12:15 am: Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed – “The crowd is always behind the Pakistan team. Thank you very much. Unfortunately we didn’t do well in the previous matches. We practiced hard. The way we played today, it was a great team effort. All the bowlers did really well and in the end Babar and Haris - one of the finest batting performances I’ve ever seen. We knew 240 was not an easy target on this pitch. We just wanted to bat 50 overs. (On similarities with 1992) When the World Cup starts, people think that way. But we’re not thinking like that. Our focus is the next match. We are very confident and hopefully we’ll do well.”

12:11 am: New Zealand captain Kane Williamson – “We were outplayed by a strong Pakistan side. The fight that was shown in the middle and back end was good, to get us in a position where we were competitive. But that partnership with Babar and Haris, they took it from us. We tried to soak it up. Thought if we get 230-250, there was a chance. And there was, but they soaked up the pressure and played really nicely. There’s so many games in the round robin that you’re not expecting to win them all. There’s things we need to iron out. We’ll have to adapt a little better than we did today.”

12:02 am: Player of the match Babar Azam – “I think this is my best knock because it was a must-win game. The track was a bit slow and also spinning a bit. When we started, the idea was to play out the fast-bowlers, especially Ferguson. But when Santner came and got the ball to rip, we understood that it’s important to keep him off. We wanted to just be careful against him. Hafeez bhai told me the same, to gauge the pitch and play sensibly. Whenever we play in England, we get good support and I am glad it’s continuing.”

Pakistan’s eerie similarities with 1992:

Game 1: 1992 & 2019 - LOST

Game 2: 1992 & 2019 - WON

Game 3: 1992 & 2019 - N/R

Game 4: 1992 & 2019 - LOST

Game 5: 1992 & 2019 - LOST

Game 6: 1992 & 2019 - WON

Game 7: 1992 & 2019 - WON

Sarfaraz Ahmed hits the winnings runs as Pakistan finish with 241/4 in 49.1 overs. Babar Azam remains not-out after a magnificent 101 off 127. This is New Zealand’s first defeat in this World Cup. Pakistan’s semi-final hopes are still alive.


After 49 overs, Pakistan are 237/4 – Babar 101, Sarfaraz 1

The scores are level and Pakistan need one run to win. Sarfaraz will be on strike and Lockie has the ball in hand.

After 48.3 overs, Pakistan are 236/4 – Babar 101

WICKET! Martin Guptill with a moment of magic in the field! He pulls-off a Jonty-esque run-out to get rid of Haris Sohail. Incredible commitment from the Kiwi and the end of a splendid innings from the Pakistani left-hander. Sarfaraz Ahmed walks out to bat.

Haris run-out Guptill 68 (76)

After 48 overs, Pakistan are 234/3 – Babar 100, Haris 67


Take a bow! This has been all class from the 24-year-old. A hundred of rich quality from the right-hander. Edgbaston is roaring. Wasim Akram can barely control his emotions in the commentary box. Babar is the first Pakistani middle-order batsman to score a century in a World Cup in 32 years. Pakistan are almost there, they need 4 off 12.

After 47 overs, Pakistan are 225/3 – Babar 99, Haris 60

Tense moments at Edgbaston as Babar Azam plays four dot balls on 99. Kane Williamson brings the field in and Trent Boult does well to keep a tight line. Just a single from that over.

After 46 overs, Pakistan are 224/3 – Babar 99, Haris 59

Babar Azam moves on to 99 with another brilliant pull for four. This will be a truly memorable century for the Pakistani fans. The right-hander has been absolutely world-class today. Pakistan need 14 off 24.

After 45 overs, Pakistan are 215/3 – Babar 93, Haris 57

FIFTY for Haris Sohail! He gets there in 63 balls. Two consecutive half-centuries for the left-hander. The 100-run partnership comes up as well in 122 deliveries. Haris ends the over with a glorious on-the-rise drive over mid-off for four. What a fine knock this has been from the 30-year-old. Eight runs come from Trent Boult’s ninth over. Pakistan need 23 off 30.

After 44 overs, Pakistan are 207/3 – Babar 93, Haris 49

Another economical over for New Zealand, this time by Mitch Santner, but it doesn’t really have any meaning. The Kiwis can win this only if Pakistan have a stunning collapse. Probably not even then.

After 43 overs, Pakistan are 204/3 – Babar 91, Haris 48

A decent over for New Zealand as Trent Boult concedes just three runs in his eighth, Pakistan need 34 off 42. They’d want to get there without losing another wicket.

After 42 overs, Pakistan are 201/3 – Babar 89, Haris 44

Back-to-back boundaries for Babar Azam! The right-hander is operating at a really high level right now. He slog-sweeps Mitchell Santner for two fours and then quietly takes a single to get off strike. Big over for Pakistan, 12 runs from it.

After 41 overs, Pakistan are 189/3 – Babar 79, Haris 45

Four! Trent Boult concedes two singles off the first five balls in his seventh over but Haris Sohail plays a fine late-cut to pick up a boundary at the end. The runs keep flowing for Pakistan. There’s not a lot that New Zealand can do.

