Fifteen-time major winner Tiger Woods says he can’t help feeling like the green jacket he claimed for winning the Masters last year doesn’t belong in his locker anymore.

The 44-year-old Woods doesn’t like the idea of holding onto the coveted sports coat due to the world-wide coronavirus epidemic that led to the 2020 Masters tournament being postponed until November.

The pandemic “has been a shock to all of us. We know it’s still going to continue to get worse. It’s a very difficult situation, a very difficult time, a unique time in history,” Woods told CBS television on Sunday.

The American broadcaster replayed Woods’ stunning comeback victory on Sunday with the five-time Masters winner adding his own commentary from his home in Florida.

Woods said it felt odd not to be in full training for a major and also to be keeping the winner’s jacket for another seven months.

“This is not the way I wanted to have the jacket for a longer period of time,” he said. “Come Masters Tuesday, after our Champions Dinner, we put our jackets back up in our lockers, and the next person who gets to take it off the grounds is the champion that particular week. So hopefully we’ll have it in November, and we’ll be able to compete for it.”

The Masters has been rescheduled for November 12-15. Woods says he was raring to go and would have been healthy for this year’s event.

“Yes, I would have been good to go,” Woods said. “Mind and body were coming together. I was not my normal self (earlier in the week), and all of my normal pre-major championship self. I’m used to having this four times a year. I kind of get in that mode. And it started happening again.”

Looking back, Woods said he remembers little about his merrymaking on the green after holing the final putt 12 months ago.

“Well, the funny part about the whole thing is – I don’t remember screaming. I don’t remember putting my arms up, and I don’t remember yelling. That’s one of those kind of blackout moments. There’s certain celebrations throughout my career that I’ve made putts or celebrated, I just don’t recall it. I guess I’m so locked into the moment,” he told CBS.

“What I do remember is my eyes coming back down and seeing people in front of me. I do remember that. I remember all the arms up. But as far as me celebrating, I don’t remember that part.”

‘Low times’

“I remember ‘Where the hell’s Joey (LaCava)? I need Joey.’ And I finally found Joey and said, ‘We did it.’ Joey was there helping me go to soccer games when I couldn’t drive a car. He came down here as a friend and helped try and nurse me back to health. He was there in those low times,” said Woods.

What was extra special to Woods was embracing his mother at the final green.

“My mom’s there and she’s patting me on my back, and kept saying she’s so proud of me, my dad would be so proud if he were here. She said, ‘I love you,’ and I said, ‘I love you, too, Mom.’”