The world hockey federation announced the revised schedule for the Tokyo Olympics with the event running from July 24 to August 6, 2021 with no changes to the groups or the running order of matches.

The hockey program was originally scheduled to be held from July 25th to August 7, 2020 at the Oi Hockey stadium. However, Tokyo Games were postponed by a year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“In line with what was planned for this year, the opening match of next year’s Olympic Games will be contested between the men of Japan and Australia. The opening match of the women’s tournament will be played on the same day, with reigning world champions and current world number one the Netherlands taking on India,” FIH said in a release.

The men’s and women’s gold medal matches will take place on 5 and 6 August respectively.

Both Indian men’s and women’s would also be in action on the opening day. The men’s would face New Zealand while women take on Netherlands on 24 July, 2021.

Pool A: Australia, Argentina, India, Spain, New Zealand, Japan
Pool B: Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, South Africa

Pool A: Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, India, South Africa
Pool B: Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, China, Japan

India’s group stage fixtures:

Sat 24 July: Men’s Pool A, New Zealand vs India 

Sat 24 July: Women’s Pool A, Netherlands vs India 

Sun 25 July: Men’s Pool A, India vs Australia 

Mon 26 July: Women’s Pool A, Germany vs India 

Tue 27 July: Men’s Pool A, India vs Spain 

Wed 28 July: Women’s Pool A, Great Britain vs India 

Thu 29 July: Men’s Pool A, India vs Argentina 

Fri 30 July: Women’s Pool A, Ireland vs India 

Fri 30 July: Men’s Pool A, Japan vs India 

Sat 31 July: Women’s Pool A, India vs South Africa

Full match schedule of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic hockey tournaments can be found here.