11.55 pm: A good day for the singles stars, while the doubles pairs all lost to higher-ranked teams. India really did miss Satwik and Chirag in action today, given how the men’s doubles draw opened up. That will be all from us, you can read up on all the Indian results in our round-up here. Good night.

11.50 pm: Alright then, that’s the curtains drawn on India’s doubles campaign at the World Championships. Arjun and Shok are ousted by the 16th seeds. Five singles players remain in the fray now.

11.45 pm: Srikanth joins Sindhu, Saina, Prannoy and Sai Praneeth in the round of 16. The world No 10 will face Kantaphon Wangcharoen of Thailand in the next round.

K Srikanth 13-21, 21-13, 21-16 Misha Zilberman

Zilberman saves four match points. But on the fifth time of asking, world No 10 Srikanth converts and moves into the round of 16 to make it a perfect day for the Indian singles players.

K Srikanth 13-21, 21-13, 18-11 Misha Zilberman

Zilberman threatens a comeback with four straight points but Srikanth breaks that run to go within 3 points of a win.

11.38 pm: Arjun / Shlok are trailing 5-9 in the second game after losing the first game 14-21 against the 16th seeds. India’s doubles campaign at the Worlds is about to come to an end.

K Srikanth 13-21, 21-13, 16-6 Misha Zilberman

Srikanth has won 14 of the last 16 points.... that is some statement. The first game was just a blip, it looks like.

K Srikanth 13-21, 21-13, 11-4 Misha Zilberman

Srikanth started the third game with five straight points then let the Israeli close the gap. He now leads 11-4 as the players change ends in the decider.

11.30 pm: On Court 2, MR Arjun and Shlok Ramchandran have lost the opening game against 16th seeds Zhang Nan and Liu Cheng 21-14. Srikanth, meanwhile, is up 9-4 in the decider.

Saina Nehwal through to round of 16: The Indian was hardly troubled as she beats the Dutchwoman 21-10, 21-11 to reach the third round where she will face Denmark’s Mia Blichfeldt. The Dane is seeded 12th. That should be a good game.

Saina Nehwal 21-10, 21-11 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

10 match points for Saina and she misses after going for a big smash. And then a lucky net chord off the next point, to close out the match. Nothing lucky about the performance though, it was as clinical as it could get.

K Srikanth 13-21, 21-13, 5-0 Misha Zilberman

Srikanth has raced to a good lead in the decider.

Saina Nehwal 21-10, 17-9 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

A couple of points earlier, Saina left Soraya stranded in the middle of the court with a drop shot that was a delight. She is just racing to the finish line now.

K Srikanth 13-21, 21-13 Misha Zilberman

With the identical scoreline, Srikanth has forced the third game against Zilberman. Can he go on to win in 3?

Saina Nehwal 21-10, 14-7 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

A smile that said “well done” from Kashyap as Saina wins a rally that she was always on the backfoot in. The shuttle kisses the line as shown by hawkeye (after some delay).

K Srikanth 13-21, 17-10 Misha Zilberman

Srikanth should force the decider from here on.

Saina Nehwal 21-10, 11-6 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

A rare fist bump from Soraya as she plays a good, disguised drop. Saina then shows she can play that shot much better. Psst, show off! ;) She gives the serve back after a weak serve to Soraya’s forehand. But goes into the break with a five-point lead after a smash-drop combo to kill a point. Easy.

K Srikanth 13-21, 13-9 Misha Zilberman

Srikanth staying ahead in the 2nd game.

Saina Nehwal 21-10, 7-4 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

Soraya is playing much better in this second game, staying in the point longer and moving better. But Saina still managing to keep the rallies under her control, as she wins the longest one so far in the match (23 shots) to move up 5-4. Then goes up 7-4 with a marvelous backhand drop.

K Srikanth 13-21, 11-7 Misha Zilberman

Zilberman fought back from 4-8 to 7-8 but Srikanth has the lead at the interval.

Saina Nehwal 21-10, 3-3 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

A misjudgment at the baseline by Saina (not by much though) and Soraya levels things up early in the second game.

11.12 pm: MR Arjun / Shlok Ramachandran, after overcoming a Swiss wildcard pair, are also taking on a higher-ranked pair. They will face 16th seeds from China Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan. The Indians are up 3-1 in the opening game. Stay tuned for updates on that as well.

K Srikanth 13-21, 8-4 Misha Zilberman

Looks like the world No 10 has found some form after all, leading by four points in the second game.

