5.10 pm: A quick squash update:

India beat Qatar 2-1 in the men’s team group stage. First game dropped so far, but still undefeated overall after 3 matches. Incidentally, Saurav Ghosal did not play in Tuesday’s matches. Remains to be seen if he played today.

4.54 pm: Kurash

Pincky Balhara has made her way to the semifinals as well! And what more... On track for an all-Indian final in the women’s 52kg! Although, as pointed out, they are both set to face Uzbek athletes and Kurash is to Uzbekistan as Kabaddi is to India – so maybe there is a chance?

4.43 pm: Boxing

Alright, Jaideep Vaidya has taken his leave and for the rest of the evening it will be Vinayakk Mohanarangan to take you through the live actions.

For starters, it wasn’t a good day for boxing in India. Here’s a quick recap.

4.30 pm: If you’re wondering what kurash is, we’ve got an explainer for you here.

4.25 pm: Kurash

India’s Malaprabha Jadhav is through to the semi-finals in the women’s -52 kg category, which means she is assured of winning a medal. Jadhav beat Vietnam’s Van Ngoc Tu 5-0 in the quarters and will take on Uzbekistan’s Gulnor Sulaymanova in the semis.

India’s Pincky Balhara is also in the quarter-finals.

4.18 pm: Hockey

The match ends 20-0 to India, including an own goal from Sri Lanka. If you missed it, here is our hockey live blog.

3.56 pm: Athletics

The Indian mixed relay team (4x400m) has been announced...

3.50 pm: Hockey

After three quarters, India have already scored 14 goals against Sri Lanka. Follow the madness here in our hockey live blog.

3.17 pm: Hockey

The Indian men’s team goes into half-time with a 7-0 lead over Sri Lanka in their pool match. You can catch all the updates here in our hockey live blog.

3.10 pm: Soft tennis

Men’s singles preliminary round:

Jay Meena beat Thailand’s Kann Sophorn 4-3, before losing to the latter’s compatriot Uayporn Sorrachet 1-4.

Jitender Mehlda lost to Chen Tsungwen of Chinese Taipei 1-4, before being defeated by North Korea’s Ri Chung Il 2-4.

Women’s singles preliminary round:

Namita Seth lost to Pitri Dwi Rahayu of Indonesia 0-4, before being defeated by Cambodia’s Mariyan Meth 3-4.

Abhilasha Mehra beat Lao’s Aliya Maniphone 4-1, before losing to Mongolia’s Bulgan Norovsuren 2-4.

3 pm: Kurash

India’s Malaprabha Jadhav wins her round of 32 match in the women’s -52 kg category 3-0 against Philippines’s Helen Dawa.

In the men’s +90 kg category, however, Chandran Ashwin Pandari lost 0-10 to Turkmenistan’s Dayanch Taganov.

2.57 pm: Kurash

India’s Jatin loses his round of 16 match in the men’s -66 kg category, going down 0-3 to Chan Haocheng of Chinese Taipei.

2.55 pm: Cycling track

India’s Sonali Chanu and Deborah both failed to enter the second round of the women’s keirin. India is also out of medal contention in the women’s and men’s team pursuit.

2.50 pm: Hockey

At the end of the first quarter, India lead Sri Lanka 4-0 in their men’s team pool match. You can catch all the updates here in our hockey live blog.

2.30 pm: Hockey

The Indian men’s team’s final pool match, against Sri Lanka, is about to begin. You can catch all the updates here in our hockey live blog.

2.12 pm: Boxing

Pavithra crashes out in the women’s light (60 kg) quarter-finals after a good start against Indonesia’s Huswatun Hasanah. The 31-year-old Indian needed a big finish, which never arrived. The Indonesian eventually edged it 3:2 on points.

2 pm: Sepaktakraw

India go down 0-2 against Japan in the Women’s Quadrant preliminary group match.

1.30 pm: Table tennis

It’s a bronze for India in the men’s team table tennis as Anthony Amalraj loses to Woojin Jang in four games: 5-11, 7-11, 11-4, 7-11. Korea win the match 3-0.

1.23 pm: Kurash

India’s Jatin beats Korea’s Choi Hee Jun 1-0 in their men’s -66 kg round of 32 match.