After 40 overs, Pakistan are 183/3 – Babar 78, Haris 40

Martin Guptill, of all people, does a mis-field (the ball went right through him at covers) and Pakistan get an easy two. Nothing’s going New Zealand’s way at the moment. We’re into the final powerplay. Pakistan need 55 off 60.

After 39 overs, Pakistan are 179/3 – Babar 75, Haris 39

Another glorious shot from Haris Sohail to pick up his second boundary. Kane Williamson stays on to bowl his eighth over and tosses one up, the left-hander drives it past covers stylishly to add four runs to his tally. The fielder in the deep had no chance.

After 38 overs, Pakistan are 172/3 – Babar 73, Haris 34

SIX! What a shot from Haris Sohail! Trent Boult returns to the attack and bowls a slower ball, the left-hander reads it early and leans forward to drive it straight back for a maximum. Another good over for Pakistan, it’s all going their way at the moment.

After 37 overs, Pakistan are 164/3 – Babar 72, Haris 27

Fifty-run partnership comes up as Babar Azam hits Kane Williamson for back-to-back boundaries. First a drive over mid-off and then an easy pull past square-leg. Pakistan are in control at the moment. This will surely be the last over from the New Zealand skipper.

After 36 overs, Pakistan are 154/3 – Babar 63, Haris 26

Shot! Colin Munro joins the attack, bowls it full and wide, and Babar Azam hits a thumping drive off the front foot for four. Good over for Pakistan, nine runs come from it. This match is slowly slipping away from New Zealand’s hands.

After 35 overs, Pakistan are 145/3 – Babar 57, Haris 24

Williamson bowled atleast three half-trackers in the over but the Pakistan batsmen missed out on getting them past the ring. Once again, just three from the over, and for the first time, the required rate has crossed six an-over.

After 34 overs, Pakistan are 142/3 – Babar 56, Haris 22

Babar and Haris are rotating strike with ease at the moment. They are trying to see off the danger of Ferguson, who continues to steam with pace from wide of the crease. Just three from the over and Pakistan need a run-a-ball 96.

After 33 overs, Pakistan are 139/3 – Babar 55, Haris 20

New Zealand Kane Williamson concedes three singles from his fifth straight over. He has figures of 1/19 at the moment. The Pakistan batsmen will not be worried by his part-time off-spin, though. They can keep rotating the strike and take the game deep.

After 32 overs, Pakistan are 136/3 – Babar 54, Haris 18

Kane Williamson decides to keep a few overs from Mitchell Santner up his sleeve and brings Lockie Ferguson back into the attack. The right-arm pacer concedes four runs in his fifth over. Pakistan need 102 off 108.

After 30 overs, Pakistan are 128/3 – Babar 51, Haris 15

SIX! Haris Sohail decides he has had enough, steps out to Mitchell Santner and drives it over mid-wicket for a maximum. Well-calculated shot. Good over for Pakistan, eight runs come from it.

After 29 overs, Pakistan are 120/3 – Babar 50, Haris 8

Four! Kane Williamson drags one down and Haris Sohail cuts it away with ease for a boundary. But the part-time off-spinner manages to bowl five dot balls in his third over. The required rate is climbing.

After 28 overs, Pakistan are 116/3 – Babar 50, Haris 4

Mitchell Santner is getting some vicious turn. He’s near unplayable at the moment. What would New Zealand give to have another proper spinner in their XI right now. Just a single comes Santner’s sixth over. He’s yet to get a wicket.

After 27 overs, Pakistan are 115/3 – Babar 50, Haris 3

FIFTY for Babar Azam! He gets there in 65 balls. The right-hander has been in good form in this World Cup and needs to stay till the end for his team today. Three runs come from Kane Williamson’s second over.

Mohammad Hafeez at this World Cup:

Dismissed by the part-time bowling of Aaron Finch, caught at deep mid-wicket.

Dismissed by the part-time bowling of Aiden Markram, out LBW.

Dismissed by the part-time bowling of Kane Williamson, caught at deep mid-wicket.

After 26 overs, Pakistan are 112/3 – Babar 49, Haris 1

Plenty of aggression from Kane Williamson as he puts in two slips for Mitchell Santner against the set Babar Azam. Haris Sohail, Pakistan’s hero from the last game, is the new man at the crease. Another wicket here will put Pakistan in a deep hole.

After 24.5 overs, Pakistan are 110/3 – Babar 48

WICKET! Kane Williamson has brought New Zealand the breakthrough! Would you believe it?! After getting out to Aaron Finch and Aiden Markram earlier in the tournament, Mohammad Hafeez has gotten out to a part-time bowler yet again. Poor, poor cricket from the veteran. He steps out and tries to slog one for a six but finds the fielder at deep mid-wicket. New Zealand are still very much in this.

Hafeez c Ferguson b Williamson 32 (50)

After 24 overs, Pakistan are 105/2 – Babar 46, Hafeez 29

Another good over by Mitchell Santner, just the single from it. But New Zealand need the left-arm spinner to get wickets. He has figures of 0/8 from 4 overs at the moment.

Apologies for the error a little earlier, it was Babar who’s catch was dropped by Latham and not Hafeez.