Saina Nehwal 21-10 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

Just 13 minutes for the opening game, as Saina finishes things off with a delightful backhand block, then a booming crosscourt smash. No signs of rustiness for the 8th seed.

Saina Nehwal 19-9 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

Soraya plays a crosscourt drop for a good winner and then Nehwal says she can do it better at the net. First game a formality now.

Saina Nehwal 16-6 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

Finally, Soraya has the serve back as Saina built up a handy lead but it doesn’t last for more than a point. It’s just the Indian all the way at the moment... every time she plays a drop, she has Soraya lunging and in trouble. Her deception has proved too good for the Dutch player.

11.02 pm: Srikanth has lost the opening game 21-13 against Misha Zilberman! This is quite a shocking development, even by Srikanth’s recent poor form.

Saina Nehwal 11-5 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

Saina has looked really comfortable so far in the opening game. Eijbergen isn’t really been able to push her much. There were a couple of long rallies but that is about it.

11.00 pm: Srikanth is now down 11-17 in the opening game against Zilberman.

Saina Nehwal 6-3 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

Given her lack of match-action recently, Saina might be a bit rusty early on. But that is still enough to have a two-point lead early on. Playing percentage badminton, like she likes to.

Saina Nehwal 2-2 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

Couple of errors from both players to start proceedings.

Saina Nehwal 0-0 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

The Indian will serve... and she has her husband P Kashyap in the coaching seat.

10.54 pm: Well, Zilberman has a 11-8 lead in the first game against Srikanth.

Saina Nehwal 0-0 Soraya de Visch Eijbergen

The players are out on the court. The 26-year-old Dutch player has a career-high rank of 56. Currently ranked 72. Nehwal, meanwhile, is playing in her 11th consecutive World Championships!

10.50 pm: Srikanth’s match against Misha Zilberman has begun on court 4. It’s 5-5 in the first game. We will give you occasional updates from that as well.

10.49 pm: Right here we go, time for Saina Nehwal.

A quick look at her opponent: Netherlands’ Soraya de Visch Eijbergen.

Opponent’s rank: 72

Head-to-head: No previous meetings

Previous meetings: N/A

Previous round: The Dutch player had beaten Sabrina Jaquet 21-17, 21-15 in the first round

10.41: A wonderful 56-shot rally in the women’s doubles match between Takahashi / Matsutomo and Somerville / Mapasa but that is only delaying the inevitable. The Japanese stars are racing away with this match, 21-11, 15-10 at the moment.

10.30 pm: Just like Sindhu, the former silver medallist Saina Nehwal had an opening round bye. In the round of 32, she will take on Netherlands’ Soraya de Visch Eijbergen. The Dutch player had beaten Sabrina Jaquet 21-17, 21-15 in the first round.

10.11 pm: Matsutomo and Takahashi, Olympic champions, are in action now... that will be followed by Saina Nehwal’s match. Stay tuned.

9.45 pm: Speaking of Sindhu and Saina at Worlds, boxing legend Mary Kom has created a bit of a stir by suggesting why have trials for pugilists when shuttlers don’t? (She’s an all-time great of Indian sport but we think Mary Kom is missing a point here).

Read on.

9.30 pm: Here’s the updated match report of India’s day so far in Basel.

9.23 pm: As we wait for Saina Nehwal’s match... here’s a look at one of the biggest upsets at the tournament so far. The Minions, as they Gideon and Sukamuljo are called, continue to struggle at the World Championships.

9.16 pm: Just to recap the last hour... Back to back disappointments for India. Manu and Sumeeth fought well but went down against the Chinese pair of Han and Zhou 21-16, 21-19. It was a fantastic game of doubles badminton! Later, Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy could not convert four game points in the opening game against 7th seeds Du and Li and lost in straight games.

Ashwini / Sikki 20-22, 16-21 Li / Du

And the world No 7 Li / Du close the match out in straight games. Ashwini and Sikki had their chances but couldn’t make them count.

Ashwini / Sikki 20-22, 16-18 Li / Du

The Indian pair close the gap to two points from 14-18 down.

Ashwini / Sikki 20-22, 14-15 Li / Du

Ashwini and Sikki are now fighting back after the Chinese pair pulled ahead 14-11.

Ashwini / Sikki 20-22, 6-5 Li / Du

And now a 8-5 lead for the Indians has vanished... all level at 8-8. Looks like it’s going to be a match of missed opportunities for the Indians.