Kurash is a form of wrestling that originated in central Asia in the territory of modern Uzbekistan.

1.18 pm: Boxing

India’s Sonia Lather is no match for North Korea’s Jo Son Hwa, who completely dominates her in their women’s feather (57 kg) quarter-final and wins the bout 5-0. No medal for Sonia.

1.10 pm: Here is the women’s singles badminton podium...

Gold: Tai Tzu Ying (Chinese Taipei)

Silver: PV Sindhu (India)

Bronze: Saina Nehwal (India), Akane Yamaguchi (Japan)

1.05 pm: Volleyball

India lose their quarter-final for 7-12 position to Pakistan 1-3.

12.55 pm: Badminton

Easy-peasy for Tai Tzu Ying...she was barely troubled by the Olympic silver medallist.

12.53 pm: Badminton

It’s all over. Tai Tzu Ying comprehensively beats PV Sindhu 21-13, 21-16 to win the gold. It’s another silver medal for Sindhu this year.

12.51 pm: Badminton

You know Tai Tzu Ying is invincible when she plays these kind of shots...

12.45 pm: Archery

Correction: Unlike stated earlier, Korea were awarded the match against India because they had more bullseyes in the shoot-off, and not overall. Korea had one bullseye in the shoot-off, while India had none.

12.44 pm: Badminton

Just like the first game, Tai Tzu Ying holds a 11-7 lead at the interval of the second. Sindhu is running out of time to launch a fightback.

12.43 pm: Table tennis

Sharath Kamal puts up a good fight against world No 26 Young Sik Jeoung but concedes the match after five games. Young won the match 11-9, 11-9, 6-11, 7-11, 11-8 to give Korea a 2-0 lead in the semi-final.

12.40 pm: Badminton

Tai Tzu Ying has creamed PV Sindhu in the first game, winning it 21-13. Can Sindhu fight back in the second?

12.38 pm: Archery

India’s gold medal is snatched away from them by Korea after the shoot-off! Both teams shoot 29/30 in the shoot-off but Korea are awarded the match for having shot more bullseyes than India. Korea shot eight bullseyes in the match compared to India’s three. So close for India, but it wasn’t to be!

So the Indian women’s and men’s compound archery teams both win silver.

12.34 pm: Archery

Correction: There has been a revision of scores in the men’s compound team final and the scores are level: 229-229. This means we are headed for a shoot-off. No gold medal for India yet.

12.32 pm: Badminton

Tai Tzu Ying races away to a 17-11 lead over Sindhu in the first game. She has just been too good so far!

12.30 pm: Archery

It’s a gold for India in the mens’ compound team event as Rajat Chauhan, Aman Saini and Abhishek Verma beat Korea 229-227 in the final. India retain their gold from Incheon 2014! Consistent!

12.27 pm: Badminton

Tai Tzu Ying’s drop shots are just too good for Sindhu at the moment. The world No 1 leads 11-7 at the first interval. There haven’t been any long rallies so far.

12.24 pm: Archery

It’s a two-point lead for India after 18 arrows. The Indian team shot four 10s and two 9s in the third set to lead 172-170 against Korea in the men’s compound team final. Just six more arrows to go!

12.21 pm: Badminton

Tai Tzu Ying races away to a 5-0 lead in the first game against Sindhu before the Indian wins a point for herself. The world No 1 looks in fine form in these early exchanges.

12.18 pm: Archery

Korea narrow the gap to just one point after 12 arrows. An 8 by Aman Saini and four 9s for India in the second set led to their lead reducing. India lead 114-113.

12.15 pm: Badminton

It’s time for PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying. Hope you’ve taken an early lunch break at work!

12.13 pm: Archery

It’s now time for the men’s compound team final, also between India and Korea. India get off to a great start, missing 10 only once in the first six arrows. India lead 59-56.

12.09 pm: Badminton

Here is the men’s singles podium:

Gold: Jonatan Christie (Indonesia)

Silver: Chou Tien Chen (Chinese Taipei)

Bronze: Anthony Ginting (Indonesia), Kenta Nishimoto (Japan)

12.07 pm: Table tennis

Jeoung wins the second game by a similar margin to the first: 11-9. Like in the first game, it was 9-9 before the Korean sneaked away to take the game. Sharath Kamal will need to win all three games now. Not easy.

