SRH 156/2 after 18 overs (Pandey 83, Shankar 52)

SRH beat RR by 8 wickets – a comfortable win thanks largely to the brilliant innings by Pandey (83 off 47). RR were never in the game.

SRH 152/2 after 18 overs (Pandey 83, Shankar 48)

Sunrisers Hyderabad need 3 runs in 12 balls. Pandey has made it look easy. He has batted as if he was on a different wicket.

SRH 140/2 after 17 overs (Pandey 76, Shankar 46)

Sunrisers Hyderabad need 15 runs in 18 balls. Another poor over by Tyagi, whose three overs have gone for 38 runs. Too many poor deliveries.

SRH 131/2 after 16 overs (Pandey 69, Shankar 44)

Three consecutive fours by Shankar off Archer – one over mid-off, then mid-on and then straight over the bowler’s head. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 24 runs in 24 balls.

SRH 113/2 after 14 overs (Pandey 67, Shankar 28)

Sunrisers Hyderabad need 42 runs in 36 balls. Steady stuff by Pandey and Shankar and intelligent cricket too. They aren’t trying to take too many risks but they aren’t letting go of any scoring opportunities either.

SRH 108/2 after 13 overs (Pandey 66, Shankar 24)

Sunrisers Hyderabad need 47 runs in 42 balls. No stopping Pandey today. He’s got his act together and his timing is spot on too. The right-hander has 66 off 37 balls.

SRH 97/2 after 12 overs (Pandey 59, Shankar 20)

Solid over by Archer, who has been brought back into the attack by Smith. RR need to break this partnership, who has already put on 81 off 56, now to stand a chance.

SRH 94/2 after 11 overs (Pandey 58, Shankar 19)

Sunrisers Hyderabad need 61 runs in 54 balls. Some superb hitting by Shankar, who not too long ago was India’s No 4 in ODIs. He’s showing that he has some skills too.

SRH 76/2 after 9 overs (Pandey 50, Shankar 9)

FIFTY!!! Manish Pandey is playing a blinder here. He gets to his fifty off just 28 balls. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 79 runs in 66 balls.

SRH 68/2 after 8 overs (Pandey 43, Shankar 8)

SRH just need to find a way to keep going at the same pace. Pandey looks to be in prime touch.

SRH 58/2 after 6 overs (Pandey 39, Shankar 2)

Another poor over from Tyagi and once again Pandey took full toll. 18 runs from the over as Pandey hit two sixes and a four in the over.

SRH 40/2 after 5 overs (Pandey 23, Shankar 1)

Two short deliveries from Stokes and two sixes for Pandey, who has found his touch quickly. But for the wickets, a decent Powerplay for SRH already.

SRH 27/2 after 4 overs (Pandey 11, Shankar 0)

Poor bowling by Tyagi. Just didn’t get the line right. Short and wide and he was punished by Pandey.

SRH 16/2 after 2.4 overs (Pandey 1)

WICKET! Archer with a brilliant delivery that nipped back to knock by Bairstow’s stumps.

Bairstow b Jofra Archer 10 (7)

SRH 15/1 after 2 overs (Bairstow 10, Pandey 0)

11 runs from the Rajpoot over but six of them came off a top edge that flew for six behind the keeper.

SRH 4/1 after 0.4 overs (Bairstow 0)

WICKET! Archer dismisses Warner again, caught at second slip by Stokes. Super catch.

Warner c Stokes b Jofra Archer 4(4)

Warner and Bairstow in the middle. SRH have the advantage of knowing how to pace their chase. Archer with the new ball.

RR 154/6 after 20 overs (Tewatia 1, Archer 16)

The lowest total by any side batting first in this ground but they have something to bowl at. Archer helped RR get 13 runs off the last over and that should give them some hope.

RR 135/6 after 18.2 overs (Tewatia 0)

WICKET! Parag tried to smash it out of the ground but he didn’t get the distance and Warner takes a good catch while back pedalling.

Riyan Parag c Warner b Holder 20(12)

RR 134/5 after 18.1 overs (Parag 20)

WICKET! Smith finds the fielder in the deep. Holder gets another wicket. It was in the slot but Smith couldn’t clear the ropes.

Smith c Manish Pandey b Holder 19(15)

RR 134/4 after 18 overs (Smith 19, Parag 20)

16 runs off the Natarajan over – the most expensive of the innings. The left-armer got the yorkers right but Parag was upto the challenge.

RR 118/4 after 17 overs (Smith 18, Parag 5)

Major slowdown. This is hitting RR hard. They need at least two big over to give themselves a fighting chance here.

RR 110/4 after 15.3 overs (Smith 15)

Buttler finds the fielder at backward point. Shankar gets the big wicket. Just never looked comfortable in the middle.

