4.40 pm: That will be all from us today, join us tomorrow for day two action as the Windies finally put up a real fight in this series.

Roston Chase, on the verge of his 4th Test century: ‘Tried to overhit the ball in the first Test, but realised I don’t have to do that on these outfields. Spinners dominate the bowling in first-class cricket in the Caribbean, so I am used to playing spinners. But these wickets are good.’

STUMPS : After 95 overs, Windies 295/7 - Chase 98, Bishoo 2

Yes, 95 overs in the day! A good over from Kuldeep to close the day out, getting the inside edge off both Chase and Bishoo. Roston Chase is unbeaten on 98. A wonderful innings from him, Kuldeep & Umesh picked up 3 wickets each.

Best day of Test match cricket in this series so far?

After 93 overs, Windies 287/7 - Chase 92, Bishoo 0

Umesh continues to try the bouncer tactic but Chase is up to the task. Kuldeep from the other end is getting some bounce with the new ball. Bowls a maiden over to Bishoo

10 more minutes left.

ICC Test rankings

Rank: 1, Virat Kohli, 936 points 4, Ravindra Jadeja, 818 points 2, Ravindra Jadeja, 420 points
Rank: 6, Cheteshwar Pujara, 782 points 8, Ravichandran Ashwin, 779 points 5, Ravichandran Ashwin, 340 points
Rank: 21, Lokesh Rahul, 615 22, Mohammad Shami, 643 points 18, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 166 points

After 90 overs, Windies 286/7 - Chase 91, Bishoo 0

Oh dear, after playing so well for so long, Jason Holder falls for a poor shot. He gloves one down the leg side to Rishabh Pant off a short ball. Umesh gets his 3rd wicket. Soft dismissal.

Holder out for 52.

After 88 overs, Windies 280/6 - Chase 87, Holder 50

FIFTY for Jason Holder! A majestic front-foot pull shot through midwicket and the Windies captain brings up his half century. Superb innings, this.

After 87 overs, Windies 274/6 - Chase 87, Holder 44

Umesh gets one over with the old ball, not too much of reverse swing on offer. Jadeja continues from the other end.

Time for the new ball.

After 85 overs, Windies 269/6 - Chase 84, Holder 43

Chase moves into the 80s. A little montage showed how brilliant he has been against spin today. Using the reach of his height to get forward and meet the ball close to the point of landing. Great innings this. Plays a lovely cut shot through point off Ashwin.

New ball to be taken soon? Umesh into the attack.

After 83 overs, Windies 261/6 - Chase 77, Holder 42

Partnership up to 79 and this is now the highest partnership for Windies in this series. Great temperament being shown by Chase and Holder

Just to clarify, play will carry on till 430 PM IST even after 90 overs are completed, which certainly looks to be the case.

After 81 overs, Windies 255/6 - Chase 72, Holder 41

250 up and the partnership is close to 80 runs now.

DRINKS: 9 overs left in the day with 60 minutes of scheduled play left! Phenomenal over-rate by India today.

After 80 overs Windies 250/6 - NEW BALL AVAILABLE

250 up for India as Ashwin continues to operate with that leg stump line.

New ball due but not taken yet.

After 78 overs, Windies 245/6 - Chase 68, Holder 35

Ashwin continues to fire it in and Manjrekar wonders on air if this is him preparing for Australia, trying to quicken his pace to suit the wickets there. Interesting observation. He’s bowling predominantly a middle and leg line with a leg-side heavy field.

Jadeja replaces Kuldeep at the other end.

After 76 overs, Windies 237/6 - Chase 66, Holder 33

No of 50 partnerships for the first 5 wickets: 0
No of 50 partnerships for the two wickets since: 2

Holder and Chase putting together another solid stand. Holder has shifted gears without taking any risks as well, a boundary to fine leg off Ashwin. Why does he bat at No 8 again?

After 75 overs, Windies 230/6 - Chase 66, Holder 26

Another brilliant cover drive by Holder, using his reach to perfection against Kuldeep Yadav. A good length ball converted to a half volley.

Just 15 overs left for the day and we are well in line for an early finish.

After 73 overs, Windies 223/6 - Chase 64, Holder 21

Just one run from the Ashwin over as he continues to bowl much quicker through the air today. Finishes with a beautiful slider that beats Chase. Kuldeep at the other end slowing it up, tossing it up. Two different challenges for West Indies.

Average speed so far today: Ashwin 89-plus, Jadeja 88-plus, Kuldeep 77-plus.

After 71 overs, Windies 220/6 - Chase 64, Holder 18

Kuldeep with another tight over but as the tweet below shows, the Windies batsmen have found a way to tackle him with increasing confidence.