Ashwini / Sikki 20-22, 6-5 Li / Du

After taking a 6-2 lead in the 2nd game, the Indians have once again let the Chinese back into the game.

8.45 pm: A cruel few moments if you are an Indian badminton fan. On court 2, Atri and Sumeeth pushed the No 6 pair all the way but fell short of forcing a decider. Over on court four, Ashwini and Sikki failed to convert four game points against Li / Du and lose the opening game 20-22!

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 19-21 Han / Zhou

And a terrific game of badminton comes to an end far too quick for us fans. Great to watch but the Chinese just too good at the end! The world No 6 march on.

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 19-20 Han / Zhou

Match point for the Chinese after a brilliant rally that actually the Indians dominated!

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 19-19 Han / Zhou

“They deserve a game here,” the commentators say as the Indians are playing some brilliant badminton.

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 18-16 Han / Zhou

HIGH INTENSITY BADMINTON! And Sumeeth finishes off a superb rally with a smash down the middle. And the Indians then open up a two-point lead.

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 15-15 Han / Zhou

The Indian pair are giving it their all at the moment but the Chinese wall is holding strong too.

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 12-12 Han / Zhou

WHAT A RALLY! The Indians’ persistence in defence pays off with a Chinese error after a superb rally. Great doubles badminton this. The pairs trade points after that, the Indians stay alive.

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 9-11 Han / Zhou

Oh dear, the same story as the first game. Atri / Reddy went into a lead and then Han / Zhou bounce back in fine style. They take a two-point lead into the mid-game interval.

8.32 pm: Meanwhile, Ashwini and Sikki are in the lead 13-10 in the opening game against Du / Li. That’s a great start!

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 8-5 Han / Zhou

Atri finds the corner of the court with a superb smash but the Chinese duo keep pulling themselves back.... and then make a service error, before sending the shuttle long. This is a really good game now.

Atri / Reddy 16-21, 3-1 Han / Zhou

Good start from the Indians, especially Manu, to start the second game. An early lead here.

Atri / Reddy 16-21 Han / Zhou

Five game points for the world No 6 and the Indians save one, but make a service fault (Sumeeth’s serve) to hand over the opener to Han / Zhou.

Atri / Reddy 15-19 Han / Zhou

Couple of errors from the Chinese and another window of opportunity for the Indian pair.

Atri / Reddy 13-17 Han / Zhou

The Indian pair are closing the gap down now. Very fast-paced match this.

Atri / Reddy 9-15 Han / Zhou

Eight straight points for the Chinese pair after what was a solid start by the Indian duo.

Atri / Reddy 9-11 Han / Zhou

Four straight points for the Chinese pair, helped by an over-eager Atri at the net. And the world No 6 go into the interval with a two-point cushion.

Atri / Reddy 9-7 Han / Zhou

A very vocal, confident start from the Indian pair. Sumeeth puts them two ahead with a booming smash first, and then once again, kills a 24-shot rally with a superb interception at net.

Atri / Reddy 4-4 Han / Zhou

A very fast start to the match and very little to separate the two pairs at the moment. Atri’s service error gives the onus back to the Chinese.

8.09 pm: Can Manu Atri / Sumeeth Reddy pull off a win against one of the best upcoming doubles pairs in the world? It’s been a day of upsets so far in men’s doubles (No 1 & No 5 knocked out), so you never know....

8.00 pm: Manu Attri / B Sumeeth Reddy, the experienced Indian duo, ranked 25 in the world also face a tough opponent. They take on young Chinese pair Han Cheng Kai and Zhou Dong Hao who are former junior world champs and ranked 6th in the world at the moment.

7.55 pm: The wait’s extended for Ashwini and Sikki as the women’s doubles match on their court has gone into the decider. Manu Atri and Sumeeth Reddy could be taking the court before them, with Anders Antonsen on the verge of a win on court 2.

7.36 pm: Srikanth’s opponent later today is Misha Zilberman, an Israeli shuttler who has been around for a long time. His story is quite fascinating.

Read this from our archive: Svetlana and Misha Zilberman, the mother-son duo, play badminton against all odds

7.28 pm: Ashwini Ponnappa / Sikki Reddy will be in action soon. After a late walkover on Tuesday in their opening round fixture, they take on 2019 Thailand & Malaysia Open runners-up Du Yue and Li Yin Hui. A tough match for the Indian pair.

7.13 pm: A good start for PV Sindhu in her quest for a fifth World Championships medal. Match report here, if you are just joining us.

