RR have been bowled-out for 138 (19.4 overs) in Sharjah. Rabada removes Aaron to end the innings. An incredible performance in the field from DC.

After 19.1 overs, RR are 136/9 – Tewatia is gone!
OUT! And Tewatia is clean bowled by Rabada. The left-hander gets an inside-edge onto his stumps and has to walk back for 38 off 29.

After 19 overs, RR are 136/8 (Tewatia 38, Tyagi 1)
Nortje finishes with 1/25 from his 4 overs. Rabada to bowl the final over. RR need 49 off 6.

After 17.2 overs, RR are 121/8 – Gopal is gone!
OUT! A sensational catch from Shimron Hetmyer! Shreyas Gopal whacks it from the middle of his bat, the ball flies flat to deep extra-cover, and Hetmyer takes a stunner diving forward. Harshal Patel gets his first wicket. It’s all going DC’s way!

After 17 overs, RR are 120/7 (Tewatia 25, Gopal 2)
Tewatia gets a six and a four in that Nortje over but the asking rate is a lot more. RR need 65 off 18.

After 16 overs, RR are 107/7 (Tewatia 13, Gopal 1)
Tewatia is swinging hard but not finding the middle of the bat. This may be a bridge too far for him. Six runs from that Harshal Patel over. RR need 78 off 24.

After 14.5 overs, RR are 100/7 – Archer is gone!
OUT! And Rabada finally gets a wicket. Iyer with a superb catch running behind from mid-off. RR need 85 off 31.

After 13.5 overs, RR are 90/6 Tye is gone!
OUT! Axar Patel gets his first wicket as Andrew Tye holes out. A fine catch from Kagiso Rabada in the deep. It’s ending in a hurry for RR.

After 13 overs, RR are 89/5 (Tewatia 1, Tye 6)
Andrew Tye gets off the mark with a six but another fine over from Marcus Stoinis. Just seven runs and the wicket of Yashasvi Jaiswal from it. RR need 96 off 42.

After 12.1 overs, RR are 82/5 – Yashasvi is gone!
OUT! And now Yashasvi Jaiswal is gone! The left-hander struggled to find rhythm throughout his innings (34 off 36) and is clean bowled by Marcus Stoinis.

After 12 overs, RR are 82/4 (Yashasvi 34, Tewatia 1)
Ravichandran Ashwin finishes with superb figures of 2/22 from his 4 overs. The off-spinner was accurate throughout his spell and mixed things up really well. RR have Yashasvi Jaiswal and Rahul Tewatia at the crease now. They HAVE TO get a big partnership.

After 11.2 overs, RR are 76/4 – Lomror is gone!
OUT! Two wickets in two overs for Delhi! Ashwin gets his second as Lomror departs for 1. A leading edge and a simple catch for Axar at cover. RR are falling apart in Sharjah.

After 10.3 overs, RR are 72/3 – Samson is gone!
OUT! Sanju Samson is gone! Huge wicket for Delhi Capitals. Samson goes for a big one but finds the fielder in the deep. Marcus Stoinis gets the wicket, RR are in trouble.

After 10 overs, RR are 65/2 (Yashasvi 19, Samson 5)
A good first over from Axar Patel, just six runs from it. Sanju Samson survives a run-out off the last ball. That’s the last thing RR need.

After 9 overs, RR are 59/2 (Yashasvi 17, Samson 1)
Another top over from Nortje. Just three runs and the wicket of Smith in that over. The right-arm quick has figures of 1/5 at the moment. RR need Sanju Samson to bat for long. A lot rides on him now.

Timeout taken...

8.1, RR 56/2 - SMITH GONE: What. A. Catch! Hetmyer takes a superb low catch at deep square leg and Steve Smith cannot believe this. He flicked it, timed it well, but no getting past the West Indies fielder. Nortje strikes. Just a few replays to make sure it carried, no problems with that.

After 8 overs, RR are 56/1 (Yashasvi 16, Smith 24): Excellent over from Harshal Patel. Just 1s and 2s. Mixed up his pace and lengths very well. Six from it.

After 7 overs, RR are 50/1 (Yashasvi 14, Smith 20): Ashwin continues with his third. A boundary in that over for Smith but Ashwin keeps it tight otherwise. 50 comes up.

After 6 overs, RR are 41/1 (Yashasvi 12, Smith 14)
Harshal Patel comes into the attack, drops it short and allows Yashasvi Jaiswal to break the shackles with a pull for six. But a good comeback by the right-arm pacer, eight runs come from that over.

After 5 overs, RR are 33/1 (Yashasvi 5, Smith 13)
Another brilliant over from Ashwin, just three runs again. The veteran off-spinner is doing a fine job for his team in the powerplay.