Bowling change. Ashwin comes back into the attack to replace Umesh.

After 70 overs, Windies 218/6 - Chase 63, Holder 17

Umesh continues to get the ball to move back in but the West Indies duo are doing well to not commit on their front foot and playing beside the line, avoiding the LBW so far.

After 69 overs, Windies 216/6 - Chase 62, Holder 16

REVIEW LOST: Jason Holder is completely beaten by a wrong ‘un from Kuldeep, Kohli goes for the review but it’s pitching well outside leg stump. The Indian captain wasn’t really convinced but it looked like he was convinced by his teammates. Terrific delivery though.

Chase plays a top straight drive to keep Windies scoreboard ticking.

After 68 overs, Windies 211/6 - Chase 58, Holder 16

This time it’s Holder’s turn to play a delightful drive through the offside. Fractionally full from Umesh, caressed through cover point for four. Good start to the session for Windies.

After 67 overs, Windies 206/6 - Chase 58, Holder 11

Lovely off drive by Chase off Kuldeep Yadav. Gets to the pitch of the ball, lovely follow through on the drive. First boundary of the session.

After 66 overs, Windies 201/6 - Chase 54, Holder 10

Umesh Yadav starts off proceedings for India. Two doubles for Chase, one through point and one through fine leg. Good finish to the over by Umesh as he gets the ball to tail back in nicely a few times but Chase leaves the ball well.

2.30 pm: Time for the final session on day one. Can Windies post a challenging total?

That moment when you get a review right.... (without MSD’s help, that too!)

WI 197/6 after 65 overs (Chase 50, Holder 10)

And that is tea. 33.3 ovs, 111 runs, 3 wickets. Good session of Test cricket. Windies would have loved to lose fewer wicket but India know they have done enough. Six wickets in good batting conditions is a job well done. Chase and Holder are capable of building another partnership and that should give us something to look forward to in the last session.

WI 193/6 after 64 overs (Chase 50, Holder 6)

Wonderful fifty for Chase – off just 80 balls. He has looked at ease against spin and played with the cricket smarts that the rest of this Windies team will do well to adopt as well. He also scored a fifty in the last Test.

WI 182/6 after 59.3 overs (Chase 46)

WICKET! Umesh strikes to end the 69-run stand and send back Dowrich, who made 30. The umpire initially turned down the review but the Indians went in for a quick review and it showed that the ball would have crashed into the leg-stump.

S Dowrich lbw b Yadav 30 (63b, 4x4, 1x6)

WI 173/5 after 57 overs (Chase 43, Dowrich 24)

Finally, the Windies have a partnership. They are playing smart cricket and not just trying to just hit the big shots. The visitors haven’t got to 200 in the series so far and this might be their best opportunity.

WI 158/5 after 52 overs (Chase 35, Dowrich 17)

Interesting statistic shown during the live broadcast, shows that only 12 percent of the Windies runs in the series so far have been in singles. India, by contrast, scored 26 percent of their runs.

WI 150/5 after 48 overs (Chase 31, Dowrich 13)

Chase batted so well in the first Test and he is doing the same once again. He is confident in his defence and is not afraid to use his feet to the spinners either.

WI 125/5 after 43 overs (Chase 13, Dowrich 6)

Windies continue to play the big shots. They are always looking for the release shot. Grinding out the opposition is a task well beyond them. In T20, they don’t need to do that and that is why it works for them.

WI 113/5 after 38.5 overs (Chase 7)

WICKET! The Windies batsmen have no idea how to play Test cricket in India. They continue to think, they can hit their way out of trouble. But in India, on spinning tracks, against spinners, that is easier said than done. Kuldeep threw it up, Ambris didn’t read the googly and the leading edge went straight to Jadeja at cover.

S Ambris c Jadeja b Kuldeep Yadav 18 (26b, 3x4)

WI 92/4 after 34.1 overs (Ambris 4)

WICKET! No shot offered, Hetmyer didn’t pick the googly at all. Trapped LBW. Hetmyer is said to be one of the better players of spin in the Windies team.

S Hetmyer lbw b Kuldeep Yadav 12 (34b, 2x4)

WI 86/3 after 31.3 overs (Hope 32, Hetmyer 10)

WICKET! The last action of the first session is another wicket for India. Umesh gets the big wicket and traps Hope LBW. The umpire gave him out right away but the Windies batsmen decided to review the decision. No luck for them. A good session for India in really good batting conditions – 86 runs, 3 wickets, 31.3 overs.