After 23 overs, Pakistan are 104/2 – Babar 45, Hafeez 29

Fifty-run partnership up between Babar Azam and Mohammad Hafeez in 73 balls. Pakistan will be in a really strong position if these two manage to stick around till the 30th over. Neesham drops it short and Babar pulls it hard for four. That made a crunching sound. Hafeez finishes the over with another boundary thanks to an outside edge that runs away to the third-man fence. Big over for Pakistan, the Kiwis are under the pump at the moment.

After 22 overs, Pakistan are 91/2 – Babar 38, Hafeez 24

DROPPED! Santner gets Babar’s outside edge and Latham drops a tough chance. It was a short-ish ball and hurried the right-hander as he tried to cut it away. This could come back to haunt the Kiwis.

After 21 overs, Pakistan are 89/2 – Babar 36, Hafeez 24

Babar Azam and Mohammad Hafeez are doing the smart thing and knocking the ball around. Pakistan have the required rate in control and can get a win without taking risks. Three singles come from James Neesham’s second over.

After 20 overs, Pakistan are 86/2 – Babar 34, Hafeez 22

Mitchell Santner is bowling a probing line. Babar Azam gets two off the first ball of the left-arm spinner’s second over but then plays out five dot balls.

After 19 overs, Pakistan are 84/2 – Babar 34, Hafeez 21

James Neesham joins the attack and bowls five dot balls to start off but Babar Azam gets a boundary off the last ball. New Zealand would’ve ideally wanted to have spinners on from either end at this point.

After 18 overs, Pakistan are 80/2 – Babar 30, Hafeez 21

Mitchell Santner joins the attack and bowls a couple of beauties to beat the bat. New Zealand need the left-arm spinner to attack and search for wickets. Meanwhile, Babar Azam has completed 3,000 ODI runs. He’s been massive for Pakistan over the past few years.

After 17 overs, Pakistan are 77/2 – Babar 28, Hafeez 20

Shot! All class from Babar Azam as he punches a slightly short ball from Lockie Ferguson for four. Another good over for Pakistan, six runs come from it. New Zealand need to break this partnership to remain in the contest.

After 16 overs, Pakistan are 71/2 – Babar 23, Hafeez 20

Another boundary for Mohammad Hafeez, this time he cuts a short ball from Colin de Grandhomme to the fence. The senior pro is taking the attack to the Kiwis. Pakistan will be in a great position if he can carry on like this for the next few overs. Time for a drinks break.

After 15 overs, Pakistan are 64/2 – Babar 20, Hafeez 16

An eventful over from Lockie Ferguson. Mohammad Hafeez gets two boundaries – first a stylish punch off the back foot and then a pull past square-leg. But the right-arm pacer comes back with an absolute snorter. He bangs it in and the ball nips a bit to catch Hafeez flush on the grille. Credit to the right-hander for not even flinching.

After 14 overs, Pakistan are 56/2 – Babar 20, Hafeez 8

Colin de Grandhomme joins the attack for New Zealand and concedes five runs in his first over. The Pakistani batsmen doing the smart thing and milking the right-arm medium-pacer for ones and twos.

After 13 overs, Pakistan are 51/2 – Babar 16, Hafeez 7

Shot! Lockie Ferguson pitches it short and Mohammad Hafeez pulls it over square-leg for four. But the right-arm pacer comes back well to beat the right-hander’s outside edge a couple of times. He’s operating around the 90 mph mark.

A lengthy delay at Edgbaston...looks like a sight-screen issue. We had this in the first innings as well when Kane Williamson was batting.

After 12 overs, Pakistan are 46/2 – Babar 16, Hafeez 2

Mohammad Hafeez is the new man at the crease. Pakistan cannot afford to lose another wicket here, it’ll pump the Kiwis up and put immense pressure on the rest of the batting order. Just a single comes from Matt Henry’s sixth over.

After 10.2 overs, Pakistan are 44/2 – Babar 16

WICKET! An absolutely sensational catch from Martin Guptill! Lockie Ferguson has struck in his first over. He gets the ball to climb on Imam-ul-Haq and Guptill runs in from point to catch the leading edge. Brilliant from New Zealand.

Imam c Guptill b Ferguson 19 (29)

After 10 overs, Pakistan are 43/1 – Imam 19, Babar 15

That’s the end of the first powerplay. Pakistan will surely be the happier team at the moment. New Zealand needed more wickets in the first ten overs to make a match out of this. They’ve bowled well but the batsmen have stepped up. This is Pakistan’s game to lose now.

After 9 overs, Pakistan are 41/1 – Imam 18, Babar 14

What an entertaining over from Trent Boult. The left-arm pacer has a brilliant battle with Babar Azam. He beats the right-hander twice with with absolute jaffas but Babar gets back with two crunching drives through covers for four.

After 8 overs, Pakistan are 33/1 – Imam 16, Babar 6

New Zealand are building pressure by choking the run-flow. Matt Henry concedes just a single off the last ball of his fourth over. The Pakistani batsmen don’t need to search for runs, though. They’ll be on course as long as they have wickets in hand.