After 4 overs, RR are 30/1 (Yashasvi 3, Smith 12)
Six and four! Smith flicks one for a maximum before getting a top-edge over short-fine for four. Rabada concedes 14 runs in his second over.

After 3 overs, RR are 16/1 (Yashasvi 2, Smith 1)
Top stuff from Ashwin as he gets the big wicket of Buttler and concedes just three runs in his first over. Skipper Steve Smith is the new man at the crease.

After 2.3 overs, RR are 15/1 – Buttler is gone!
OUT! R Ashwin strikes in his first over! A superb catch from Shikhar Dhawan at square-leg and DC get the big wicket of Jos Buttler. Just the start they wanted.

After 2 overs, RR are 13/0 (Yashasvi 1, Buttler 12)
Terrific first over from Anrich Nortje, just three runs from it. The right-arm quick beats young Yashasvi’s bat a couple of times.

After 1 over, RR are 10/0 (Yashasvi 1, Buttler 9)
Good start for Rajasthan as Jos Buttler picks two fours from that Kagiso Rabada over. DC need early wickets here.

9.30 pm: We’re ready for the second innings in Sharjah. Delhi Capitals have posted 184 runs. Can Rajasthan Royals chase this down?

RR will surely be happy with their effort in the field. This is a below-par total at Sharjah. Jofra Archer with figures of 3/24, Rahul Tewatia with 1/20.

After 19.4 overs, DC are 183/8 – Harshal is gone!
OUT! Jofra Archer gets his third wicket as Harshal Patel holes out. Brilliant from the right-arm quick,

After 19 overs, DC are 181/7 – Axar is gone!
OUT! Big over for DC but Tye gets the wicket at the end. Axar Patel gets two fours and a six and Andrew Tye concedes five extras but the left-hander is caught-behind off the last ball. 22 runs from that over, Tye has figures of 1/50 from his 4 overs. Good cameo of 17 off 8 by Axar.

After 18 overs, DC are 159/6 (Harshal 14, Axar 2)
Harshal Patel gets a much-needed four for DC as Jofra Archer concedes 10 runs in his third over.

After 17 overs, DC are 149/6 – Hetmyer is gone!
Two sixes and out! Kartik Tyagi strikes with his last ball as Shimron Hetmyer departs after an entertaining knock of 45 runs from 24 balls. A superb catch by Rahul Tewatia at long-on. Tyagi finishes with figures of 1/35.

After 16 overs, DC are 135/5 (Hetmyer 33, Harshal 6)
Four and a six! Hetmyer strikes it well as Tye concedes 13 runs in that over.

After 15 overs, DC are 122/5 (Hetmyer 21, Harshal 5)
Shimron Hetmyer pulls one for another six! Kartik Tyagi concedes 11 runs in his third over. DC need to go hard in the last five overs. They’re staring at a well below-par total at Sharjah.

After 14 overs, DC are 111/5 (Hetmyer 14, Harshal 2)
The end of a fine spell of leg-spin bowling by Rahul Tewatia, He finishes with figures of 1/20 from his 4 overs. Harshal Patel is the new man at the crease.

After 13.3 overs, DC are 109/5 Stoinis is gone!
OUT! Big blow for Delhi as Marcus Stoinis is gone! That was a nothing shot from the Australian all-rounder. He attempted a weak but but the ball went straight to Steve Smith at extra-cover. Rahul Tewatia gets his first wicket as Stoinis departs for 39 off 30.

After 13 overs, DC are 107/4 (Stoinis 39, Hetmyer 13)
SIX! Andrew Tye comes on for his second over, pitches it short and is pulled away for six by Shimron Hetmyer. Better over for DC, 11 from it.

After 12 overs, DC are 96/4 (Stoinis 35, Hetmyer 6)
Another good over from Rahul Tewatia, just four runs from it. The leg-spinner has figures of 0/17 from 3 overs at the moment.

Here’s how Shreyas Iyer was run-out by Yashasvi Jaiswal:

After 11 overs, DC are 92/4 (Stoinis 33, Hetmyer 4)
Kartik Tyagi comes back into the attack and delivers a decent over. DC need Stoinis and Hetmyer to take it deep.

After 9.2 overs, DC are 79/4 – Pant is gone!
OUT! Another run-out! What happened there?! Awful mix-up between Marcus Stoinis and Rishabh Pant and the latter is run-out by a mile. Stoinis hit it to mid-wicket and Pant just kept running looking straight. He turned to get back but there was no chance. DC are not helping themselves here.

After 9 overs, DC are 78/3 (Pant 4, Stoinis 24)
Shot! Shreyas Gopal pitches it up and Marcus Stoinis drives it over cover for six. The Australian right-hander is striking it wonderfully.

