Here’s how the points table looks like after KXIP vs KKR:

Team Pld Won Lost Net RR Pts
 Delhi Capitals 6 5 1 +1.267 10
 Mumbai Indians 6 4 2 +1.488 8
 Kolkata Knight Riders 6 4 2 +0.017 8
 Sunrisers Hyderabad 6 3 3 +0.232 6
 Royal Challengers Bangalore 5 3 2 -1.355 6
 Chennai Super Kings 6 2 4 -0.371 4
 Rajasthan Royals 6 2 4 -1.073 4
 Kings XI Punjab 7 1 6 -0.381 2

7.35 pm: Still cannot believe what we saw in this match. But we move on. Follow CSK vs RCB live updates here.

7.,30 pm: One wonders if Rahul still thinks strike rate is overrated. One really wants to give credit to #KKR for pulling off another incredible win when it looked unlikely halfway through the run-chase. But this one is entirely on Rahul, Kumble and Co. Shocking.

KKR WIN BY 2 RUNS! WHAT DRAMA! WHAT A FINISH! KXIP needed 7 off the last ball, Maxwell hit it high in the air, and the ball landed BARELY inside the rope for four. “It’s a game of millimetres,” says Ian Bishop.

19.6: Lofted over cover... SIX IS IT???? NO! GIVEN FOUR! WOW.

Maxwell on strike...

19.5: NARINE STRIKES! This is genius. What a bowler. Mandeep finds the fielder in the deep. Out for 0. KXIP need 7 off 1.

19.3: After a superb start to the over from Narine... Reverse sweep from Maxi off Narine! Four! 8 off 3.

KXIP 151/4 after 19 overs: KL RAHUL GONE! Prasidh gets the big wicket to finish the 19th over. KXIP captain is bowled. Played on off a full toss. KXIP need 14 off the last over.

Maxi in, Rahul on strike.

19th over: Wow. The move to send Prabhsimran at No 4 does not work. He is out for 4 off 7. At least they crossed, Rahul on strike. KXIP need 16 off 8 balls.

19th over: First 3 balls from Prasidh go for 2-1-1. KXIP are making this hard on themselves.

After 18 overs, KXIP 145/2 (Rahul 71, Prabhsimran 1): Oh wow. IS there a late twist in this tale? A sensational over from Narine, two runs and a wicket. PS (Prabhsimran) takes a single off the last ball to keep strike and Rahul stays away from strike. Surely not, KXIP?

17.2: WICKET! Pooran goes for a big shot against Narine, the wily KKR veteran gets it to turn enough and timber. An entertaining cameo by Pooran but he would have liked to finish this one off. Perhaps, that shot was not needed against Narine. KXIP 144/2

After 17 overs, KXIP 143/1 (Rahul 70, Pooran 16): More sensible batting from KXIP. Varun gives Pooran room, it is lofted over extra cover for four.

TOSS: Kohli has opted to bat first. Follow CSK vs RCB live updates here.

Timeout. KXIP need 29 off 4 overs now.

After 16 overs, KXIP 136/1 (Rahul 68, Pooran 11): Good over for KXIP. First a four over point by Rahul. And then Pooran takes the attack to Nagarkoti. A drive on the up for four, followed by a stunning pull shot for six over midwicket. Picked up the length so early and flat-batted it. Special shot from a special player.

It’s CSK vs RCB. It’s MS Dhoni vs Virat Kohli. Today’s second game promises to be a cracker. Follow here.

KXIP need 48 off the last 30 balls.

After 15 overs, KXIP 117/1 (Rahul 59, Pooran 1): A top over by Prasidh. Just four runs off it and the big wicket of Agarwal. Window of opportunity for KKR? Pooran comes in at No 3, good call.

14.2: BREAKTHROUGH FINALLY: End of a super innings from Mayank. He falls for 56 off 39 balls, finds the fielder at deep square leg off Prasidh’s bowling. KXIP 115/1.

After 14 overs, KXIP 113/0 (Rahul 58, Agarwal 54): Right then, with DreRuss not likely to bowl, DK gives an over to Rana. He is going to have problems at the death with Cummins also finishing 4.

After 13 overs, KXIP 106/0 (Rahul 54, Agarwal 51): Russell might be done for the day. After a chase to the boundary line where he limped all the way, Russell calls for a sub. Morgan had a chat with him too. Expensive over from Cummins as he finishes his spell.