6.57 pm: Confirmed then, that it will be PV Sindhu vs Beiwen Zhang in the round of 16

The 9th seed from America won TWELVE straight points in game 1 from 9-14 and did not look back from there. This promises to be a good battle between Sindhu and Zhang, in what will be their 8th meeting.

6.54 pm: PV Sindhu will face the winner of the match between Beiwen Zhang and Hsuan-Yu Wendy Chen, where Zhang is leading by a game and 17-11.

PV Sindhu 21-14, 21-15 Pai Yu Po

EASY DOES IT FOR PV SINDHU! Converts her second match point as her lift lands on the line. Efficient, clinical are the words to describe that performance. Good work out for her.

PV Sindhu 21-14, 20-14 Pai Yu Po

Six match points for PV Sindhu after a lovely lift that caught Pai off guard.

PV Sindhu 21-14, 18-13 Pai Yu Po

It’s been all Sindhu in the second half of this game... she has raced ahead since the interval thanks to a combination of her aggressive play and Pai’s errors.

PV Sindhu 21-14, 15-12 Pai Yu Po

Twice in the match so far that Sindhu has broken strings on the racket with her smashes, but on both those occasions she won the point! She has opened up a 3-point lead after an error from Pai.

Abhijeet Kulkarni: Pai fights back from 1-6 down to take the lead at 11-10. And Sindhu’s two errors on the last two points can be put down to the pressure the Taipei shuttler has been applying.

PV Sindhu 21-14, 10-11 Pai Yu Po

Pai has some momentum on her side now and we are suddenly at the mid-game interval with the Taiwanese shuttler having a one-point lead. Sindhu has let her guard slip a bit here. Can her coaches get her back on track?

PV Sindhu 21-14, 7-5 Pai Yu Po

A couple of errors from Sindhu helps Pai win three straight points. But the Indian has the serve back soon. Sindhu’s defence is tested again by Pai next rally, she does well once but PAi finishes the point with a smash.

PV Sindhu 21-14, 6-1 Pai Yu Po

A great challenge by PV Sindhu after a long rally in the opening exchanges of the second game and it gives her a 3-0 lead. She is continuing to dictate tempo, her lifts at the net looking sharp today and helping her get out of tough situations. And make that two great challenges from Sindhu, as she reviews another call on the sideline successfully. Follows that up with an aggressive point to race into a 6-1 lead.

First game stats: Sindhu broke away from 5-5 and then simply dominated the opening game to win 21-14.

PV Sindhu 21-14 Pai Yu Po

A misjudgment at the baseline from Pai Yu Po gives Sindhu six game points and the Indian needs only one to convert on her serve. A breezy effort from the fifth seed to take a 1-0 lead.

PV Sindhu 19-13 Pai Yu Po

Sindhu staying on the front foot and not giving any window of opportunity for Pai Yu Po.

PV Sindhu 17-10 Pai Yu Po

Twice in the last three points now that Sindhu has dominated a rally but ended up on the losing side due to an error. But she is looking sharp overall. Gets back the serve immediately and wins that rally with a smash to open up a seven point lead.

Abhijeet Kulkarni: Sindhu is getting into her rhythm now. Though Pai is trying her best to keep the rallies going and put pressure on Sindhu with downward strokes, the Indian has managed to counter that.

PV Sindhu 14-8 Pai Yu Po

Sindhu is keeping things simple and beginning to look strong against Pai. A great mix of patience and aggression so far. Good signs for the Indian star. If you expected rustiness, it’s not been evident yet.

PV Sindhu 11-7 Pai Yu Po

An error from Pai Yu Po followed by a lovely backhand block by Sindhu that turns out to be a point-killer and the Indian has the lead heading into the mid-game interval.

PV Sindhu 9-7 Pai Yu Po

Four straight points for PV Sindhu and she opens up a good lead. A couple of “come on!”s to get her going as well. Pai breaks the serve with a lovely return of serve that catches Sindhu off guard.

PV Sindhu 6-5 Pai Yu Po

The players are trading points in the early exchanges but the initial indications are that this is going to be a tight match. PV Sindhu’s reach is proving crucial in the early part too but Pai’s shot-making stands out as well.

PV Sindhu 2-2 Pai Yu Po

Sindhu and Pai are involved in a long rally at 2-1 that finished with a lovely backhand lift by the Taiwanese. Good movement from both players in that rally.

PV Sindhu 0-0 Pai Yu Po

Pai Yu Po will serve... here we go.