After 8 overs, DC are 70/3 (Pant 3, Stoinis 17)
Leg-spin from both ends for RR. Rahul Tewatia with a good first over, just four runs from it. Time for a strategic timeout.

After 7 overs, DC are 66/3 (Pant 2, Stoinis 15)
Back-to-back sixes! Leg-spinner Shreyas Gopal joins the attack and is taken to the cleaners by Marcus Stoinis. DC needed this push.

After 5.5 overs, DC are 50/3 – Iyer is gone!
OUT! Delhi Capitals are in trouble! Yashasvi Jaiswal with a direct hit and Shreyas Iyer is run-out. The skipper was in good form and it’s up to Pant and Marcus Stoinis now to get a big partnership. RR on top in Sharjah!

After 5 overs, DC are 43/2 (Iyer 17, Pant 0)
Top over from Jofra Archer, just five runs and the wicket of Prithvi Shaw from it. Rishabh Pant has joined Shreyas Iyer at the crease.

After 4.2 overs, DC are 42/2 – Prithvi is gone!
OUT! Another wicket for Jofra Archer! This time Prithvi Shaw attempts a pull but the ball goes straight up and Archer completes the catch. DC have lost both their openers in the powerplay.

After 4 overs, DC are 38/1 (Prithvi 15, Iyer 16)
Shreyas Iyer gets a boundary through to third-man but a decent first over from young pacer Kartik Tyagi.

After 3 overs, DC are 31/1 (Prithvi 15, Iyer 10)
Big over for Delhi! Iyer gets two fours before Shaw hits a superb six straight back. But Aaron could’ve had a wicket too. A top-edge from Shaw went to fine-leg but Kartik Tyagi couldn’t hold on.

After 2 overs, DC are 13/1 (Prithvi 7, Iyer 1)
Skipper Shreyas Iyer joins Prithvi Shaw at the crease. Both batsmen have runs under their belt this season. Important partnership this for DC. A successful first over for Jofra Archer.

After 1.3 overs, DC are 12/1 – Dhawan is gone!
OUT! Jofra Archer strikes early for RR! Shikhar Dhawan find the middle of the bat but it goes straight to mid-wicket. Not the start DC were hoping for in Sharjah.

After 1 over, DC are 7/0 (Prithvi 2, Dhawan 5)
Varun Aaron, playing his first game this season, bowls five decent balls to start but then drifts to the pads and Shikhar Dhawan clips it away for four.

7.29 pm: We’re ready for the start of match No 23! Prithvi Shaw and Shikhar Dhawan opening the batting for Delhi Capitals, Varun Aaron has the new ball in hand for RR. Here we go!

7.08 pm: Playing XIs
Delhi Capitals: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer (c), Rishabh Pant (w), Marcus Stoinis, Shimron Hetmyer, Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel, Harshal Patel, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje.
Rajasthan Royals: Yashasvi Jaiswal, Jos Buttler (w), Steven Smith (c), Sanju Samson, Mahipal Lomror, Rahul Tewatia, Jofra Archer, Andrew Tye, Shreyas Gopal, Kartik Tyagi, Varun Aaron.

7.03 pm: TOSS – Steve Smith wins the toss and RR will bowl first! Rajasthan Royals have two changes: Ankit Rajpoot and Tom Curran are out, Andrew Tye and Varun Aaron come in. Delhi Capitals are playing with an unchanged XI.

6.50 pm: Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals have played each other 20 times so far, with RR emerging victorious 11 times. Who’s going to take it tonight?

6.40 pm: Hello everyone and welcome to live coverage of match No 23 of Indian Premier League 2020. Tonight, Rajasthan Royals will take on Delhi Capitals at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

It’s an important game for Rajasthan Royals. Steve Smith and Co their first two matches of the season but have lost the last three. They will take confidence from the fact that tonight’s game is in Sharjah, the venue where they’ve collected all their points so far.

Delhi Capitals, on the other hand, can go top of the table if they win tonight. Shreyas Iyer and Co have won four out of their five matches so far and look strong in every department.

IPL 2020 points table ahead of match No 23

Team Pld Won Lost Net RR Pts
Mumbai Indians 6 4 2 +1.488 8
Delhi Capitals 5 4 1 +1.060 8
Sunrisers Hyderabad 6 3 3 +0.232 6
Kolkata Knight Riders 5 3 2 +0.002 6
Royal Challengers Bangalore 5 3 2 -1.355 6
Chennai Super Kings 6 2 4 -0.371 4
Rajasthan Royals 5 2 3 -0.826 4
Kings XI Punjab 6 1 5 -0.431 2