After 7 overs, Pakistan are 32/1 – Imam 18, Babar 5

Wonderful battle on between Imam and Boult at the moment. The left-arm pacer is bowling a probing line just outside off-stump and the left-handed opener is putting up a solid defence. Two runs come from the first ball followed by five dots.

After 6 overs, Pakistan are 30/1 – Imam 16, Babar 5

Babar survives! The right-hander mis-times a pull and the ball falls inches behind a diving de Grandhomme at mid-wicket. Babar then cuts the next ball away to pick up three. Eventful over from Henry, six runs come from it.

After 5 overs, Pakistan are 24/1 – Imam 15, Babar 0

Imam survives! Williamson removes the second slip, Boult gets Imam’s outside edge and the ball flies through the empty region in the slip cordon. Pakistan gets their fifth boundary. But Boult is bowling well at the moment, has found good rhythm.

After 4 overs, Pakistan are 20/1 – Imam 11, Babar 0

Good comeback by Matt Henry after being hit in his first over. The right-arm pacer concedes just a single in his second. Babar Azam is the new man at the crease. Pakistan would want their best batsman to settle in and play a long innings.

After 3 overs, Pakistan are 19/1 – Imam 10

WICKET! Pakistan’s early charge is brought to a halt as Trent Boult removes Fakhar Zaman. The left-hander plays across to a delivery that was shaping away, he gets a leading edge that goes up and Martin Guptill takes a comfortable catch at point. Poor cricket from Zaman, he had got a boundary earlier in the over and should’ve shown more restraint.

Zaman c Guptill b Boult 9 (10)

After 2 overs, Pakistan are 15/0 – Imam 10, Fakhar 5

What a shot from Imam-ul-Haq! Matt Henry pitches it full and the left-hander plays an elegant straight-drive for four. Fakhar Zaman gets off the mark with a boundary as well thanks to a juicy wide full-toss from Henry. Good over for Pakistan, 11 runs from it.

After 1 over, Pakistan are 4/0 – Imam 4, Fakhar 0

Shot! Imam-ul-Haq is off the mark with a crunching pull over square-leg for four. Trent Boult bowls five dot balls but errs in length off the last one and the left-handed Pakistani opener latches on to it. A hint of movement for the left-arm seamer in the first over.

8:20 pm: We’re ready for the chase at Edgbaston. Trent Boult has the new ball in hand for New Zealand. Imam-ul-Haq and Fakhar Zaman will open the batting for Pakistan. This match could get really interesting if the Kiwis pick up a couple of early wickets. Here we go!

Rankings update: In the middle of the World Cup campaign, India are now WORLD NO. 1 in ODIs as well, dethroning England from the top spot. Can Virat Kohli and Co go on to become World Champions as well?

INNINGS BREAK: From 83/5 to 237/6, it’s a superb fightback from New Zealand. A terrific 132-run stand between Neesham and CdG. But all said and done: this is a chaseable total for Pakistan after losing the toss. Who are you backing here?

7:54 pm: Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur – “Really happy with our performance, particularly the bowling. The skills and execution were outstanding from our bowlers. Shaheen was absolutely outstanding today. He is 19, so he’ll come and go a little in terms of his place in the side, but his lengths were brilliant today. He was outstanding. I think Neesham and de Grandhomme showed us how to play on that track.”


New Zealand finish with 237/6 in 50 overs.

James Neesham finishes the innings in style by pulling one away for six. The left-hander returns not-out on 97 off 112. This has been one of the best knocks of this World Cup considering the pressure the left-hander was in when he came in. Wahab Riaz concedes 14 runs in his last over and finishes with figures of 0/55 from his 10 overs.

After 49 overs, New Zealand are 223/6 – Neesham 85, Santner 4

Mohammad Amir does well to concede just six runs in his final over. The left-arm pacer finishes with figures of 1/67 from his 10 overs. Final six balls coming up, New Zealand would want James Neesham to get most of the strike.

After 48 overs, New Zealand are 217/6 – Neesham 84, Santner 1

A successful over for Pakistan, a wicket and eight runs from it. Mitchell Santner is the new man at the crease for New Zealand. The left-hander can hit a long ball as well.

After 47.4 overs, New Zealand are 215/6 – Neesham 83

WICKET! Oh dear, suicide from Colin de Grandhomme! He taps one to third man and returns for a second run when it was never on. A breakthrough out of nowhere for Pakistan. But this was a brilliant knock from the right-hander. He has gotten his team back into the contest. End of a fantastic 132-run stand.

de Grandhomme run-out Amir 64 (71)

After 47 overs, New Zealand are 209/5 – Neesham 78, de Grandhomme 63

BIG OVER FOR NEW ZEALAND! James Neesham and Colin de Grandhomme take Mohammad Amir for 18 runs in his ninth over. Neesham slogs one for six, before CdG smacks one straight back down the ground for four and then flicks the last ball past short-fine for another boundary. New Zealand are well and truly back in the game.

After 46 overs, New Zealand are 191/5 – Neesham 70, de Grandhomme 54

Decent over by Wahab Riaz, seven runs come from it. The right-arm pacer has figures of 0/33 from 8 overs at the moment. New Zealand have done exceedingly well to recover from the collapse and get to this point. They’d want get as close to 250 as possible.