6.07 pm: Pai, in the round of 64, defeated Linda Zetchiri 21-18, 21-17. Sindhu wins the toss and chose side, indicating a preference for a side of the court and possible drift.

6.05 pm: Pai Yu Po is currently ranked 45, but she is a former world No 20 and has been around for a while. This will be the third meeting between Sindhu and Pai Yu Po.

6.00 pm: Tai Tzu Ying was trailing 13-14 in the second game and Fitriani was playing some superb badminton.... what happens next? Tai Tzu Ying wins 8 straight points to win the match in straight games. Madness, we say! Or, in TTY’s world, just another day.

5.52 pm: After a routine win in the opening game, Tai Tzu Ying is being pushed in the second by Fitriani.It’s all level at 13-13 now... and PV Sindhu’s wait could be extended behind the scenes as she is set to play after this.

5.27 pm: After the top seeds Gideon and Sukamuljo were knocked out earlier, fifth seeds Endo and Watanabe have now been ousted from mixed doubles as well! (Indian fans, If only Satwik and Chirag were fully fit and playing the Worlds! The men’s doubles competition has opened up big time!)

5.20 pm: Time for Tai Tzu Ying to take to the court in Basel. She is the second seed here after losing the top spot in the world rankings recently to Akane Yamaguchi. Remember, Tai Tzu Ying is yet to win the World Championships title...

4.55 pm: In case you missed it late last night....

In the biggest upset of the tournament so far, world No 1 Akane Yamaguchi was knocked out at the World Championships in the round of 32. Singapore’s Yeo Jia Min (20 years old) stunne Yamaguchi 14-21, 18-21 in just 40 minutes. Yamaguchi did not look fully fit but this was still a stunning result for the youngster and also opens up the women’s singles draw.

4.47 pm: J Meghana / Poorvisha S Ram’s doubles campaign comes to an end

The world No 41 pair have lost against 2019 Thailand Open winners Shiho Tanaka & Koharu Yonemoto from Japan. The Indians gave a good fight in 2nd game but lost 8-21, 18-21. The World No 8 pair fought back from 12-16 down to clinch the match in straight games.

4.40 pm: J Meghana / Poorvisha S Ram are the first Indians in action on day three.

And they are taking on 2019 Thailand Open winners and 2018 Worlds bronze medallists Shiho Tanaka and Koharu Yonemoto from Japan. They have lost the opening game 8-21 but are pushing the Japanese pair all the way in the second game, tied 17-17 now.

4.38 pm: The build up to the BWF Badminton World Championships wasn’t great for Indian shuttler HS Prannoy. The 27-year-old, who got a berth in the tournament only thanks to late withdrawals of Viktor Axelsen and Shi Yuqi, was unhappy after being overlooked for the Arjuna Award and had vented his frustration on social media.

But it would seem he has now found additional motivation to give to his best at the St. Jakobshalle Arena in Basel as he upset five-time former champion Lin Dan 21-11, 13-21, 21-7 to advance to the third round on Tuesday.

And here’s what he had to say after that win.

4.17 pm: Three of the biggest names among Indian badminton’s singles players are in action today. Along with Saina and Sindhu opening their campaigns after first round byes, Srikanth also features in his second round match.

Details of India’s opponents on day three here.

4.09 pm: Despite their domination for the last two years on the BWF circuit, ‘the Minions’ have failed to win a World Championships medal in three attempts now, weighs in Abhijeet Kulkarni, our badminton correspondent.


World No 1 men’s doubles pair Marcus Fenaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo have been stunned by Solgyu Choi and Seung Jae Seo (ranked 23 in the world). The top seeds have been knocked out in the round of 32 after having a match point in the decider! Incredible result.

3.55 pm: Hello and welcome to live updates from day three of the Badminton World Championships in Basel.

On day two of the tournament, Indian shuttler HS Prannoy stunned two-time Olympic and five-time world champion Lin Dan in a hard-fought match while B Sai Praneeth outplayed Lee Dong Keun to enter the pre-quarterfinals.

In the pre-quarterfinals, Prannoy faces an uphill task against top seed Kento Momota of Japan but that is not until Thursday. The third day will finally see the star Indian duo of Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu begin their campaigns in the women’s singles round of 32 after receiving opening round byes. Kidambi Srikanth, the seventh seed, is in action on day three too. The doubles pairs have a few tough battles ahead of them.

Stay tuned for all the updates about India’s shuttlers and the key updates from the rest of the field as well.