HALF CENTURIES FOR KL RAHUL AND MAYANK AGARWAL! With back-to-back boundaries off Cummins, KXIP captain gets to his 50 first off 42 balls and then Agarwal gets there later in the over off 33 balls. 100-run stand too.

After 12 overs, KXIP 94/0 (Rahul 44, Agarwal 49): KXIP have not been able to put Varun away so far but Agarwal finishes that over with a superb drive over extra cover. He is playing another gem of an innings.

After 12 overs, KXIP 94/0 (Rahul 44, Agarwal 49): KXIP have not been able to put Varun away so far but Agarwal finishes that over with a superb drive over extra cover. He is playing another gem of an innings.

After 11 overs, KXIP 86/0 (Rahul 42, Agarwal 43): A couple of boundaries for Agarwal in that over as Nagarkoti gets a change of ends. Two lovely shots by the in-form opener.

After 10 overs, KXIP 76/0 (Rahul 41, Agarwal 34): Another over goes on as Rahul and Agarwal rotate strike and keep the scoreboard ticking. Nine from Narine’s over. KKR bowling coach Kyle Mills, without providing a conclusive update, says DreRuss is still in the changing room and hasn’t come out. Doesn’t look good.

DreRuss is still off the field, by the way...

After 9 overs, KXIP 67/0 (Rahul 36, Agarwal 31): Another tidy over by Varun, no boundaries conceded. KXIP taking things steady here. But remember, KKR pulled things back brilliantly in the back-end against CSK.

After 8 overs, KXIP 62/0 (Rahul 32, Agarwal 30): Narine comes on... Agarwal helps himself to a boundary through third man. Well-placed outside edge.

After 7 overs, KXIP 54/0 (Rahul 30, Agarwal 24): Good rotation of strike in that Varun over, as 50-run partnership comes up between the two.

Varun CV comes on... DK will love a wicket from his mystery spinner.

Timeout taken...

After 6 overs, KXIP 47/0 (Rahul 26, Agarwal 21) Rahul starting to push his strike rate up, as he picks up a three and four of that Nagarkoti over. A good powerplay for KXIP.

After 5 overs, KXIP 36/0 (Rahul 18, Agarwal 18) First boundary conceded by Cummins as Rahul helps a short-ball round the corner for four. 0/17 from his three powerplay overs.

After 4 overs, KXIP 28/0 (Rahul 11, Agarwal 17) BIG OVER FOR KXIP: Couple of fours and a six from that Prasidh over. First, Agarwal lofts one over mid-on. Not well timed but has enough on it. Next, a superb straight drive that has Rahul performing a nutmeg at non-striker’s end. And the over finishes with a lovely lofted cover drive for six.

After 3 overs, KXIP 14/0 (Rahul 11, Agarwal 3): Another solid over by Cummins. Four 1s and a 2.

After 2 overs, KXIP 8/0 (Rahul 7, Agarwal 1): An eventful over from Prasidh Krishna, that started with a yorker,.

Second ball of second over:

- Complete mishit by Rahul as he lofts one down the ground, one-handed.

- DreRuss runs back from mid-off but drops a catch he would have normally taken 

- Ball trickles to four 

- DreRuss injures his knee trying to stop it as he crashes into the ad-board. Not looking good. He has limped off the ground.

After 1 over, KXIP 3/0 (Rahul 2, Agarwal 1): Tidy first over from Cummins. Just three singles.

Target: 165: KXIP do not have a deep batting lineup. Their openers are going to be crucial. KKR need early wickets. Can KL Rahul and Co end their losing streak by chasing this down?

This is how DK finished his innings (last 20 balls, 44 runs): 2-4-0-4-0-4-4-6-4-1-2-4-4-0-0-0-4-0-0-1 (OUT)

End of 20 overs, KKR 164/6 - DK out for 58 off 29 balls: A good last over by Jordan after conceding runs early on. Nine runs and a wicket off the last ball as DK is run out coming back for an impossible 2nd run.

After 19 overs, KKR 155/5 (Karthik 53, Russell 3): Bowling to DreRuss, DK and Cummins in the 19th over, young Arshdeep concedes just 9 runs in that over, after conceding a streaky 4 off the first ball.

18.2: WICKET! What a moment for Arshdeep Singh. A lovely angled delivery from over the wicket, well out of reach of DreRuss and the edge is taken by the keeper. The previous delivery was similar and went for four off an outside edge.