After 45 overs, New Zealand are 184/5 – Neesham 69, de Grandhomme 50

FIFTY for Colin de Grandhomme! He gets there in 63 balls. This has been a superb knock from the right-hander. He came in and took the momentum away from Pakistan. His 100-run partnership with James Neesham comes up as well. Neesham does well to flick a full delivery from Mohammad Amir for four. The two right-handers have added 101 from 112 deliveries.

After 44 overs, New Zealand are 176/5 – Neesham 63, de Grandhomme 48

And that’s the end of an absolutely fantastic spell by Shaheen Afridi. He gets a pat on the back by James Neesham as well. The left-arm pacer returns with figures of 3/28 from his 10 overs with 3 maidens. Just the four runs come from his final over as both the umpires and Pakistan take a review for caught-behind but no harm is done to the Kiwis.

After 43 overs, New Zealand are 172/5 – Neesham 61, de Grandhomme 46

Boss shot from Colin de Grandhomme! Mohammad Amir pitches wide and on a length, the right-hander drives through the line and over covers with disdain to pick up his fourth boundary. Six runs come from Amir’s seventh over.

After 42 overs, New Zealand are 166/5 – Neesham 60, de Grandhomme 42

Four! James Neesham uses his wrists wonderfully to get it past short-fine for a boundary. The most expensive over by Shaheen Afridi today, 11 runs come from it. This partnership looks better with each passing over. Ominous signs for Pakistan.

After 41 overs, New Zealand are 155/5 – Neesham 52, de Grandhomme 39

That’s the end of Shadab Khan’s spell. The leg-spinner returns with figures of 1/43 from his 10 overs. His lone wicket was that of New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson and the importance of it for the Pakistanis cannot be overstated.

After 40 overs, New Zealand are 152/5 – Neesham 50, de Grandhomme 38

FIFTY for James Neesham! He gets there in 77 balls. This is the left-hander’s sixth ODI half-century. It has been a superb knock so far but New Zealand need him to bat till the end. Shaheen Afridi returns to the attack and concedes just two singles in his eighth over. We’re into the final powerplay. The Kiwis will target around 220-230 but they need this partnership to keep going.

After 39 overs, New Zealand are 150/5 – Neesham 49, de Grandhomme 37

Four! Wahab Riaz bangs it in and Colin de Grandhomme gets a top-edge that flies over the ‘keeper. Fortune is favouring the brave. Six runs come from that over.

After 38 overs, New Zealand are 144/5 – Neesham 48, de Grandhomme 32

A single each for Colin de Grandhomme and James Neesham in Mohammad Amir’s sixth over. Pakistan need to break this partnership, though. Slipping in economical overs won’t make much of a difference.

After 37 overs, New Zealand are 142/5 – Neesham 47, de Grandhomme 31

Sarfaraz Ahmed is going on the offensive as he brings Wahab Riaz back into the attack as well. The left-arm pacer beats Colin de Grandhomme’s bat, get’s the right-hander’s inside edge off the next ball, and concedes just three runs in his sixth over. The Kiwi batsmen are going for their shots at every given opportunity. High-risk batting at the moment. Meanwhile, Wahab has been given a first warning for stepping in the danger zone in his delivery stride.

After 36 overs, New Zealand are 139/5 – Neesham 45, de Grandhomme 30

Fifty-run partnership up for James Neesham and Colin de Grandhomme. It has come in quick time as well. Mohammad Amir comes back into the attack in search of a wicket, Neesham pulls one hard past mid-wicket for four. The left-arm pacer almost gets the left-handed batsman with a wonderful slower-ball, but the mis-timed shot lands safely.

After 35 overs, New Zealand are 132/5 – Neesham 39, de Grandhomme 29

SIX! This is turning into a fine partnership for the Kiwis. Shadab Khan tosses it up and Colin de Grandhomme sweeps it all the way. Sarfaraz Ahmed isn’t happy with the leg-spinner’s line. Another good over for New Zealand, 11 runs from it.

After 34 overs, New Zealand are 121/5 – Neesham 38, de Grandhomme 19

Shot! Imad Wasim tosses it up and James Neesham drives it over covers for four. The left-hander is playing a fine knock. This is a good little passage of play for the Kiwis.

After 33 overs, New Zealand are 115/5 – Neesham 33, de Grandhomme 18

Big over for New Zealand. Neesham clubs one over long on and its a six. It was tossed up from Shadab and the left-hander was it in a flash. De Grandhomme also tries to go big, gets a thick edge, and the ball races away to the third-man fence. Shadab, though, ends the over with a peach, turning away from De Grandhomme and missing the outside edge by centimetres.

After 32 overs, New Zealand are 103/5 – Neesham 26, de Grandhomme 13

New Zealand labour to the 100-run mark. Six from the over, an expensive one under the conditions. The batsmen easy turned over strike with Imad Wasim straying either wide outside off or down the leg side.