12.05 pm: Volleyball

It’s all square between India and Pakistan in their pool match. Pakistan win the second set 25-21 to level things up.

11.54 am: Table tennis

Sharath Kamal loses the first game against world No 26 Young Sik Jeoung 9-11 in the second match of the men’s team semi-final between India and South Korea.

11.49 am: Badminton

It’s gold for local hero Jonatan Christie in the men’s singles as he beats Chou Tien Chen 21-18, 20-22, 21-15 in the final to send the Indonesian crowd berserk! Christie becomes the first Indonesian man to win the Asiad gold in singles after the legendary Taufik Hidayat 12 years ago.

Next up, the women’s singles final: PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying

11.43 am: Volleyball

India take the first set against Pakistan 25-21 in their men’s volleyball pool match.

11.41 am: Table tennis

World No 6 Lee Sangsu shows his class after losing the first game to Sathiyan G in the men’s team semi-final between Korea and India. The Korean gives his team a 1-0 lead in the tie after winning his match 9-11, 11-9, 11-3, 11-3.

11.39 am: Archery

India have a poor fourth set in which they shoot three 9s and an 8, which allows Korea to win the gold medal by three points. The final score is 231-228. India will be disappointed as they were leading for most of this final.

Nonetheless, it’s a silver medal for India in the compound women’s team event. Congratulations to Madhumita Kumari, Muskan Kirar and Jyothi Vennam!

11.32 am: Table tennis

Lee Sangsu has found his rhythm as he runs away with the third game, beating Sathiyan 11-3. The Korean leads 2-1 in the match.

11.31 am: Archery

It’s still tied after 18 arrows as neither India or Korea are willing to let up. And why should they? A gold is at stake! Just 12 more arrows to go. Who will slip up?

11.28 am: Archery

The scores are tied 115-115 after 12 arrows in the compound women’s team final between India and Korea. None of the teams have shot lower than 9 so far.

11.26 am: Table tennis

Sathiyan G squanders a 6-3 lead in the second game to lose it 9-11 against Lee Sangsu. It’s one-game-all now in the first match.

11.20 am: Archery

The compound women’s team final between India and South Korea has begun. India take a lead of 59-57 after the first set with five 10s and a 9. Great start!

11.16 am: Table tennis

Sathiyan G wins the first game 11-9 against Lee Sangsu! Great start for India!

11.12 am: The badminton stadium in Jakarta right now...Imagine what will happen if Jonatan Christie wins...

11.05 am: Table tennis

The men’s team semi-final between India and South Korea has just started. Sathiyan G is playing the first match against Lee Sangsu.

10.58 am: Badminton

The women’s singles final is coming up next. ICYMI, here’s Abhijeet Kulkarni on what Sindhu needs to do to get past the world No 1, Tai Tzu Ying.

10.56 am: Badminton

Jonatan Christie wins the first game of the men’s singles final against Chou Tien Chen 21-18. The Indonesian crowd is going bonkers. The arena is going to erupt if he wins the gold!

10.47 am: Archery

The compound women’s team final between India and South Korea will begin at 11.15 am IST. Stay tuned...

10.28 am: Athletics

Swapna Barman can’t clear 1.85m in her third and final attempt as well, which means she ends up with 1,003 points from the high jump. After two events of the heptathlon, Barman is in the overall lead, while Purnima Hembram is third. That’s it for the morning session in athletics. The evening session begins at 5.05 pm IST.

10.23 am: Athletics

Swapna Barman fails her second attempt of 1.85m as well, but only just. Her body cleared the bar but her feet touched it.

10.21 am: Athletics

Swapna Barman fails in her first attempt of 1.85m in the heptathlon. She’s got two more attempts.

10.15 am: Athletics

There’s no stopping Swapna Barman in the heptathlon high jump as she clears 1.82m in her first attempt with consummate ease. The last time Barman needed two attempts to clear a height was 1.70m. After that, she has cleared 1.73m, 1.76m, 1.79m and 1.82m in her first attempts!

10.10 am: Athletics

ICYMI, Neeraj Chopra joined the legendary Milkha Singh as the only other Indian to win gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games in the same year. Here is Arka Bhattacharya on what lies ahead for the 20-year-old javelin thrower

10.03 am: Athletics

Swapna Barman clears 1.79m with ease in her first attempt in the women’s heptathlon. Superb jump!

