Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan picked Mahendra Singh Dhoni over Virat Kohli as the best captain he has played under and chose Rohit Sharma as his favourite batting partner which should come as no surprise considering the records the two share as India’s openers.

“I have only played under Virat and Dhoni, so, as of now, Dhoni bhai,” Dhawan told Irfan Pathan during an Instagram chat.

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“Rohit did brilliantly in the World Cup as he scored five centuries. For me he would be my choise for favourite batting partner,” he added.

Dhawan missed majority of the World Cup after getting injured as KL Rahul took his place. The Bengaluru youngster didn’t have a good World Cup but has since picked up form.

“KL Rahul is an incredible batsman. Sometimes while being at the non-striker’s end I wonder how he manages to hit some shots with so much ease. He is a special player,” he added.

Speaking on the IPL, Dhawan hoped the 13th edition of the tournament happens sometime later in the year.

“Of course, IPL should take place because people will get positivity from it. Currently, there is only coronavirus news and fear because of it,” Dhawan said.

The 2020 edition of the league was slated to commence on March 29, however, it has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis in the country.