Buttler c Nadeem b Shankar 9(12)

RR 105/3 after 15 overs (Buttler 9, Smith 10)

31 runs in the last 5 overs but Rashid’s spell (4-0-20-1) comes to an end and that will allow the RR batsmen to breathe a little more freely.

RR 99/3 after 14 overs (Buttler 6, Smith 7)

The double wicket blow will rob RR of some momentum but they need to get to at least 160 to make a match of this. Nadeem finally comes into the attack and RR get 9 off the over.

RR 86/3 after 12.1 overs (Buttler 0)

WICKET! Rashid Khan strikes to send by Stokes. Off the pads, onto the stumps. SRH storming back into the game. Smith is in next.

Stokes b Rashid Khan 30(32)

Jos Buttler is in next. Roughly 8 over to make a mark.

RR 86/2 after 11.4 overs (Stokes 30)

WICKET! One ball after hitting a six, Samson is walking back... deceived by Holder’s off-cutter. He missed, Holder hit.

Samson b Holder 36(26)

RR 77/1 after 11 overs (Stokes 27, Samson 30)

Stokes looks lost in the middle. He hasn’t been able to find the gaps or hit the big shots.

RR 74/1 after 10 overs (Stokes 24, Samson 30)

RR now need to keep wickets in hand and then go a little crazy starting with the14th over. They still have Buttler in their ranks and if he gets going, they would get a big total. Important to not lose wicket and momentum.

RR 68/1 after 9 overs (Stokes 20, Samson 28)

After a few tight overs, some relief for the RR batsmen. 11 runs from the over. Time for a strategic timeout.

RR 57/1 after 8 overs (Stokes 19, Samson 18)

Rashid Khan into the attack and he almost got Stokes out. But Shankar in the deep was unable to hold on to a pretty standard chance. Lucky for RR. But SRH might come to rue this moment.

RR 53/1 after 7 overs (Stokes 16, Samson 17)

Of late, there has been a slowdown in the middle overs that RR will need to be wary of. They need to find a better scoring rhythm.

RR 47/1 after 6 overs (Stokes 15, Samson 12)

The Powerplay overs are done. RR have a start but Stokes isn’t at his fluent best. Samson, as usual, is looking good but no one knows how long he’ll stay there in the middle.

RR 43/1 after 5 overs (Stokes 13, Samson 10)

Samson is off to a start but can he make it count. Some really good-looking strokes already.

RR 30/1 after 3.3 overs (Stokes 11)

WICKET!!! Uthappa has been run out. Good pickup, turn and throw by Holder off his own bowling. There was no single there, Uthappa called and set off on his own.

Uthappa run out (Holder) 19(13)

RR 22/0 after 3 overs (Uthappa 19, Stokes 3)

The move up the order has truly cleared the clutter in the Uthappa’s mind. He is just more comfortable with the approach he needs to take. Another lovely flicked six was followed up by a four down the ground.

RR 9/0 after 2 overs (Uthappa 8, Stokes 1)

Jason Holder, playing his first game of IPL 2020, takes the new ball from the other end and Robin Uthappa gets a four off the last ball to spoil what had looked like a decent over.

RR 3/0 after 1 over (Uthappa 2, Stokes 1)

Steady start by Sandeep Sharma. Nothing loose for the RR openers to take advantage off.

RR openers Stokes and Uthappa walking out to bat. A good start will be vital given how the pitches are playing better in the second innings.

7.10 pm: Forced changes for SRH.

Sunrisers Hyderabad XI: D Warner, J Bairstow, M Pandey, P Garg, V Shankar, J Holder, A Samad, R Khan, S Nadeem, S Sharma, T Natarajan

7.09 pm: No changes to the RR playing XI.

Rajasthan Royals XI: B Stokes, R Uthappa, S Samson, S Smith, J Buttler, R Parag, R Tewatia, J Archer, S Gopal, A Rajpoot, K Tyagi

7.02 pm: Just one of the last nine matches in IPL 2020 has been won by the side batting first - and that took a Super Over.

7.00 pm: SRH won the toss and they will have a bowl first.

6.51 pm: Kane Williamson has been ruled out of the match due to injury and that complicates things for SRH a bit.

6.49 pm: Here’s how the two teams have matched up over the years...

Mat SRH wins RR wins
SRH vs RR 12 6 6

6.40 pm: The young guns from both Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad could be the key in testing times when both teams square off in a must-win Indian Premier League game today.

Whether it is Priyam Garg and Abdul Samad of Sunrisers or Kartik Tyagi and Riyan Parag of the Royals, the youngsters from both sides will be in focus as the seniors struggle to take the team over the line.

The Sunrisers are currently tottering on the second last place in the eight-team table with just six points from nine game while Royals are just ahead with eight points.