After 31 overs, New Zealand are 97/5 – Neesham 24, de Grandhomme 9

Some sharp turn for Shadab Khan in that over. The leg-spinner is letting it rip. Colin de Grandhomme isn’t a batsman who likes to be tied down. This is an interesting battle. The Kiwis desperately need this partnership to click.

After 30 overs, New Zealand are 94/5 – Neesham 22, de Grandhomme 8

Shot! A boundary for New Zealand, would you believe it?! Wahab Riaz pitches it on a length and Colin de Grandhomme drives it straight back for four. But the right-hander then survives a close run-out call after unnecessarily trying to steal a single.

Stat alert: Coming into this match Kane Williamson had scored 34% of New Zealand’s runs (via Opta) at the World Cup so far (the most contribution by one man to a team). When he got out, he had scored 49.4% of his team’s total today. The Kiwis are in big, big trouble!

After 29 overs, New Zealand are 88/5 – Neesham 21, de Grandhomme 3

Another good over for Pakistan, just the two singles come from it. Leg-spinner Shadab Khan has top figures of 1/14 from 6 overs at the moment.

After 28 overs, New Zealand are 86/5 – Neesham 20, de Grandhomme 2

Colin de Grandhomme is the new man at the crease for New Zealand. The Kiwis need to be brave and look for runs here. No point just sticking around and getting a total that isn’t defendable. The Pakistani bowlers have their tails up at the moment and will probably keep getting wickets if their rhythm isn’t broken.

A look at the Williamson dismissal:

After 26.2 overs, New Zealand are 83/5 – Neesham 19

WICKET! Pakistan have the big fish! Kane Williamson is gone! What an absolute beauty of a delivery from Shadab Khan. The leg-spinner bowls one with a flatter trajectory, the ball drifts in and turns slightly right at the end. The right-hander goes for a forward defence but gets a faint edge. Sarfaraz Ahmed gets his third catch.

Williamson c Sarfaraz b Shadab 41 (69)

After 26 overs, New Zealand are 82/4 – Williamson 41, Neesham 18

Three more singles added to the New Zealand total from that Wahab Riaz over. The Kiwis seem to have a total in mind and aren’t in any rush at the moment. Of course, Pakistan’s disciplined bowling isn’t giving them too many options.

After 25 overs, New Zealand are 79/4 – Williamson 40, Neesham 16

New Zealand continue to deal in singles as Shadab Khan beats James Neesham’s bat with a well-disguised flipper. The Kiwis have reached the halfway stage of their innings but have long way to go.

After 24 overs, New Zealand are 77/4 – Williamson 39, Neesham 15

Wahab Riaz is slowly finding his groove. The left-arm pacer is operating around the 90 mph mark. He beats James Neesham’s bat with a wonderful delivery that nipped away from the left-hander. Just a single from that over.

A look at that close call for Kane Williamson in Wahab Riaz’s first over:

After 23 overs, New Zealand are 76/4 – Williamson 38, Neesham 15

Good over for Pakistan, just two singles come from it. Leg-spinner Shadab Khan is getting good flight and dip, but there’s not much turn on offer.

After 22 overs, New Zealand are 74/4 – Williamson 37, Neesham 14

New Zealand get their first boundary in 86 deliveries! And it couldn’t have been streakier. Wahab Riaz joins the attack and gets Kane Williamson’s inside edge, but the ball flies inches past the stumps and all the way to the fine-leg fence. Six runs come from the left-arm pacer’s first over.

After 21 overs, New Zealand are 68/4 – Williamson 31, Neesham 14

New Zealand are playing smart cricket at the moment – searching for singles and doubles instead of the boundary. Pakistan are offering the runs a little easily. There are plenty of gaps on either side of the wicket. Could be more attacking.

After 20 overs, New Zealand are 64/4 – Williamson 30, Neesham 11

An absolute beauty from Mohammad Hafeez to beat James Neesham’s bat. That ball drifted in from over the wicket and turned away sharply. New Zealand manage to pick four singles from the off-spinner’s seventh over.

After 19 overs, New Zealand are 60/4 – Williamson 28, Neesham 9

Leg-spinner Shadab Khan replaces Shaheen Afridi in the Pakistani attack and concedes just two singles in his first over. New Zealand have added 14 runs for the fifth wicket. They have a long, long way to go.

Similarities between Pakistan’s campaign in 1992 and the one they’re having this time around are getting too real to ignore...

After 18 overs, New Zealand are 58/4 – Williamson 27, Neesham 8

James Neesham mis-times one and luckily for him the ball sails over mid-on. It was a half-hearted shot from the left-hander. Four runs come from Mohammad Hafeez’s sixth over.

After 17 overs, New Zealand are 54/4 – Williamson 26, Neesham 5

ANOTHER good over from Shaheen Afridi. Just two singles come from his 7th over. His figures at the moment: 3/11 from 7 overs. Wow! It has been 58 deliveries since New Zealand hit a boundary.

After 16 overs, New Zealand are 52/4 – Williamson 25, Neesham 4

Finally the Kiwi batsmen get the scoreboard to tick a little bit. Mohammad Hafeez struggles to hit the right line in his fifth over, Kane Williamson and James Neesham manage to collect four runs.