9.58 am: Athletics

Swapna Barman, with a bandaged chin, clears 1.76m with ease in the heptathlon but Purnima Hembram has only manages 1.73m so far. Purnima has failed two attempts of 1.76m.

9.44 am: Squash

India beat Thailand 3-0 in their women’s team pool match. They will next play Indonesia later today in a bid to qualify for the semi-finals.

9.40 am: Cycling Track

Both Deborah and Sonali Chanu do not qualify for the next round in Women’s Keirin repechage. Deborah finished 1.112 seconds behind the leader in her heat while Chanu was 1.286 seconds behind.

9.30 am: Athletics

India’s Purnima Hembram is currently on top of the charts in the Women’s Heptathlon. Swapna Barman, however, seems to have hurt her face, which is bandaged near the chin. She was in visible discomfort during the high jump, one of her best events.

9.15 am: Athletics
The Women’s Heptathlon has begun where India has two athletes in the fray – Swapna Barman and Purnima Hembram.

9.10 am: PV Sindhu, the first Indian to reach a Badminton final at the Asian Games, will take on world No 1 Tai Tzu Ying in the gold medal match at noon today.
But can she beat the read-hot Chinese Taipei player? According to Saina Nehwal, who fell in the semi-final, the way to beat Tai Tzu Ying is to frustrate her with strokes and counter attack. Nehwal also said that Sindhu has the strokes to implement the game plan she couldn’t against the top seed. Read.

8.55 am: Squash

The women’s team pool match against Thailand is underway and India has taken a 1-0 lead early on.

8.45 am: Athletics

Both Indians make it to the women’s 200m semi-finals. Dutee Chand got there with a direct entry and her time is the second fastest behind Nigina Sharipova of Uzbekistan. Hima Das, who finished fourth in her heat, qualifies based on her time as one of the fastest losers.

8.40 am: Athletics

Dutee Chand tops her 200m heat after leading for most of the race, with a time of 23.37 and gets a direct qualification for the semi-final. She will head to the next round as the second fastest on the charts.

8.35 am: Cycling Track

India’s Sonali Chanu finishes 0.350 seconds behind the leader in her heat of Women’s Keirin to move into the repechage round.

8.30 am: Athletics

India’s Hima Das is fourth in her women’s 200m heat with a time of 23.47 seconds and is just short of direct qualification. China’s Lingwei Kong tops it with a time of 23.41.
Das will now have to wait and see if she can make it to the semi-finals as one of the fastest among the runners who have not qualified directly. She does have a good timing to ensure that, but it will depend on the other heats.

8.20 am: Cycling Track

India were the only team in their heat in Women’s Team Pursuit and finished with a time of 5:07.863 minutes. However, their medal chances look bleak as they were slower than they were in the qualifications on Monday, where they had finished with a time of 5:05.388.

The team of Monorama Devi, Nayana Priyadarshani, Chaoba Devi Elangbam and Megha Gugad had to set one of the four fastest times to be in medal contention. But it looks unlikely now.

8.00 am: Cycling Track

India’s Deborah finishes fourth among five competitors in her heat in round 1 of Women’s Keirin. She was 1.798 seconds behind the leader, Wai Sze Lee of Hong Kong and will move to the repechage round.

As we wait for the action on day 10 to kick start, here’s Vinayakk Mohanarangan on how Sathiyan kept his focus to record two massive wins and ensure a historic table tennis medal for India at the Asian Games. Read.

Good morning and welcome to The Field’s live blog for day 10 of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

Indians will be contesting finals in three sports on Tuesday: badminton, athletics and archery.

The women’s singles final in badminton between PV Sindhu and world No 1 Tai Tzu Ying is the biggest match to watch out for today. Sindhu created history on Monday, becoming the first Indian to reach a badminton final at the Asian Games after defeating Akane Yamaguchi 21-17, 15-21, 21-10.

The Indian men’s and women’s compound archery teams will also look to end the day with gold. Hima Das and Dutee Chand, who won medals on Sunday, will return to action for the women’s 200m qualification.

Action continues in the team events in table tennis and squash, while India’s boxers will also take to the ring.

How many medals can India win on Tuesday?