After 18 overs, KKR 146/4 (Karthik 53, Russell 1) - Gill is run out. It is not the worst of things for KKR as Russell walks in, who is welcomed with a superb bouncer from Shami. Gill out for 57 off 47 balls.

HALF CENTURY FOR DK! What an innings this is turning into. Sensational batting by the KKR captain. Gets to his fifty off just 22 deliveries with back-to-back boundaries off Shami.

Dinesh Karthik’s scoring sequence at the moment: 2-4-0-4-0-4-4-6-4-1

After 17 overs, KKR 133/3 (Gill 56, Karthik 43): Oh Jordan. It’s not been his tournament. DK goes big again with 4-6-4 in that over. The first two lofted in the long-off region and the third a streaky outside edge. Gill does well to keep his captain on strike with a double off the last ball.

Partnership now 52 off 32 balls...

After 16 overs, KKR 115/3 (Gill 53, Karthik 28) DK upping the ante, as he needs to. Big over for KKR, 14 off it. This is palatable with DreRuss still in the dugout. Arshdeep couldn’t get his radar right in that over, and DK helped himself to three boundaries.

After 15 overs, KKR 101/3 (Gill 53, Karthik 14) HALF CENTURY FOR SHUBMAN! The young KKR opener has played a solid hand with wickets falling around him. His sixth in the IPL and second of this edition. Gets there off 42 balls, with a boundary through square leg. Meanwhile, another superb outing for Ravi Bishnoi. 1/25 off his 4 overs.

After 14 overs, KKR 91/3 (Gill 44, Karthik 13) : Another expensive over from Mujeeb. 1-4-2-1-2-6 in his 4th as he finishes with 0/44 in 4 overs. KXIP really are not using him well, if he is not bowling in the first 6. Maxi saved a couple of runs in that over with a lovely effort at long but he couldn’t do anything about the six DK hit off the last ball.

After 13 overs, KKR 75/3 (Gill 37, Karthik 4): Ones and twos from the over as Bishnoi finishes his 3rd.

After 12 overs, KKR 68/3 (Gill 34, Karthik 0): A four and five dot balls from Mujeeb’s over. Gill creams one through cover but it is better from the Afghan spinner. KKR are struggling at the moment.

After 11 overs, KKR 64/3 (Gill 30, Karthik 0): WICKET! MORGAN GONE! The biggest positive this season for KXIP has got to be Ravi Bishnoi. The spinner dismisses Eoin Morgan, who is deceived in the air, and Maxwell completes the catch. What a talent he is turning into.

Tweet does not exist

After 10 overs, KKR 60/2 (Gill 27, Morgan 23): SIX! The first of the KKR innings comes in the 10th over. Eoin Morgan nails a slog sweep off Mujeeb, picking up the ball that came into him from round the wicket. That also brings up the 50 for KKR. Another expensive over from Mujeeb, 11 off it.

Timeout taken: Here’s something you can check out in the meantime. A lovely pre-match piece ahead of the French Open final tonight.

A young and wild French Open final: Iga Swiatek’s power meets Sofia Kenin’s problem-solving skills.

After 9 overs, KKR 49/2 (Gill 24, Morgan 15): Ravi Bishnoi is really right arm googly bowler and he starts off with a series of deliveries that spin away from Morgan. A lovely start from the youngster, just 4 off it.

After 8 overs, KKR 45/2 (Gill 21, Morgan 14): Jordan, perhaps surprisingly, gets a second over in the first half. Maybe since Morgan is in? It’s a decent one though. Seven off it.

Here’s the Rana run-out:

After 7 overs, KKR 38/2 (Gill 18, Morgan 10): Some momentum for KKR as Mujeeb comes into the attack and concedes 13. A lovely lofted reverse sweep for four by Morgan in that over.

After 6 overs, KKR 25/2 (Gill 13, Morgan 5): Change of ends for Shami as bowls three in the powerplay. One boundary conceded as he got a bouncer wrong and ended up being too short. But it’s a good over nevertheless (1/18 in 3) and a brilliant powerplay for KXIP.

After 5 overs, KKR 19/2 (Gill 12, Morgan 0): Jordan gets an over in the powerplay and it’s a good one. Five dot balls and one boundary.

After 4 overs, KKR 15/2 (Gill 8, Morgan 0): WICKET! Oh dear. Two batsmen at the same end. Classic run out, that. Big mix-up between Gill and Rana, the latter is out.Gill had turned the ball around to short-fine and took a few steps ahead, but Rana kept running (ball-watching). Shami went for a direct hit at the wrong end but Pooran gathers the throw and runs towards the stumps at non-striker. Rana lets Gill have it.