After 15 overs, New Zealand are 48/4 – Williamson 24, Neesham 1

Shaheen Afridi with his third maiden over. The left-arm pacer has sensational figures of 3 wickets for 9 runs from 6 overs. This has been an exhibition of seam and swing from the 19-year-old.

After 14 overs, New Zealand are 48/4 – Williamson 24, Neesham 1

Just the two singles from Mohammad Hafeez’s fourth over. All-rounder James Neesham is the new man at the crease for New Zealand. The Kiwis have their backs to the wall and cannot afford to lose another wicket here.

Sarfaraz Ahmed puts in a Test match field for Shaheen Afridi. The crowd at Edgbaston can’t get enough of the left-arm seamer.

After 12.3 overs, New Zealand are 46/4 – Williamson 23

WICKET! What. Is. Happening?! New Zealand have lost another one and Shaheen Afridi has his third wicket. The left-arm seamer is turning it on at Edgbaston! He angles the ball in to the left-handed Tom Latham from over the wicket, it straightens a little right at the end to get a faint edge. Sarfaraz Ahmed completes a simple catch. Pakistan are running away with this!

Latham c Sarfaraz b Afridi 1 (14)

After 12 overs, New Zealand are 45/3 – Williamson 22, Latham 1

Another good over for Pakistan. Mohammad Hafeez returns to the attack and concedes just a single in his third over. Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed is rotating his bowlers well. The Kiwis are in a bit of a rut at the moment.

After 11 overs, New Zealand are 44/3 – Williamson 21, Latham 1

Maiden over! Shaheen Afridi is on fire at the moment. The left-arm pacer has stunning figures of 2 for 8 from 4 overs at the moment. New Zealand need to start afresh and get a big partnership here. They have just the right man in Kane Williamson at the crease.

A look at that fabulous catch by Sarfaraz Ahmed to dismiss Ross Taylor:

After 10 overs, New Zealand are 44/3 – Williamson 21, Latham 1

Imad Wasim joins the attack and concedes six runs in his first over. Tom Latham is the new man at the crease for the Kiwis. Skipper Kane Williamson holds the key for New Zealand now. The right-hander needs to get his third century of the tournament today. That’s the end of the powerplay, Pakistan completely bossed it.

After 9 overs, New Zealand are 38/3 – Williamson 17

WICKET! WHAT. A. CATCH! Sarfaraz Ahmed with a moment of magic! New Zealand are in big, big trouble as Ross Taylor has to walk back. The right-hander edges the ball to a wonderful delivery from Shaheen Afridi that nipped away, Sarfaraz dives full length as the ball was travelling away from him to catch it with one hand. Absolutely brilliant!

Taylor c Sarfaraz b Afridi 3 (8)

After 8 overs, New Zealand are 34/2 – Williamson 16, Taylor 0

Back-to-back boundaries for Kane Williamson! Sheer class from the right-hander. He drives one on-the-rise off the front foot past covers and follows that up with a brilliant punch off the back foot. The New Zealand skipper is a delight to watch in full flow. Good over for the Kiwis as Mohammad Amir concedes 10 runs from his fourth.

After 7 overs, New Zealand are 24/2 – Williamson 6, Taylor 0

Wicket-maiden! Brilliant bowling from Shaheen Afridi. The left-arm pacer is snapping his wrists and getting the ball to move around. Ross Taylor is the new man at the crease for New Zealand. The Kiwis have their two best batsmen out in the middle now and just like the last game, they need the pair to stick around.

After 6.2 overs, New Zealand are 24/2 – Williamson 6

WICKET! Oh dear, New Zealand have lost both their openers! Shaheen Afridi gets one to bounce a little extra and Colin Munro throws his bat at it, the ball takes a thick edge and Haris Sohail gets a simple catch at first slip. Poor shot that. Pakistan on top!

Munro c Sohail b Afridi 12 (17)

After 6 overs, New Zealand are 24/1 – Munro 12, Williamson 6

Just a wide and a single from Mohammad Amir’s third over. The left-arm pacer is mixing his lengths up well. There isn’t a lot of swing or lateral movement on offer. Kane Williamson and Colin Munro aren’t taking any risks for now.

After 5 overs, New Zealand are 22/1 – Munro 11, Williamson 6

Shot! Shaheen Afridi replaces Mohammad Hafeez in the attack and bowls one on Kane Williamson’s pads, the right-hander flicks it stylishly past square-leg for four. But the left-arm pacer does well to bowl five dot balls.

4:23 pm: There’s a delay before the start of the fifth over as Kane Williamson has spotted an issue near the sight-screen. We should be up and running soon.

After 4 overs, New Zealand are 18/1 – Munro 11, Williamson 2

Back-to-back boundaries for Colin Munro! Mohammad Amir gets slightly short and wide, the left-handed opener pounces on the loose deliveries and gets them through the off-side ring to pick up two fours. Good over for New Zealand, ten runs come from it.