S Hope lbw b Yadav 36 (68b 5x4)

WI 80/2 after 30 overs (Hope 32, Hetmyer 10)

Shai Hope survives huge LBW appeal from Umesh! It is a marginal call as DRS shows that the ball would have clipped the bails. It’s an ‘Umpire’s Call’ so that means India retain the review. But Hope stays in the middle.

WI 67/2 after 28 overs (Hope 23, Hetmyer 6)

Umesh is back into the attack – just a change of pace and perhaps to see whether there is any reverse swing. Hope is playing with good confidence.

WI 52/2 after 22.5 overs (Hope 14)

WICKET! Kuldeep gets the second wicket for India, traps Brathwaite LBW. The batsman thought the ball would go straight on and left a huge gap between bat and pad. They even decided to go for a review despite there being nothing even remotely close to the ball.

KC Brathwaite lbw b Kuldeep Yadav 14 (68b, 2x4)

WI 45/1 after 20 overs (Brathwaite 13, Hope 8)

Windies continue to hang in there. But the runs have dried up. It won’t be long before the batsmen start looking for a release shot and that is when the wicket will come.

WI 40/1 after 15 overs (Brathwaite 12, Hope 6)

It has been slow going after Powell’s wicket but West Indies have to rotate the strike. They have simply not been able to do that. It means India’s bowlers are able to attack one batsman for extended periods.

WI 32/1 after 11.1 overs (Brathwaite 10)

WICKET! Powell throws it away. He likes charging down the wicket to the spinners and Ashwin saw him coming and dropped it a little short... a little wide. The resultant chip went straight to the Jadeja at cover. This is poor cricket. They had got off to a good start, India is a bowler short and they needed to keep that in mind as well.

K Powell c Jadeja b Ashwin 22 (30b, 4x4)

WI 31/0 after 10 overs (Brathwaite 10, Powell 21)

The innings has a much more even pace as compared to the second innings of the first Test but the West Indies have the same problem – they are just not rotating the strike. No singles. They are either playing a defensive shot or getting four.

WI 26/0 after 6 overs (Brathwaite 10, Powell 16)

Maiden over for Ashwin, who has taken over from Thakur. Also a review in the over after Powell was given out LBW by the on-field umpire. The batsman went for a review straight away and it showed that bat was clearly involved.

WI 26/0 after 5 overs (Brathwaite 10, Powell 16)

Not too much lateral movement for Umesh but there is some bounce. Nothing alarming but good by usual Indian standards. All in all, brilliant batting conditions. One can see why Kohli wanted to bat first as well.

WI 20/0 after 3.4 overs (Brathwaite 8, Powell 12)

Shardul Thakur seems to have picked up an injury. He is going off the field for the moment. India have only two seamers.

WI 8/0 after 1 over (Brathwaite 8, Powell 0)

Good start to the innings for West Indies. Two poor deliveries from Umesh helped them get going.

09.30 am: National anthems done. Time for the game to begin. Will West Indies adopt an aggressive approach again or will they realise they are playing a Test match?

09.16 am: The return Jason Holder, who had injured his ankle, will give the Windies side a touch of class and much-needed balance as well.

09.08 am: Great to see Shardul getting a game but it would have been nice to see what Mayank Agarwal is all about too. Is the team management communicating with him?

09.04 am: Mohd Shami gets a rest and Thakur will play instead. Two changes for West Indies too.

IND XI: L Rahul, P Shaw, C Pujara, V Kohli, A Rahane, R Pant, R Ashwin, R Jadeja, K Yadav, S Thakur, U Yadav

WI XI: K Brathwaite, K Powell, S Hope, S Hetmyer, S Ambris, R Chase, S Dowrich, J Holder, D Bishoo, J Warrican, S Gabriel

09.02 am: West Indies win the toss and opt to bat first. Kohli reveals that India would have liked to bat first as well.

08.58 am: Fast bowler Shardul Thakur is all set to make his Test debut. He received his India cap before play today.

08.50 am: Hello and welcome to the live blog of day one between India and West Indies as the second Test begins in Hyderabad.

A hapless Caribbean side, led by opening batsman Kraigg Brathwaite, went down to hosts India by an innings and 272 runs in Rajkot to trail the two-match series 1-0.

Prithvi Shaw, 18, became India’s youngest player to score a debut century and his country’s second youngest in all Tests after the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, notching up a sparkling 134.

A boost in the second Test for the West Indies will likely come from the return of fast bowler Kemar Roach after he missed the first Test to return home for a funeral.

Skipper Jason Holder, recovering from an ankle injury, might also be back. India have retained the 12 they had announced for the first Test.

Both Holder and Roach have played 82 matches between them and remain the team’s most experienced players.

Holder has captained West Indies in 26 of his 34 Tests. Roach has taken 163 wickets in 48 matches.