Correction: The last ball was just a single, not a boundary for Rana.

After 3 overs, KKR 13/1 (Gill 7, Rana 1) WICKET! A dream sight for a fast bowler. The leg stump goes cartwheeling as the in-form Rahul Tripathi is bowled through the gate. He never looked comfortable today and goes back after one hit to the fence for four. Good start for KXIP. The over finishes with an awkward boundary for Rana, as the ball goes between keeper and slip.

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Tripathi 0 off 7 at the moment... Shami will continue.

After 2 overs, KKR 7/0 (Gill 6, Tripathi 0) MAIDEN OVER!: Chances. Two edges back-to-back, both don’t carry. First a bottom edge to the keeper and then a leading edge to cover. Tripathi is beaten a couple more times and it’s a maiden over for the young seamer (who looks young according to Harsha Bhogle!)

Arshdeep with his left-arm seam...

After 1 over, KKR 7/0 (Gill 6, Tripathi 0): Shami not getting his radar right in the first over. Repeatedly strays on the pads, Gill helps himself to a boundary past short-fine. Shami finishes the over well with two length balls on the off-stump. Left alone by Gill.

3.28 pm: Shubman Gill and Rahul Tripathi are opening the batting again. A relaxed looking KXIP team walk out to the middle as well with smiles on their faces. Make no mistake though, they are under massive pressure.

Confirmed playing XIs:

Kings XI Punjab 

KL Rahul 
Mayank Agarwal
Prabhsimran Singh
Nicholas Pooran
Glenn Maxwell
Mandeep Singh
Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Ravi Bishnoi
Mohammad Shami
Chris Jordan
Arshdeep Singh 

Kolkata Knight Riders 

Rahul Tripathi
Shubman Gill
Nitish Rana
Sunil Narine
Eoin Morgan
Andre Russell
Dinesh Karthik 
Pat Cummins
Kamlesh Nagarkoti
Prasidh Krishna
Varun Chakravarthy

Here’s how the two teams have fared so far:

KXIP in IPL 2020

Match Date Venue Result
DC vs KXIP 20 Sep Dubai KXIP lost in Super Over
KXIP vs RCB 24 Sep Dubai KXIP won by 97 runs
RR vs KXIP 27 Sep Sharjah KXIP lost by 4 wickets
KXIP vs MI 1 Oct Abu Dhabi KXIP lost by 48 runs
KXIP vs CSK 4 Oct Dubai KXIP lost by 10 wickets
SRH vs KXIP 8 Oct Dubai KXIP lost by 69 runs

KKR in IPL 2020

Match Date Venue Result
KKR vs MI 23 Sep Abu Dhabi KKR lost by 49 runs
KKR vs SRH 26 Sep Abu Dhabi KKR won by 7 wickets
RR vs KKR 30 Sep Dubai KKR won by 37 runs
DC vs KKR 3 Oct Sharjah KKR lost by 18 runs
KKR vs CSK 7 Oct Abu Dhabi KKR won by 10 runs

Team news:

Punjab bring in Chris.... Jordan, not Gayle. Cottrell out injured.

Kolkata replace Shivam Mavi with Prasidh Krishna

TOSS NEWS: Dinesh Karthik wins the toss and KKR will be batting first in the day game.

2.47 pm: Kolkata Knight Riders lead 17-8 in the head-to-head with Kings XI Punjab. Now would perhaps be a good time for KXIP to get one back.

2.40 pm: Hello everyone and welcome to live coverage of match No 24 of Indian Premier League 2020. In the first game this Saturday, Kings XI Punjab will take on Kolkata Knight Riders in Abu Dhabi.

Following five losses and a solitary win, Kings XI Punjab are currently placed at the bottom of the table with two points, whereas the Knight Riders are fourth with six points from three wins.

IPL 2020 points table ahead of match No 24

Team Pld Won Lost Net RR Pts
Delhi Capitals 6 5 1 +1.267 10
Mumbai Indians 6 4 2 +1.488 8
Sunrisers Hyderabad 6 3 3 +0.232 6
Kolkata Knight Riders 5 3 2 +0.002 6
Royal Challengers Bangalore 5 3 2 -1.355 6
Chennai Super Kings 6 2 4 -0.371 4
Rajasthan Royals 6 2 4 -1.073 4
Kings XI Punjab 6 1 5 -0.431 2