After 3 overs, New Zealand are 8/1 – Munro 1, Williamson 2

Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed is going on the offensive. He keeps a short-leg for Kane Williamson and Mohammad Hafeez delivers by bowling a tight line and length. Just the two singles from that over. There is definitely some grip in the pitch as it’s a used one. The Pakistani spinners could prove to be a handful for the New Zealand batsmen.

After 2 overs, New Zealand are 6/1 – Munro 0, Williamson 1

One over, one wicket, one run – Top start from Pakistan’s pace spearhead Mohammad Amir. Skipper Kane Williamson is the new man at the crease for New Zealand. He was in early in the last match as well when he got a century. The right-hander needs to dig deep once again.

After 1.1 overs, New Zealand are 5/1 – Munro 0

WICKET! What. A. Start! Mohammad Amir bowls his first ball full and wide, Martin Guptill goes for an expansive drive through covers and chops it on. Another failure for the right-hander. The Pakistan fans are roaring at Edgbaston!

Guptill b Amir 5 (4)

After 1 over, New Zealand are 5/0 – Guptill 5, Munro 0

Shot! Mohammad Hafeez bowls a gentle loosener first up and Martin Guptill sweeps it away comfortably for four. The off-spinner comes back well to concede just a single in the rest of the five deliveries. No turn on offer as of now.

3:59 pm: Right, we’re done with the national anthems and are ready for some cricket at Edgbaston. Off-spinner Mohammad Hafeez will bowl the first over for Pakistan. Colin Munro and Martin Guptill will open the batting for New Zealand. This promises to be a cracker. Here we go!

3:51 pm: Pakistan bounced back in style in their previous game with a victory against South Africa at Lord’s. The star of the show was Haris Sohail.

Read about the left-hander’s superb knock here.

3:42 pm: Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed at the toss – “We would’ve liked to bat first as well. Good to see Amir back in form, as well as Wahab Riaz. The fielding is a concern but we’re working hard and hopefully we’ll do well as a fielding unit today.”

3:39 pm: New Zealand captain Kane Williamson at the toss – “You turn up and know you’ll have a tough game, as Pakistan are a very tough side. For us, it’s trying to build on our performances and keep improving.”

3:35 pm: Pakistan playing XI: Imam-ul-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Haris Sohail, Sarfaraz Ahmed (w/c), Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir, Shaheen Afridi.

3:33 pm: New Zealand playing XI: Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (c), Ross Taylor, Tom Latham (w), James Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Lockie Ferguson, Trent Boult.

3:31 pm: TOSS – Kane Williamson has won the toss and New Zealand will BAT first. Bold decision with the conditions being overcast. The Kiwis are going in with an unchanged XI. They have fielded the same team in all their matches so far.

3:27 pm: Pakistan at the World Cup:

Game 1: 1992 & 2019 - LOST
Game 2: 1992 & 2019 - WON
Game 3: 1992 & 2019 - N/R
Game 4: 1992 & 2019 - LOST
Game 5: 1992 & 2019 - LOST
Game 6: 1992 & 2019 - WON

Will they win game 7 like they did in 1992?

3:20 pm: “When Pakistan are hot, they’re really hot,” says Mitchell Santner. In the pre-match press conference on Tuesday, the left-arm spinner said that New Zealand are not taking any team lightly.

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3:13 pm: Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed has his team in a huddle for a pep talk. The 1992 champions have to bring their A-game today.

3:07 pm: UPDATE – Umpires Paul Reiffel and Bruce Oxenford are done with their inspection and the toss will have happen at 3:30 pm. The match will start half an hour after that. No overs lost!

3:05 pm: England’s defeat against Australia has blown open the race to the semi-finals. There are seven teams in contention for the remaining three semi-final spots after the Aussies became the first team to qualify.

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2:59 pm: New Zealand’s World Cup history shows failure in crunch situations: Pakistan bowling coach Azhar Mahmood. The former pacer didn’t mince his words in the pre-match press conference on Tuesday.

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2:54 pm: We’re minutes away from the pitch inspection. The covers are off and the ground is being cleared. The umpires will come out to inspect the conditions at 3:00 pm.

2.28 pm: There was rain early on in Birmingham but the news is that the covers are coming off. The toss is definitely delayed though, with an inspection expected at 3.00 pm.

Meanwhile, here’s what the table looks like at the World Cup now:

2.15 pm: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of match No 33 at the 2019 World Cup and in a week that has given us some cracking games, this promises to be another: New Zealand taking on Pakistan in Birmingham.

It has been a bumpy ride for Pakistan so far at the World Cup but with a chance to make it to the semi-finals, they will hope to carry on the momentum from their victory against South Africa when they square off against New Zealand in a must-win clash at Edgbaston.

The 1992 champions faced severe criticism after their loss to arch-rivals India but their 49-run win over the Proteas breathed life into their campaign. With just two wins and three losses, Pakistan are at the seventh spot with five points in six games.

Sarfaraz Ahmed and his men will now not only have to win their remaining three matches, starting with New Zealand, but also hope that the results in other matches favour them to make it to the final four.

Pakistan’s chances of making it to the knockouts increased with England’s 64-run defeat to Australia on Tuesday. The hosts third loss of the tournament has blown the league wide open, keeping Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Pakistan still in the fray.